6051 University Town Centre Dr, Morgantown
(304) 598-0074

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Great food clean and fast

Heather Spooner

They were out of white bread but still offered a selection of choices. Great fresh food.

Carla S

The best salad I’ve ever had made at a Subway. The young lady was so polite. Great training and customer service. Visited at 4pm. Definitely recommend stopping by.

Benn G.

Ordered off grubhub, i purchased 5 milks with my meal all five were room temperature and spoiled, also ordered a meatball marinara with extras, i selected to add black pepper and black olives were added instead. Very disappointed.

Carla Snow

The best salad I’ve ever had made at a Subway. The young lady was so polite. Great training and customer service. Visited at 4pm. Definitely recommend stopping by.

Glenn P.

Going on for months now and nobody has improved this poor excuse for a supermarket. Approximately 12-15 items in my favorites that have not been available for months. 3 out of stocks and 5 substitutions (same as last week) when I went to pick up my order. Bananas were slashed with a box cutter and had to throw 3 of them in the trash. This is the worst managed operation I have ever experienced. I know somebody reviews reports, out of stock levels, unavailable items, substitution refusals, and poor reviews. Yet nobody is held accountable for terrible service. I have sent multiple complaints and get a customer service person who has one job, send the customer free stuff and everything is better. It's not, don't send me a damn thing. Send me a reason why I should still shop there. I spent $88 yesterday at your competitor. I spent $45 last week, picking up items you decided you could not order. I am in a similar business and in operations. If I ever saw this anywhere, I would call everybody in the chain of command to that store and ask for answers/solutions and I wouldn't leave until there is a plan. Fix this terrible operation or you lose me for good. Fix it!

Jane P.

Worst Walmart I've EVER been to well let's be real all Walmart's are horrible non union crappy place. The employees wear the most embarrassing things I've ever seen why not make them take some pride in their work. Will stop you to check your cart well I tell them no and to go ahead and call management I'm not waiting around if I wanted to steal something it wouldn't be 3.00 item I couldn't bag. They never have anything that is needed always out especially on food stamp week uhh you know 90% of everything is going to be wiped out go ahead and plan ahead! Needless to say I'll drive out of my way to go to any Walmart but this one. They literally have maybe 2 lanes open and self checkout with a bunch of workers just standing around complaining to each other you're at work do your job!

Andrew woodworth

Just tried one of the new steak sandwiches, don't do it it's basically a 6 inch steak and cheese on Different bread. Except that it's the same price as a full steak and cheese with Less steak and cheese. What a rip off

Martin B.

I purchased a vacuum and opened it at home only to realize it had been used, at some point smashed, then returned, and put back on the shelf for sale. The person at services was no help at all, barely even seemed alive (I get it you work at Walmart it sucks). I bought the last vacuum on sale at a great price so that means once returned I would not be able to exchange for the same vacuum, they would not match a competitors price on another vacuum, they would not match the price on a similar optioned vacuum that they sold, she would not get the manager, she wouldn't even check to see if there was another in stock. "I got the everything is on the floor already" answer. What a great experience... but in the end I was the one that went to Walmart for a discount. I did it to myself. Given the extra time, cost of fuel, and stress I realized the true cost of a cheaper product at Walmart. What a waste of a good Saturday.

Hannah K.

This is the second time I've been here lately that there were absolutely no carts at the entrance I went in, and there were only a few at the other when I walked over to the other side. Idk if the problem is not enough carts or not enough workers to get them from the parking lot, but they should really address this. No bad experiences here beyond that. Employees are usually friendly and helpful.

AC Grateful

Great food and staff

mcbreadfanface jr.

Very good as usual... Workers very friendly

David Bolyard

Great place

George D.

Thanks for nothing Walmart. This Walmart has joined the ranks of many other truck unfriendly locations. We were told Thursday morning 4/12/18 that we could no longer park there overnight. Walmart's used to be VERY trucker friendly but in the years since Sam Walton passed it's becoming more unfriendly across the Nation than ever and now the Morgantown location is as well. Sad, sad. We leave our families, the comforts of home for long periods of time to bring EVERYTHING to people, and Walmart, where we buy tons of stuff while we're on the road, won't even allow us an overnight place to sleep. I deliver in Morgantown late at night then I pick up in Morgantown in the morning. There's no truck stop around the corner to stay for a few hours, where do I go!? Oh, they offered a vacant dirt lot down the street that's for sale. Can't wait to get in there when it's a huge mud hole! Again, thanks for nothing Morgantown Walmart.

Christopher Krupp

Subway. That's it.

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