Buffalo Wild Wings

214 Cross Rd Dr, Mt Hope
(304) 252-8712

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Jason Wilkerson

Normally great - but was a 40 min wait due to no staff. Ended up going home.

Jason Chioino

After walking through the door and waiting 15 minutes, we were never greeted, given a wait time, we never even saw an employee. We walked out. First time ever being to a buffalo wild wings. We wont be going back.

Roger Hanshaw

Our server (Erin) was great, very attentive and pleasant. I've always like the atmosphere there, but you really need to bring back the Black & Blue burger.


Just ordered online $52 worth of food, we ordered the $30 wing deal that had 15 traditional/ 15 boneless, my wild wings were very dry and had so many tendons and nasty meat in it, I could only stomach 5 of them before I made myself sick, my friend got the teriyaki wings which were bone in and barely had any meat, and was also disgusting, I also ordered 1 of the chicken quesadillas, which was ALSO DISGUSTING, it had nothing at all in it except chicken, the lettuce was also wilted and unedible, the tortilla was extremely hard, literally the only thing we could even eat was the fries and onion rings, which by that point we wanted to puke and lost our appetite. I also ordered two separate sauces, which was the Caribbean jerk, and blazin reaper, and those were not even gave to me. So disappointed because I loved Buffalo Wild Wings, but I will NEVER eat here again and I want my money back.

Jill S.

Excellent food and friendly environment with a lot of big screen TVs with diverse sports programming. Tuesday two for one wings.

Jason Emerson

Not great. Food was fair, the bar where I sat seemed to be understaffed for a moderately busy Saturday. Service was very slow and the bartender seemed to be unwilling or unable to check for the game I came to see. Told the customer next to me they could not get ESPN Plus for the WVU game, and myself the Cincinnati game could not be played. After the gentleman left, the WVU game was able to be found. Seems to me my game could be broadcast, but no one was willing to check.... 2stars. Would not recommend.

Andy Hughes

Stopped in with some friends and had a great time. Excellent food and service, and the staff was also nice enough to let us take a table for our riding gear.

Shawn Goodman

Love me some boneless wings. This place was by far one of the better b-dubs I’ve been to lately. We got there early and it was awesome.

Somchanh Amphonephong

We were stopping through the area to eat. When we got here there was nobody here. We put our food in right away and it took 35 min for simple wings to come out. The place wasn't even busy and our server seriously forgot about us once it did get busy. We were there for 1.5 hours and should have only been there for 45 min at the most. By far the worst BWW I've ever been too. Terrible service and food was subpar.

The Perry F.

service was ok but waited over an hour on food til we left, won't be back

Jesse P.

I finally decided to give b-w's a try. The sample appetizer was great and I had high expectations for the 6 traditional/6 boneless wing combo I ordered. I selected the limited edition jalapeño sauce since we all know everything good is a limited edition. The waitress brought the food by, forgot the cole slaw, but not a big deal. I'd ask about it on her return. Fifteen minutes later she came and fixed the problem. Slaw should be made with Mayo. This was not; it also tasted stale. On to the wings---they were ok--actually they weren't. They were dry and leathery pieces of different sizes. The sauce had the consistency of snot, like it came from a bottle, and the jalapeño had no heat whatsoever. The atmosphere seemed cool at first but once I got over the sensory overload from the TVs it looked like a generic room that is poorly lit, noisy, and not socially distanced. There were empty tables yet everyone was placed near each other. Bottom line-- find a local drive for that authentic and memorable experience. The national chains are all about profits and sacrifice quality and service while still charging top dollar. Also, lastly, and most importantly----Worst.Fries.Ever. I make better OreIda fries at home. These were cold bland cardboard. Expect to drop $30 per person and regret it afterwards.


Had a great experience today with my family. Our waitress was exceptional and she got a big tip. We were glad we could make her day. Her tears of happiness told us. Tipping is optional but don't forget without servers you would not be eating there. Thank you Buffalo Wild Wings and thank you to our Waitress. Thank you again.

Richard Gillespie

The service was quite good. However, the chicken wings themselves were so small, it tasted as if the French fries had more meat on them than the actual chicken wing.

Austin Sandlin

They don’t answer the phone, we tried calling two days in a row and never got a response or callback.

Diana Davidson

Our server was amazing!! We got to eat outside. The view is so beautiful. You can see the mountains in the distance! Loved it! Our server Savannah was fast, accurate and made great recommendations. I would recommend this location to everyone!

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