6920 Macleod Trail S, Calgary
(403) 259-3119

Recent Reviews

Kyle W

Some of the meat was very delicious, the non-meat items weren't as good. Servers took requests to stop by more often with a meat you like, which was nice. A little expensive for what you get now.

Kirk Romano

The restaurant was quite, food was hot and staff were awesome. So helpful and were asking how everything was. So worth the price you pay

William Showers

Best food ever ! Great service with amazing staff , recommended with highest standards for all aspects of the business , amazing family style or romantic evening whichever you prefer , will always return again and again

Richard Carleton

First time being here and it was a Great time! The food was perfect and the meat was glorious! I definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants a great time. The expense is worth every penny. *This for meat lovers only*

Vasily Kandelaki

Was very tasty. Our table was not very well positioned and we were seemingly the last to be served. When asked what did we liked the most and would like to repeat. Kids would like to have more cwrsmelized pineapples, but we never got the waitress back with that, so we left.

Breanna Schall

What a really cool experience. The food was delicious. The atmosphere is quiet and amazing great place for a date. Make sure you make reservations gets pretty busy after 7 p.m.

Chary Lou Navarro Defante

The food was glorious, the staff and manager were attentive and accommodating, the ambience was cozy!

Robbie Vapes

Exceptional service, incredible food and amazing atmosphere. Me and my girlfriend got a table right by the fire place and it was super romantic and the whole time we were treated like the only guests in the restaurant. Highly recommend!

Cyril Gascon

Love this place and the pineapple! It can be a little dark but I guess that comes with their theme. Otherwise, food is always great! Keep it up! ?

Michael Parungao

great place and way to eat..good food..nice service..

John Lemphers

We always go here for special occasions and are never disappointed. The staff are very warm and welcoming with excellent service and the food is amazingly delicious! Highly recommended the caramelized pineapple and Parmesan sirloin, yummy!!

Jeffery Wong

One of my favorite restaurants, staff is always friendly and professional. My top choices for dinning on special occasions and when I have out of town friends staying over. All you can eat meat with a very delicious dessert selection at the end.

Jessica Parent

Came here for dinner and they had a decent number of options and selection for a churrasqueira. The service was pretty good, and the flavour of the meats was also good. The one thing that I think could use improvement though is the skill of the Gauchos. They didn't seem to know how to properly slice meat on a spit, so rather than thin slices from the outer, flavourful layer, they tended to drop the hunk of meat to the bottom and carve it off however they were able, which sometimes resulted in inside pieces with no sear on it. That is my largest criticism about the experience.

Miss Maureen Monroe

We have our traditional friends gathering here every year and every year the staff are Always so welcoming and have such high spirits. They really make us comfortable and really know how to have fun with their jobs.

Jacqueline Morante Lama

My first time there. The service was great. Our server was very nice! The meats were a bit too well done for me, and I do like my meat well done. The wings were too dry. Salads were delicious. I ate so much that I could not even try dessert. The atmosphere was lovely.

Rachael Belnavis

Been here many times and I Went here last saturday with A large group of 18 people. Some had never been here before. The waiter never once asked anyone from the table if they had been here. So a lot of the people did not know how it works. So i ended up explaining to them. We never were brought cheese buns. While other tables around us were served them. It was very disappointing service and then on top of the not so good service were forced to tip an 18% gratuity. I understand that this is implemented with large parties. Just seems unfair to have to be forced to tip a large amount for less than mediocre service.


Great experience. We made a reservation for our anniversary dinner and they gave us a prime spot near the fireplace. Server was attentive. Love their rib eye and picanha!


Great food and excellent service. A big thanks to Mark for helping make my moms special night. We will be coming back again for future birthdays just because of the effort Mark put in for our family! Thank you again.

Sinoun Pil

Very beautiful and cozy atmosphere. Staff are all super friendly. If you ever been to Pampas, it's the same concept. Servers bring different meat items to your table and it's all you can eat. There is also a self-serve salad/side dishes station.

Elle C

Great experience. We made a reservation for our anniversary dinner and they gave us a prime spot near the fireplace. Server was attentive. Love their rib eye and picanha!

Hudson T

The place serves big dishes and for affordable pricing. very nice staff. Keep it up.

Eden Fry

I absolutely loved the dishes and service, excellent location to my home. The staff members are always super nice. Would recommend to others.

