Tudor's Biscuit World

112 Great Teays Blvd, Scott Depot
(304) 757-6868

Recent Reviews

Mike Williams

Not very often i get to eat here, but always so good

Luke G.

They change their hours left and right and dont post it anywhere so half the time I pull up to the menu i end up waiting for a few minutes as they watch me through the window (never chiming in to say their closed) then i drive off once i just assume their closed. If your closed say your closed. How inept can an entire staff be.

Michael H.

Dining room not open. What about us truckers that drive our 18 wheeler through the drive thru ? We truckers would at least like to walk in and order breakfast then take it outside to our trucks. What us truckers would love is to sit down and enjoy eating inside.. so I don't at this democrat pandemic time caused by democrats, recommend anyone eating here

Kyle Duncan

Ordered my usual 2 biscuits and gravy. The last time I got them there wasn't enough gravy for both biscuits so I asked that they make sure I had enough gravy for both biscuits. Their answer was to charge me for a side of gravy. I shouldn't have to pay extra to get what I ordered in the first place. Today is the last time I'll be going there.

Ken Foster

Food was great. The drive thru was backed up and I went inside to order. Great customer service. I got the 2 biscuits and gravy, it was great and filling. Standing in line with a local who shared that this location was popular. I know why, great food.

Chelsea Clark

Wonderful! Worth the stop! Taste like grandma’s biscuits!

Tony Clark

Just another out-of-towner leaving a 5 star review.This place is amazing. Food tastes like your grandma made it. Price/Value beats just about any comparable fast food restaurant.I’m from Oklahoma. Around those parts Braums and Whataburger are king of chain breakfast. This place easily competes with that.

Elaine Wiley

Delicious food. Clean. The driver thru was backed up but the inside was a good place to enjoy breakfast.

Matt Nolan

Loooooove this place! Took my family here for the first time and they love it too!

David McGaha

In town visiting a friend and he said I had to try this place out. I tried the Herd biscuit and a biscuit with gravy. Both were delish.

Barrett Pickett

Finally got a biscuit. Very good food. Brings the food to the table if you find in. Does need to allow you to add a tip on card since you leave the dishes on the table.

Gabe Wiesner Realtor

The best biscuit you will find in America!! Wish they were more places. I recommend the peppi!

Shirley Paul Spangler

Good tasty food with good service. Bacon always too crisp.

Kelsey Sheehan

I'm from NC so it was my first time having one of these. Best biscuit I've ever had in my life! Wow.

Leann Nye

I know how to make tea in a scrambled egg biscuit soft

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