351 Patteson Drive, Morgantown
(304) 598-3793

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Sohail Alzokari

Don’t go to this place they have the worst drive thru service everWaited for 45 minutes and they still serving the customer ahead of me i don’t know what he order but fast food should never take that much timeOther wise they should start serving real food

Lindsay Sloan

Got there at 12:50 after work and sat there for 5 min waiting for someone to take my order and i guess they decided to close early. Didn’t have the decency to tell me they wouldn’t let me order.

Zerica Harris

My mother and I had a busy day so stopped here no other cars in line mind you. We ordered 4 meals all together. and two people back home, the manager older lady has been there for years short with glasses she kept making rude comments like "Jesus" everytkme we said something else, "then yelled at us multiple times to hold on," after asked our drink choice. She started laughing at us. While we were told hold on for the 3rd time my mother and I were chatting and she yelled "idk why you're laughing." Get to the window she doesn't say a word snatches our money and slams window. I will be sure to contact corporate very inappropriate behavior especially from a MANAGER I could expect a teen. This lady has been here for years absolutely horrible service. And food was super cold. I will make sure something is done. This is absolutely very unprofessional this is your managers Wendys? Please check up on your restaurants. Very poorly ran business. Has been for years, I've been treated bad before here but this time was not taken lightly!!!!


What happened to Wendy's? I waited in the drive-through patiently. It took a long time, but they are popular. The problem was that they only gave us half an order. The only way to get the other half was to go through the busy drive-through again. Their doors are locked. By the time I got through again, my sandwich was cold. And no apology! Wendy's should do better.

Leah Starcher

Food was ok, had to repeat order several times but for fast food was okFood: 4/5

Corey Frazier

Ordered a sandwich through the drive thru and it didn’t have any toppings. Went back through to correct it (lobby was closed) and got another sandwich with no toppings as well. It’s just not a good place to go. It’s definitely a waste of money. I’m sure they pay for reviews because it’s consistently bad.

Valerie Ogle

Unfortunately, about half the time I've come here my food isn't right. Tonight, I came and got my food wrong, needed it replaced and it was made wrong again. It's frustrating not getting food right more than once because it really feels like it's pointless coming back around the drive thru. I'm probably not coming back.

George Wolf

Somehow this Wendys rocks at making my patties fresh. Using the app makes ordering fast and easy. Plus, I get free rewards!

April G.

Waited in drive thru for over 5 minutes for a doordash order and no one greeted us, pulled around to the window and got a rude response from the worker. then waited an extra 10 minutes for the food.


- food was good, fries, burger and nuggets were all fresh and wasn't items that were sitting under a heat lamp for a long time.- place was clean and organized.- staff were pretty friendly.- service was quick.- prices normal.- overall not a bad first experience. I'd recommend this location.

Carolyn Goughnour

The food was very cold and you waited in the Drive-Thru for over 20 minutes and everything was a disaster I would not go back to this Wendy's if it was the last place on Earth

eric jones

I am a high carb vegan and I had two delicious baked potatoes

Lester LeMasters

Messed up on my sandwiches Went back told them about it and then the person that was cooking got upset with me because They made the sandwiches wrong I understand people makes mistakes Why take it out on the customer don't understand that

Justin Adams

Long waits, refusing to open dining area, and food quality has decreased so badly. Cold food or hard and over cooked.

Laurie Sine

Best Junior bacon cheeseburger I've had. Tried the Key lime pie soda and it was really good. The food was hot and good and ready quickly. The employees, one was in training, were very friendly.

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