Andrea Goodwin

We enjoyed Bolero on a Wednesday evening. Service was top notch and the Gauchos were constantly stopping by our table with hot, fresh and perfectly seasoned BBQ. We never had to wait and they took requests. Our server was very attentive and the salad bar was constantly full and fresh. I was hoping for mashed potatoes but didn’t see them. I was a little disappointed to see that dessert wasn’t included with the high price tag.


o well.. i was expecting an awesome food served to me but was a bit disappointed.. the bbq were all salty and not that juicy or something yummy.. really i was expecting more and would rate the restaurant excellent..


We visited Bolero for an evening out with another couple. All the staff were very courteous and professional. Drinks were good. Food was well prepared and delicious. We would definitely go back.

Abe Mankal

Visiting from Ottawa, friends recommend going to Bolero. Excellent service right from entering the restaurant. Even though they had a full house, they managed seat us (3 ppl) within a few minutes. The food was very good and our waitress(Sydney) was super pleasant/cheerful and made our evening very comfortable!

Nick Diaz

Best dining experience I have had in my entire life. Staff went above and beyond to give us 5* service. Every skewer brought to our table was mouth watering. 10/10 Great job Bolero.

Brendan Kelly

Visiting from Toronto and thought we'd give it a try since we have similar steakhouses where we are. Bolero was great! Staff and atmosphere were amazing and the food was all cooked perfectly. We'll be back!

Mark S.

Haven't had the chance to eat there. Was in the area 2 times now and told at the front I would have to wait 45 minutes both times. While walking out could book a table in 12 minutes and 15 minutes the second time using an App. Before I made it back to my car. Will not try a 3rd time. Gauchos and Pampas way better choices!!!

Kristie Buckingham

One of our favorites. Great ambiance, the service is far above average and the food is excellent. Bolero gives you a unique opportunity to try a variety of meats in a classy all you can eat. Having each meat cut in front of you off of a broadsword makes the experience even more unique

Fabian Combs

I had a fantastic at this place. We loved the excellent vibes and the meals. The staff members were super welcoming. I am glad we finally managed to visit here.

Alessandro Mckee

Very well kept and welcoming spot. They serve large portions and for inexpensive rates. We enjoyed the food very much and the staff members were super attentive and explanatory. I recommend this place.

Riaan Snyder

This place is fantastic and broad, the meals was delicious and the rates were very reasonable. fast, efficient service and very attentive staff. I recommend this place.

Jaimie Braaksma

All you can eat meat!! The service is great and the food is absolutely delicious. Be sure to pace yourself and don't stuff too much on their salad bar. The price is well worth it for meat lovers but if you're only planning on trying a few of the meats it may be pricy.

Robert Bowers

Food was good but service was poor. Way too high priced for our experience. Supposed to be all you can eat, yet they stopped bringing us food. We had to specifically ask for 3 of the separate meats and it was like we offended someone. After the last 3 choices came, they never brought us more for 45 min. We were also hoping to enjoy dessert for my wife's birthday dinner and after waiting the 45 min, we just stood up and waited another 10 min for our bill to even come. We told our server about our issues and that we never received as much food as we would have liked yet they still charged us full price for an average meal and below average service.

Lewis Mclaughlin

Great atmosphere and super amiable service. The food was fresh and enchanting. Will easily recommend this restaurant to friends and family. Fair prices and big portions. Keep it up.


The asthectics of Bolero has it charms, however that is where my experience ended in its appeal. I was craving the succulent taste of each offering of Brazilian cooked meat, instead I was served overcooked meat, with a charcoal flamed outer edge or in some cases extremely undercooked meat with a charcoal crust. Basically it tasted like ash. In one case the steak was raw, and the pork was so undercooked the server advised to cut the portion of raw pork away from the serving they provided. I am not sure if this is typical or if there was a different Chef than usual, however there are plenty of Brazilian restaurants in Calgary that should be considered.

Masoud Shahanaghi

It was our friend's 80th Birthday. We wanted to give him a treat so we chose Bolero's.

David O

Excellent choices of various brazillian steaks, meat, snacks, deserts. Its all you can eat as they keep bring more meats, non stop.

Ekele Henry-Collins

Great marinated grilled steaks, awesome customer service & you eat to your fill. Desert was good too