Taco Bell

347 Patteson Drive, Morgantown
(304) 599-1425

Recent Reviews

Dave Mazon

Generally consistent food and a run to the border go-to from time to time. The past several times, my tacos have been placed upside down in the bag, so some contents fall out. The folks at the window are usually fast & friendly.Food: 3/5

T. McBee

Drive thru was quick and courteous. Wait time was negligible. Window person was friendly and efficient. Food was hot and tasty.Food: 5/5

Mike Lindsey

Where to start? How about the dining room is never open? Or that when you go through the drive through to pick up your order you’re told to move from the window or your order be cancelled. But when you were there before and this happened you were told the order can’t be cancelled? Tried to give them another shot. Without a doubt will never go back. Oh, and my food was cold.

Stephanie Cleghorn

Everytime I have tried to stop for breakfast they either just ran out of ingredients for breakfast or they are not serving breakfast today, it's always something stupid. My burrito was disgusting it was ice cold where the cheese was globbed and slightly warmer on the other side. The food is never warm it's just grossFood: 1/5

Jasmine Poe

I went through drive through in the morning and it was slow. I was the only car ?. Food was good but service could have been a bit betterFood: 5/5

Annabelle Cullen

Went through drive through with no one there and forgot to pack sauces after I made a point of which sauce it is. The thing that taco bell is known for is forgotten about. please check if you’re workers are high or not. putting food in the bag isn’t that hardKid-friendliness: not kid friendly

Cody Summerfield

Employee was very polite and friendly! Food was great, everything was made correctly, they were out of the mango whip freeze which was a bummer but no big deal, overall great experience will be back! ??

Heidi Volk

For the past 2 years - doesn't matter how we order delivery from this taco bell (GrubHub, door dash, Uber eats), there has never once been a time that the restaurant followed the directions provided on the receipt. Out of a multitude of times ordering from this location, there has never been a time that they put ANY taco sauce in the bag - taco sauce that is specified on the receipt no less. Follow directions and maybe you kids will get better ratings. It's not the food that is the problem. They can't follow instructions and READ DIRECTIONS

Cameron Spradling

It was the only place open after midnight in the plaza. Food was decent but 25 minutes in line for fast food outweighs the benefit of fast food. With rising prices, the better experience would be a dine in restaurant if it were available at the time.

Wren King

This Taco Bell is my go-to for late nights. I usually order through the mobile app, which has its own issues, but generally I get great, quick service most times I visit. I have had one or two incidents where my meal was meant to be vegetarian and had meat in it, unfortunately, and definitely have had some missing items, but this location is reliable 95% of the time.Vegetarian options: Really customizable and accessible vegetarian/vegan menu! Always a good idea to double check that the item is correct.

Amanda Lorince

Every single time I go they never give me the correct order! I have given up and will no longer go there

Billie F.

The food took so long that the food my dog ate 3 days ago exited his body upon waiting for our tacos

katrina king

Order was completely messed up and had to wait 30 minutes for 4 items

Michelle Miller

Went inside to buy breakfast was denied to even order. The cashier was sitting down counting cash and told me he could only accept credit even though they were taking cash at the drive thru. Very rude service I left and went to feed my family elsewhere.

Bill Richter

Long wait, but it could be expected during the lunch hour. I get to the window and they hand me my drink without the lid all the way on and it spilled in my car. They finally came to gave me my food and read what I had ordered to confirm that it was mine (which it was), but it wasn’t the food that was actually in the bag! They read the ticket, but didn’t confirm with what was in the bag. They came over and made me confirm each item on the ticket in a rather demeaning manner. I did this and then told them that wasn’t what was in the bag. Then I had to wait another ten minutes at the window for the remainder of my order (two items that were missing). Food was cold by the time that I got 5 minutes home to eat.

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