Taco Bell

105 Emily Dr, Clarksburg
(304) 622-5757

Recent Reviews

Jeffery Lewis

Very quick service and super clean dining room


Food was as expected, Taco BellStyle. I asked for a taco saladNot knowing they no long have. Drive thru bag sealed but no napkins in bag.

Victoria Stroh

Best meal I've had there so far!!! It was the new steak grilled cheese box. I was completely satisfied for once; although they are not $5 boxes they are almost $8 the taste was great!!! Congrats!!! THANK YOU

Larry Stout

I love taco bell but you you need to be more generous with the nacho cheese

Suzanne Connors

Had a lovely night with family. It was appreciated of the direct manager who happened to be there as customer to show his appreciation for customer's wait time. He gave out coupon and thank every customer in the store.

Julie Warner

The lobby person was very nice. He was always cleaning. He deserves a raise. We ate lunch and everything was great.

TiffnH12 #

Stopped by around 3 pm and there were no lines. Food was hot and fresh. A+

Vega Baker

its a taco bell. they havent screwed up quite yet. also the people are pretty cool usually.

jose garcia

Nice people and good food they really put some cheese and meat on burritos and tacos best toco bell I have been to thanks

Grego Shipley

It was a very good experience! The guy working drive threw was very kind! I forgot to ask about the cinnamon twirls while he was taking my order so when i asked him about them at the window, he was very nice and tossed some into my bag for free! It very nice of him!

Carl Peyatt

I keep ordering the #4 meal (crunch wrap supreme).I keep asking to make sure they actually put some meat on the crunch wrap supreme.Why do you continue to serve me a crunch wrap recession!I want meat on my “supreme”!!!Get it right or stop using a butter knife to spread the meat gravy on the taco!There has to be a better way to cut cost without destroying the reputation of a business by making what should be a great product into something twisted and gross…. Also…. Your lettuce is often froze ….I will try again another day and see if it’s the crew that does it or if it’s how you chose to serve your clients.It is September 10 2021 @1:45:44pm order number 388937


Typical fast food didn't get any sause i asked for , wasn't given the drink i ordered ( i didn't even notice till later) and the lettuce tasted like hand lotion. Was i mad naah , you come to know what to expect


Love the people and the food isn't bad either! Fun interactions and good food is what this chain stands for, and I can't wait to try everything on the menu- as I've made it my goal!! Baja Blast Zero is the way to go also!

Courtney Youngs

Y'all are alright and stuff but next time try putting tomatoes and sour cream on my taco supreme! Thanks

Stephen Ash

When your dining room is supposed to open at 11, it needs to be open at 11.

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