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105 Emily Dr, Clarksburg
(304) 622-5757

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Dennis Barrett

I like ordering through the kiosk, because it shows me how much options cost very well, but the kiosk experienced technical issues while I was placing my second order here, and was down for quite a while while it updated itself. The restaurant staff was able to take my order in the meantime.

Anthony Robinson

Placed an ordered on Doordash for pickup and when I arrived I was told that it wasn’t allowing them to check my order in. So they said they were going to call because it had been an issue before. After 20 minutes of waiting in the store I was told that my order was cancelled. I don’t understand why they couldn’t fulfill my order that I paid for or at least offered me something after wasting my time.

Christina J.

This Taco Bell has become so ridiculous anymore, all I ever order is 2 chicken chalupa supreme every day literally. tonight I came seat in the drive thru 20 mins before getting to the window for the guy to tell me it'll be 5-10 mins for them to make chicken cause they are out, why didn't they make the chicken the 20 mins i waited before even getting to the window. most nights they say they are out of chicken and steak, atleast tonight they have chicken. managers need to do their jobs and make the crew do what they are supposed to do. I'd definitely be sending someone in there on night shift to see what the issue is before you lose a crap ton of business

Kieran Joseph

I'll tell you what, this location has been very high quality lately! They are getting us through the line very quickly, and the tacos and stuff have been packed full! We are noticing and we are grateful! Keep up the good work!

Cari Currey

Ordered my 3 taco supreme combo which is slightly higher than a regular taco combo but is supposed to include lettuce and cheese plus tomato and sour cream. Imagine my disappointment when i got 3 tacos with meat, cheese, and sour cream. They should definitely inform customers prior to ordering that they don't have the standard toppings available. Also if they don't have the standard toppings is it truly fair to upcharge for sour cream and tomato when there isn't even the standard ingredients available? I think not. For the price I paid I felt taken advantage of. In the future I'll just take the extra time it takes and a little extra cash and go for an authentic mexican taco where I get exactly what I ask for and pay for. ?

Jamie Jones

They didn’t have Dr. Pepper, the machine that makes the frozen drinks wasn’t working & they didn’t have the fries anymore but the menu had it still listed along with photos of the fries all over the drive-menu board! The few times we’ve ever gone to this TB they’ve never had every single thing we’ve ordered!

Michelle Morris

I was so this last time, so we ordered online it was supposed to be a simple go in, grab and go. Well I walk in go to the counter and explained that I had placed an order and paid online I gave the name of the order and they clerk tells it will be just a few minutes. So my 8 yr old and I sit down, we watch at least 25 cars go through the drive thru, a couple even come in order and get their food and sit down. Still nothing on my order so I walk to the counter at this point I'm not very happy. I stood at the counter for at least 5 minutes EVERY EMPLOYEE LOOKS AT ME but no one acknowledges that I'm standing there. FINALLY the clerk comes back as though he doesn't know what I need, I ask where is my order he turns and asks the other people and here my order was sitting on top of a rack or toaster or something. It was completely ridiculous ? ?.

Seth Tustin

I’m getting tired of them forgetting my order.I got 2 cheese quesadillas and a combo box with a Gordita crunch taco and a 5 layer burrito and they didn’t even put the 5 layer burrito in the bag.I once had them forget 2 of my 4 quesadillas.Just make sure to check your food before you leave.

trey edgerton

We were driving a gooseneck trailer and couldn't fit through their drive-thru and they told us that since we did not fit in their drive-thru they could not serve us so with my blood sugar low I had to drive 6 more hours to NC because we didn't have another car we could drive. Then when I called back and asked when the head manager would be at the store a rude employee answered and refused to let me know so I will make sure to follow up both with the store and corporate until something is done.

cam ,

Food delicious and consistent, but they absolutely cannot staff the place regularly. Use the women’s restroom, they’re single occupancy & it’s in way better shape.

Lawrence Glover

I watched am entire drive thru line out to the road go around the building before waiting another 20 minutes after they finally took my order to get my food. won't go inside there again. looked like they moved the drive thru good though.

Kelly Perry

Worst customer service. I placed an order that consisted for 2 burrito Supreme qnd 2 freezes. They gave me two hard shell tacos I didn't leave the window told them it was incorrect they said that's not what they put on the machine I said the price equals to what I ordered so they give me another bag of the wrong order which I I know yet. As I was trying to hand them the incorrect food back they slammed the window shut. And wouldn't look or assist me and then I realized yet again was not my order. Will not be back.

Kristi Gibbons

Staff was atrociously vulgar! The image shown is the re-make of the first taco that was just as broken as the second one! I watched the kid make it, then break it and even though he KNEW it wasn’t fit to serve, he proceeded to wrap it up and slide it across the counter. I knew better than to ask for a third. The staff were all wearing masks and food prep gloves, and it’s great to know their chins will be protected from covid but your food won’t, and well the gloves would’ve have been more appropriate if they were on clean hands that were not shoved in pants pockets, moving masks around or fixing hair and adjusting ball caps all while preparing food!!! No cleanliness at all! I heard vulgar conversations complete with inappropriate explicit adult preferences and types of “pics” they would send or receive. All while I was standing at the counter waiting to be assisted. I watched an elderly couple get told that they would have to use the kiosk because the register person was in the bathroom (he was not, he was outside talking to two other employees). I don’t know if the poor older people ever did manage to order food! The mentioned being short staffed and busy but there were no other customers in the lobby and only a couple of vehicles in the drive thru. It was just overall an experience I will never have to endure from this Taco Bell again!! Do not recommend! Save your money, go to Kroger across the street and buy ingredients and make your own! At least you can trust the cleanliness of your own hands!!!

Mykal O.

I have had so much trouble with this Taco Bell recently. The Baja freeze machine has been down for months. They take your order and make you wait 30 minutes in the parking lot. And if not that then they say they can't take any orders right now. I'd rather take the trip to fairmont than go to this Taco Bell anymore

Jackson Poore

Awful service, waited almost an hour for our food. They did not even come out, apolog ies nothing! You should never have to wait an hour at a fast period this is crazy!

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