Ludoria's Family Restaurant

188 Boomer Loop Rd, Boomer
(304) 779-2318

Recent Reviews

Helen Grant

Great place for family, nice food

Dennis Gosik

Amazing food. Amazing staff. Highly recommend. I will be back when I pass back, though. #trucker life

Russell Williams

Great people that own the place so nice it's the best food around and you can not beat the price we go there at least once a week and some time more if you have not been there you should you will be hooked

Don Johnson

I've driven up and down Rt 60 many many times and have wanted to stop by Ludoria's but for whatever reason the time was never right.. I had some time to kill one evening a while back when I was heading home to Summersville after taking my granddaughter home in Marmet. I called ahead and ordered a meatloaf dinner to eat in and one to go for my wife. It was delicious and everything was homemade. I enjoyed talking with the owners. Lou is quite the character and has many stories to tell. He worked security for WV Tech. I really had a good time. I'll be back again.

Jerry Campbell

I am the guy who hung the wallpaper inside the restaurant and my family is close friends with the owner operators. Very good food and great people to visit with over really great meals. Lou is a man of many talents so just ask him and he will be happy to tell you all about his many talents.

David Hines

Good food pleasant place

John B.

What an oddball kind of a place. It's in kind of a remote area, up a hill, on a side street and surrounded by a 5 foot fence. It looks a little like someone's attempt at a fortified compound. And it's open 3 days a week. And when I walked in it was absolutely empty except for a drowsy grandma who starred at me for a long moment and then proclaimed "It's been a looooong time since I've seen you." Well Darlin', it has been a long time. Fifty years or so, 'cause I've never set foot in this place before. Granny told me to sit tight and then leaned out the window to yell and someone down below to help her with this accidental customer. I don't know. The reviews on Google are positive but the whole thing was just a little weird. I politely excused myself and made my way back to the car.

Jim Deakins

Had a great time at Ludorias. The food was good and we enjoyed Shakespeariokie put on by the Rustic Mechanicals Theater.

Florence hudnall

I rate this place a 100


Only been there once enjoyed the meal when I am in the area I will go back

sharon dempsey

Great food and wonderful people

Sue Tolley

Great service...great food...wonderful people

Lucas Coffey

Great homestyle taste and portions.

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