The Lone Girl Brewing Company

114 E Main St #101, Waunakee
(608) 850-7175

Recent Reviews

Anthony Shillingburg

Great atmosphere on the rooftop w/ live music. Extremely knowledgeable staff. Burger was amazing - cooked to the right temperature and juicy.

Betty Walker Stark

What a fun place for a private gathering, especially when social distancing matters. Great time, great service!

Dale Falconer

Rooftop seating is very nice. Full bar up there. We had cheese curds, pork tacos, and BLT. All were very good. I had a flight of beer and my girl friend had a mimosa flight. Both delicious as well.


On a beautiful Wednesday night our group arrived with a reservation in hand for one of their rooftop tables. The tables were well spaced but there was still a pretty good crowd. Fortunately there are plenty of umbrellas given it was pretty sunny.The waiter at first was hard to find but he picked up the pace as the evening went on.We started with some drinks. I tried the Mai Girl, a version of a Mai Tai which was good but not great. We then ordered their deep fried cheese curds which were very good. Everyone enjoyed them.I got the Bluto's Revenge - their version of a Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich. It was tasty with a good amount of spice and the chicken was moist. Others got the beet salad - very good. And the BLT - what can I say, excellent bacon. The fish tacos were also good though messy.We liked the vibe of the rooftop and we will be back.

Laurice James

Amazing experience! Staff was fun and engaging. Food was delicious. And the beer flavors were incredible.. definitely going again.

Shaun Hardy

Don't go here if you are solo and alone. They have no interest in seating or serving you, I got scoffed at by the girl doing check in for asking for a table after being told they are not doing seating at the bar. Sorry I have to use an entire table because you're poorly managed and don't have bar seating. My server was equally displeased with my presence. Maybe if people didn't camp a table and drink beer for 2 hours after their meal you'd have more open tables. My lunch meal was the havana heat which I would in all honesty take off the menu because it is completely flavorless with no heat what-so-ever.I'm only rating 2 instead of 1 out courtesy as I will return for a review in 6 months time. Hope it improves.

Kelly Boyer Brookshire

Fantastic venue for rooftop dining, bespoke beer, and delicious food!!! Try the cheese curds! They don’t disappoint!!!

Katy Werginz

Staff is amazing and knowledgeable on there brews and special beverages. The poutine was amazing, playing bingo while enjoying Sunday brunch can’t get much better

Laura T.

Great ambiance on the rooftop. Food wasn't much to write about but the company, ambiance and service made up for the average food!!! Definitely worth a stop if you're headed through town‼

Leah U.

Super disappointed by Lone Girl this morning. I've been here on a couple occasions before this (including one other time for brunch) but today was a true food disaster. We ordered The Usual. The eggs were inedible! Tasted almost fishy and when we said something we were informed it might be because they are bagged eggs not fresh cracked. Hotel eggs out of a chaffing pan had this place beat! The cheesy potatoes were cold and about 1/3 chunks of raw onion. I understand during the time of Covid things are having to be done differently but if you can't do eggs maybe you shouldn't offer brunch. On the bright side the rooftop was a great place to be able to feel safe while eating and waitstaff were apologetic and attentive. I'm just not sure this place will be Abel to weather the Covid storm.


Fantastic food and drinks! They did a great job to social distance and help keep people safe! Super friendly staff!

Lanard Rayford

Amazing as usually! Love the atmosphere! Great service! 5 star all day. Can't forget the Sunday brunch free bingo! My fiance and I are 5 times champs so far! Come out and have a blast!!

Elizabeth Demski

I am very upset...I called at 10:30 p.m. tonight (Thursday June 2, 2020) to ask what time ya’all close... I was told 11 p.m. and I said, “okay I’m on my way!” I drove 10 minutes from Middleton and all lights were off and doors were locked. I tried calling two more times with no answer.If you want to close early, that’s one thing. But when you quote a time to someone on the phone who tells you they are on their way over and then you close your doors before they arrive it seems intentional and rude. Next time please just tell your customers you’re closing early so they don’t waste the drive, their time and energy.I’m posting this before 11 p.m. tonight in hopes maybe someone upper up can call the brewery and check in.Good night.

heidi frey

I have to say.. they are doing everything right.They stayed strong during the shelter in place. All the staff wearing masks. They are extremely vigilant and as a service industry professional, I cant say enough about the logistics it has taken to operate at this level of service. Tip those servers, get beer to go. Support your local!

Hannah Engber

You would think considering COVID and particularly the rising cases in our area, that they would allow us to use the City Tin coupon for take out. But they would not make an exception even though my husband is immune-compromised so we are not dining in ANYWHERE. Obviously you cannot wear a mask and maintain safety while eating. This is an absurd take! EVERY other City Tin restaurant has been more than happy to offer take out with the coupon during this time. Support local businesses that take the safety of their customers seriously!!!!

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