Johnny D's Pizza and Subs

327 W Main St, Clarksburg
(304) 626-3411

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Trisha's Gypsy's of 5 journal and journey

Best food around this area! The steak and hot pepper spread is bomb! And the pizza is perfect! Foods always hot when delivered! The owner is the nicest guy ever! I love this place! If you haven’t tried it you need to!! Also my husband loves the owners homemade crab chowder!! This place is the best place to eat in Clarksburg hands down! The hot Italian sub is awesome too!! Well everything I’ve ever ordered is just delicious!

Kodaffi “Kodafi”

AVOID!Used to eat here for many years even on lunch break since was right down street from office. Has gone down hill fast since the new owners took over from the D family. New owners are not polite and act as if they don't want to be there. Less food and more expensive, half right if lucky. Wish John would return. Everyone misses you!AVOID!

Randy Haynes

I ordered a Steak Hogie. And it was probably one of the worst Hogies I have ever had. The meat almost seemed ground. The fries were plain and Bland, no salt or seasoning at all. And I recieved 3 ketchup packets for a large fry. I believe in supporting small local businesses but I won't be ordering from there again.

Chad Schau

My wife and I ordered a 12-in steak and cheese hoagie cost about 10 bucks and is pretty good. However the restaurant could use a cleaning from top to bottom and the owner could be a little more personable.

Carl Feather

Atmosphere is amazing, retailing the old-time feel of when it was Dagwood's. The comic panels on the wall are worth the visit. The food was mediocre, at best. Soggy sub. Greasy fries. The place was filthy. Hard to believe that the courthouse, and one would assume health department, is so close to this restaurant and it is still allowed to operate the way it does. Even the cook looked like he needed a good scrubbing. The ladies' room had a large hole in the wall that looked like a rodent had chewed through it. This place has so much possibility, and the dining choices are so limited in downtown Clarksburg. The guy could be doing much better if he'd put out healthier/tastier meals and give himself and the premises a good scrubbing and facelift.

Jennifer Sinyard

First time customer..been wanting to try the calzones and they're awesome!(forgot to take pics ?‍♀️)

Eric Zeigler

Great food! Kids loved the spaghetti and meatballs. Ate all of it. The bread for the subs is fantastic! Italian Sub is amazing!!

Edward Spiker

I’m pretty sure smoking indoors has been banned since 2008 in Harrison county restaurants. It wasn’t the customers thought, it was an employee. Food was 3/5 typical for small time pizza/sub place.


Owner is disrespectful and basically demanded tip from me told me everyone else tips and that he would start charging extra cash when he delivers my food to me because I never tipped out of all the times ordering from his restaurant

Tonya Knudsen

I ordered a steak hoagie and a medium pizza. Both were good. I will definitely be a regular customer ?

Rich McGervey

Been eating here for years, since it was known as Dagwoods, and never had a bad meal or bad service experience. I customize by meals to an extent. Usually asking for heavy onion, and never am denied. I particularly like the crab bisque, gyro and Greek salad (had had dozens of times), Italian hoagie and the chicken Parmesan. Being a creature of habit I don’t stray far from those but everyone I know is always happy with their food and I work in a large downtown office with co-workers ordering here all the time, along with 3-4 of our other favorite places. A definite asset to working downtown and Clarksburg as a whole.

Nate Williams

Steak hoagie was out of this world and very reasonably priced! 10/10. Gotta stop in!

Chris J Brady

Steak Hoagies and Onion Rings are Fantastic!

Dave Thomas

Just when I thought the old days were gone along comes Johnny D’s with the Giovanni I remember from the canteen days in Clarksburg West Virginia thank you for that yeah it was awesome

Chris Goelzer

Ordered through doordash and received my food is an absolute mess and hazardous. First the double bacon cheeseburger was so greasy that the buns had disintegrated into slop and I had to eat the mess with a fork. Next was the rice pudding, as if the burger wasn't already a bad enough upset. Mold growing through the cinamon in blue fuzzy patches. Absolute filth and safety hazard. I would not suggest this place to my worst enemy.

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