114 Nick Savas Ave, Logan
(304) 752-0184

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Chris Nelson

The subway in Logan wv was horrible, found hair in a salad we got the worker didn't even know how to ring up my sub it was a simple turkey sub, just aweful

Katie Blankenship

I placed an online order for two protein bowls. And I removed the chipotle sauce on my order and requested extra honey mustard instead. Well, when I went to pick it up, they still added the chipotle sauce. The Indian woman kept arguing back at me that whatever the name of the bowl is, is how she makes it. So I guess the customer satisfaction policy doesn’t apply to them. The whole concept of subway is to tell them how you want your sandwich, bowl etc. and they can’t even do that. Not to mention her bad attitude. Highly disappointed. Will never go back to them.

Toni Farley

The establishment was clean and the employee was very courteous.

Hugh P

I have been eating there for a few years now and the gentleman that used to be manager was awesome and the lady there now has grown into a great manager as well. The food is always fresh and the place is clean and I have visited other Subway stores that just can't compare with this one. I never have had a bad experience there as the food is always good!

Lucy Cook

The vegetables are always a mess and mixed up. They throw sandwiches together and are a mess. The steak on the philly tasted so bad after one bite had to throw away the sandwich. I have given this subway many chances and the food is never good. Will drive to town for subway from now on.

Kelly Mayhorn

The subs were excellent

Kelly D. Adkins

This is a good Subway to stop in and get a good sandwich. The manager is always professional, and polite. They make sure that your order is done correctly. It's the only place so far that you can dine in.

Brittany Church

Orders all wrong when I got message saying food was ready ? they was still making it.

Christian Tyler

This Subway restaurant offers a wide variety of Sandwich choices as well as soup and salads. It is the cleanest Subway restaurant in the area and offers dine in services until 8:00 p.m. everyday Sunday through Saturday. The employees are always friendly and fast when making sandwiches. You can place an online order to pick up in store at or using the subway app on your phone and they also take call in orders up until 8:00 p.m. Sunday through Saturday. employees and customers are required to wear face masks until further notice and all surfaces are disinfected and cleaned daily. The restrooms are very clean and always open to the public. If you are disabled or in a wheelchair there are wheelchair accessible ramps at either end of the building as well as curbside pickup for those who do not want to risk coming inside due to the pandemic. There is a tip jar when you check out, if you enjoyed your service it is always very appreciated by the employees if you leave whatever you can.

Steph Toler

Great service. Friendly atmosphere. The sweet girl Tori, that waited on me was so courteous and knew her job very well. The food was fresh and delicious. I highly recommend everyone to pay them a visit!! I will go back ?


Good option instead of the regular fast food

Sandra Lowe

Great food. Fast service

Terry Hepler jr

Good service good food and good people

Elizabeth Walls

I had a wonderful experience here they were very professional and very clean and everything we ordered was delicious,Than You

Jason Petroff

BBQ Rib sandwiches are back

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