Volcano Japanese Restaurant

372 Patteson Drive, Morgantown
(304) 292-9000

Recent Reviews

Lina G.

Now that I have been here it is the best place to get awesome Asian food. It is so satisfying and delicious. I wish I did take photos of my food. I will be going back again when I am in Morgantown again.

Derek Butler

Had the usual miso soup/salad combo with dinners that other Japanese restaurants have, but had a different kick with their hibachi and had their own sauce so no need for yum yum sauce. I prefer the yum yum but still goodFood: 4/5

Martin Wijkstrom

Surprisingly good! The most surprising thing, to me, is how little I understand the differential quality between sushi restaurants. I fancy myself a gourmet, I truly enjoy both good and "critically acclaimed" food - like Guide Michelin restaurants. But I can honestly say that I found the food at Volcano equally enjoyable as at Naboo (not sure about spelling, but a very fancy Japanese restaurant "mini-chain". This probably shows more of my lack of being a discerning Japanese food critic - but my appreciation of Volcano remains.

Jason Englestad

Had a great time with my friend here! We both got Sushi, and I got some fried calamari for us to share. The food was fantastic! The hot sake is really good too! Will definitely be back to eat more of their delicious sushi!

Mika Allen

I don’t think yesterday (9/4/22) was a good day for me. I ordered online curbside, I waited for 10 mins in one of the pickup spots. There was so sign was instructions on Letting them know you were there or not so I ended up going inside to get my meal. When I got home I realized They forgot my two dr peppers, the miso soups weren’t the best. Salad and katsudon were the best. the steak habachi I got- the steak and the vegetables were pretty much swimming in it’s own juices in the container making it look like soup. I wouldn’t recommend ordering this on the go. It might have been better if you went in to eat it or just ordering sushi instead…My order number 378687

Dan Soeder

One of the best sushi places in Morgantown. Large selection, excellent, fresh fish, good service, reasonable prices. They close for a couple of hours between lunch and dinner, so plan accordingly.

Robin Jones

The fried rice was sweet, the hibachi was drowned in liquid and everything tasted of sweet broccoli juice. The clear soup was so strong in flavor is wasn't palatable. The ginger dressing and boba was the only good and edible things.

Alexandra B.

Me and my best friend went here, it was her first time having boba, and it was my like 6th time cause I'm obsessed lol. She got the strawberry tea with strawberry popping bubbles, and I got the taro tea with kiwi bubbles. And let me tell you it's amazing. She loves the boba. This place is top tier and they are very fast working.

Maddie Rhoton

Have never had better sushi than here. I dearly miss this place and make trips as often as I can to come back and visit. Would highly recommend the dynamite and Friday night rolls! The special roll combo is by far one of the best deals I’ve ever found at a sushi place! Everything about this place is AMAZING. If you haven’t been, you’re really missing out.

Brad Nowlin

Great sushi spot. Japanese beers and other beverages available.


5 people in our group. We ordered 3 different sushi rolls, a couple noodle dishes and a couple hibachi dishes. All items were good. The sushi was the highlight of the meal.

Michelle L.

Food was pretty good and service was great, but the place smelled like fish. The rolls were huge, and there was a lot of variety.

Rebecca D.

We really like this place when visiting WVU & treating our daughter & friends to sushi when we are in town. The prices are very reasonable - always surprised the bill is so low no matter how many we have in our party. The presentation of the dishes is very nice. The service has always been good. The sushi is certainly fresh & the cooked appetizers & entrees those in our party have had were very enjoyable.

Angela Deibel

THIS PLACE ROCKS! Best sushi in town. The atmosphere is perfect. Bring a friend, date, parents, whoever. You will NOT be disappointed. Also the dessert is worth it I've had two different types and both were to die for!! I'll be back no doubt

Guy Stewart

Volcano has it all. They have the best lunch deal in town for the money. You can get fancy and have a sushi loveboat with some hot sake if the mood strikes. But the very best part about this place is the customer service. They are incredibly friendly and we always leave with big smiles. If you haven't been and like sushi; it's time to go

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