Fruition Bowls and Brews

370 Patteson Drive, Morgantown
(304) 241-1042

Recent Reviews

Jason Englestad

I have had a great experience every time that I've come in to place an order! My coffee has always tasted great, and the fruit bowls are very yummy!Food: 5/5

Alejandro E.

Ambiance is incredible. Luckily the two nice chairs with a small table was available to sit and this made a nice brewed morning coffee even better. Love the unique twist they have to their coffees: lavender and cookie (oatmeal?). Whatever it was, it was great. Not to mention their combination of bowls. My açaí bowl mentioned spinach. Literally somehow, they incorporated spinach as I could see some of the pieces with my own two eyes but don't even notice it's mixed in their from the taste. If that's not healthy, I don't know what is. I don't know how they do it, but it's a great break from your typical breakfast you have at home. Will be coming back here frequently.

Luke Pietrowski

I daydream about their peanut butter daily. I don't know know why it's better than every other peanut butter on the planet but it's probably made with unicorn or something amazing like that.

PogoCorpse PeepShow

This shady establishment likes to avoid paying their bills.The plumbing company I work for performed a service call for them back in December 2021 and they continue to dodge our requests for payment as of today 10/6.I would DEFINITELY question giving my business to a place that rips companies off for their hard work.We did our part,PAY YOUR BILL!!!

Katie Swauger

Amazing and very friendly. The bowls are the best in any smoothie bowl shop in Morgantown! Definitely a filling and healthy choice! 10/10 recommend.

Maggie Jones

I delivered an instacart order here and was met with nothing but snotty employees. After asking if they had an instacart order i was met with “i guess” “probably” answers. I walked out feeling like i had been slapped in the face. and funny enough i noticed as i walked in they had a sign that said “fresh guacamole” when in all reality they had 3 bags of frozen chopped avocados on their order, so sounds super fresh to me. Spoke with the manager/ assumed owner otp and she ask that i not speak down on a small business but if you can’t hire people that know how to treat others like people don’t own a business!!!

Peregrine Falcon

Amazing cappuccino, with coffee from a local roasting company! Food look to be typically priced, but I did not try it while I was there. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I will be coming back!


Friendly service, great selection of coffee, smoothies, and fruit/veggie based bowls, as well as other house made offerings. Be sure to check out specials, and seasonal treats!

Claire Leinhauser

The BEST smoothie bowls I’ve ever had and the peanut butter is to die for! Quickly becoming one of my favorite places in Morgantown!

Caleb Casto

The PB&J bowl is an 11/10

Jeannei S.

Very good excellent service , friendly and very clean . Recommend to all who want to eat food that is not only good but healthy ! Oh yes if in a rush call in order so it will be ready when you get there . They don't make anything ahead . You know it's fresh . Bowl are not sitting in a cooler all day . They are made to order

Keshia Weaver

Wonderful staff and amazing food! I can’t say enough good things about this place! Keep it up guys!! Got our regular bowls today and also tried the hummus plate, scrumptious!!


I love it here! The best food and coffee. The dragon bowl is my favorite. All of the employees are so sweet, and uplifting. The owners are incredible people. They’re always smiling, and genuine. It’s such a positive atmosphere. I go here often and never have any issues with my orders, or people. Highly recommend.

Bronsen Bickerstaff

Owner was very rude when I called with a concern. I won't be back. Online has price of 9$ but she charged us 11$ when we went in store. She also gave me one container of honey for 2 orders. She barked at me and told me it was enough for 2. Very rude, no apology. All she did was try to get her "I'm right, you're wrong" point across. I used to love this place and sad to learn her value for customers has gone down hill.

Violet H.

Really looked forward to trying this place! The bowls taste good. But the service seems lackluster. The girls do not seem to have a clear system. Everyone is doing something different but also same. I ordered a bowl and toast. They had completely forgotten about my toast and had to remind the girls. Honest mistake, however, it is not busy so to forget something as simple as toast seems messy. It also takes a very long time. Do not come if you are in a rush. Last complaint is that the food prices are $2 more than on the website, which definitely adds up. The 3 stars are simply for the homemade peanut butter.

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