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Susmita Sarkar

The main problem is the staffs behaved very very weird with us. We are staying in TownePlace Suite Marriott for the last 1 month and thus is our nearest KFC. First day our experience was very good, the lady was nice to us. Today me and my husband went to that kfc for some evening snacks and there were some other employees who were not at all listening to us properly. They humiliated us. We were standing and nobody was listening to us. Finally when we have ordered, we had to wait long for our food. Again we ordered 2 wraps, and omg the lady just put one slice of chicken and nothing else!! No proper cream, veggies nothing!! This is absolutely ridiculous. We felt very insulted. Why?? Just because we are Indian?? We went to dominoz, Olive garden, Mexican restaurants, everywhere staffs behaved very nicely with us. But this time kfc was my worst experience ever!! I am not gonna order or go in that kfc ever!! We didn't expect this kind of behavior from a good place like West Virginia.

Cassidy Calhoun

This KFC has a nice dinning room, lots of natural lighting and modest decor. It's a good KFC for dine in. Our food was good as usual.Food: 4/5

Gene Marks

It seems like this was edited. The coleslaw did not have all of its ingredients. It did not have the carrots or the taste of the onions, which, in fact, is one of the signature items of KFC.


I had hair in my chicken and gravy,it was so gross ?.when I took it back the woman gave me an attitude!!!Parking: It was good .


While I love KFC; especially the mashed potato bowl; I was extremely unhappy about my last visit. I purchased my usual mashed potato bowl in the drive-through. While eating at home, I had something catch in the back of my throat, and I started choking! I was able to finally remove it with the help of a friend who is also a nurse ( as am I) and a long forceps. It appeared to be either macerated bone or wood. When I went back up to the store and asked for the general manager, a shift manager identified herself. She stated she was the only manager there. In the middle of the discussion about the issue, a man stepped out from the back , interrupting the young lady. He was abrupt , lied about why he did not come forward, and was aggressive about me filing an insurance claim against the store . When I stated that I would not want to see this store closed as i frequent it regularly, he said it could never be closed. I assume had I died from choking on the foreign matter.....it would have been closed! Attached is the photo showing the foreign pieces removed from my throat. I contacted corporate KFC, and they promised they would deal with it. I will follow up and finish the review once I see how it is dealt with. Oh, the "general manager" Stan attempted to keep the evidence, which I demanded be returned to me immediately !

Amanda Lynn

Stopped on January 4th & went in to order meals for my family with an extra side of mashed potatoes & gravy. When I got the food home & took it out of the bag, there was only 1 meal which I had ordered two of. They gave me the mashed potatoes I ordered but not the gravy. They charged me for everything I ordered, but I didn't receive half of it.

Selena Nickell

Ordered in the drive thru during the evening hours on a a thursday. We were the only customers at that time. Ordered a bucket and some sides and sauces. Order was accurate and sauces were included. Only thing not supplied was utensils. Not sure if places are even handing those out anymore because I’ve gone to several places recently that haven’t had any. Service was kind, and fast. Only spent a total of maybe 3 minutes at the restaurant. Very satisfying experience. Food was hot and tasted great.Vegetarian options: This is a chicken place. However, a couple side options are available that don’t have animal products. Would not recommend to a vegetarian.Kid-friendliness: This brand doesn’t have a play place but kids still love to eat here!Parking: Plenty of close parking.Wheelchair accessibility: This restaurant is wheelchair accessible. I did not observe the restrooms.Dietary restrictions: Don’t come here if you are on any kind of restriction diet.

Anthony Danes

Had the spicy chicken sandwich combo. The restaurant was clean, the staff very professional and the food tasty

Tricia Hill

The food was okay. It was not hot. Not even warm. I had the sandwich. The Fries were cold too. Usually I have good food from here. I know they are going through growing pains. So hope this helps with the growth.Food: 5/5

Bryan Wright

I was very disappointed in the service here I call in my order a half hr before arriving to avoid having to wait because their service is always slow and when I got there I still had to pull around and wait another half hr and had to walk in and ask for my food and got a bunch of attitude when I did never will go back

Nancy Carter

Great people! They got our order perfect and I loved seeing where our chicken came from and who the fryers were on the board!

Amelia Arnold

I went through the drive thru and tried to order Dr. Pepper, they were out and offered me other options, so I chose lemonade. I got to the window and she told me they were out of lemonade. So I got water. I asked if I could be refunded for the lemonade and she said they couldn’t give me a refund since I got a drink still. I said “you guys charge $2.39 for water out of the tap?” and she replied yes. Won’t be going back for a while. On top of it all, my famous bowl wasn’t even half full.

Patty Mitchell

I put in an online order which was supposed to be ready at 10:20 pm. Got there at 10:20 and doors were locked. Sign on door said the doors are locked at 10:30. Ok no problem. Go to drive thru and say what I’m there for. Wait 5 minutes to get to the window and the girl wanted money. I told her I had the online order and she looked at me like she was dumbfounded. Waited another 10 minutes to get food. I went around the building and checked the bag. We ordered 2 fries and there was only one fry. Went back to the window and 2 girls looked at me and started talking. A minute later one came to the window and I told her about the fry. She said “Oh we forgot to tell you that we ran out of fries and need to give you another side.” Got macaroni and cheese which tasted awful. Got home and the chicken sandwich had no mayo and burn marks on the bun. My son tried to eat the chicken which turned out to be spicy instead of original. He can’t have spicy food. The fries that we did get were cold and hard, mashed potatoes were chunky and cold. The gravy was lumpy. The chicken breast I got was extra crispy instead of original. We couldn’t eat any of it. I called but they had already closed. So the next day I called 4 times before someone answered. I asked for a manager and they didn’t say a word. I was put on hold and 5 minutes later I hung up bc no one answered. I called back 4 different times and each time I got a busy signal. I called the next day and no one answered. I paid $27.00 for food that we couldn’t eat and I wasn’t able to talk to a manager about it. I don’t want to go there bc I’m very upset and don’t want things to get out of hand. I have always had good food from here but after this happened I don’t ever want their food again.

Joe Meluzio

Food was very good not greasyService was very good food was hot,sides were fresh. Remodeled was very clean.

Dustin Stout

Really a terrible kfc. I can’t remember a time when they have gotten an order right. A famous bowl came out as a huge bowl of Mac and cheese with chicken on top. Missed fries, biscuits, drinks all the time. They need a new system for order accuracy. Good food, but beware of terrible accuracy

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