Hearth Artisan Pizza

1200 W Northern Lights Blvd F, Anchorage
(907) 222-0888

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Hannah Walstad

The pizza is dang good and so unique. I have never had anything like it before! However, the service was interesting. We were told to seat ourselves, then no one brought us a menu or came over for a good 15 minutes or so. The waitress was nice once she made an appearance. Otherwise nothing to complain about!


Loved this place. Hard to pick out a pizza - many delicious specialties to choose from. Loved AK beer list; first time seeing Valdez Brewing outside of Valdez! They had hot mulled wine for the holidays, the service team was fun n friendly. Will def be backParking: can park on either side of the building which is super handy

Kane S.

For some reason, this is the first time I've been here- went with some friends following a graduation ceremony. I love the vibe, the aesthetic. I like the beer choices and wine choices. Bathroom seems clean and bright, the pizza is delicious. The service, however, is lacking. The staff are friendly enough but there seemed to be a lack of frequent service. At first I thought they were just understaffed, but there appeared to be plenty of cooks in the back and several servers for this small space. We were also the first ones there when they opened but it felt like we came in right after a rush. One of the servers forgot my beer order, we had to flag them down for more water, they took half our drink order and then left us before the other half could order theirs, and they had a weird system of charging separate tickets: By printing one whole ticket and then having us initial by our food orders and drinks and they charged the cards to the initials. I guess that works but they took forever to return our cards and we were just kinda done. So, great product. Friendly service. Poor time efficiency.


I have been to hearth once before and had a great time. This time was not so great. TLDR: staff aggressive/bullying towards me till we left the place/cried in the bathroom. Last week my boyfriend and I sat down to have lunch, I brought in coffee from outside as it was a last minute decision and didn’t want it to freeze in my car. We sit down, wait staff comes up and immediately berates me “so you brought (insert coffee company’s name here)” and I immediately apologized and went to remove it. Waiter begins to berate me about my poor choices, how I have no taste to like “that coffee” and how I must not be from Alaska because I bought that brand of coffee. She just kept getting angry at me and asking me why I brought coffee in over and over and I kept apologizing? And then she tried to play it off as if it were a joke, even though it was just her yelling at me for 5 minutes. So basically she bullied me in front of the whole restaurant because I brought in a cup of coffee from a brand she didn’t like. I don’t even think she said hello before beginning to berate me. I would understand being upset if it was against restaurant policy somehow (which it is fine with the restaurant if you bring it in, we checked afterwards.) But since I didn’t violate any policy, I simply do not understand how being so outwardly rude to a customer is warranted. I cannot imagine being so mad at a stranger about their choice of coffee that you need to yell at them until they become so uncomfortable that they leave. After being yelled at I went to the bathrooms and cried and then we left the restaurant before ordering because I couldn’t stand being in the room with that woman let alone paying for a meal. It was a great way to ruin your day! As much as I loved our first experience here, I would suggest going to Bears Tooth/Mooses tooth or fat ptarmigan if you would like to support a local Alaskan pizza place that won’t demean you in public! Long message short. It’s not that hard to be kind to people, If you can’t be then maybe customer service isn’t for you.

ak art

Good Vibesl all around, Pizza was tastier than Moose's Tooth. Service was excellent.Food: 5/5

Emily L.

The pizzas here are all wood fired and they have a "fresh Eats" page with seasonal specials. The farmers market pizza that we shared was all veggies and I think some fennel sausage, but WOW! It was soooo good. We also got a spicy and sweet pizza; split between three of us, and still had a few slices leftover. The wine and beer variety is great, too. A go-to for sure!

Loren R.

medocre. 2nd time here. we were not planning on returning, yet family wanted to meet for lunch. the service was mediocre, in terms of attentiveness, and demeanor. we were not checked on during the meal. the beet salad ingredients were minced up so much...why not put the whole thing in a blender. yes it was good, yes the ingredients complimented each other, but like meatloaf, if its all a chopped into little pieces, its difficult for the palate to enjoy the burst of individual flavor from each ingredient. less work chop up less please. the pizza was burnt on the edges...fine in the middle..it was unmemorable. i had a pilsner....too warm. i am an american, not a german. i like my beer cold.

Zachary O.

I love this place. It can get a bit crowded but that lends itself to the quality of their food. It's great to be able to get some healthy fresh appies and entrées (and never have I not found a brew to pair). I love seeing the wood stove in action!

Hilary A.

Good food. Good people. Best gluten-free crust! Lots of different options for pizza creations. The service was great and we didn't have to wait long for our food and beer

Adrian A.

First time customer. Great food and good selection of locally brewed beers. Fast service and locally owned

Odyne A.

Great pizza. The gluten free crust was really good, definitely liked the regular crust better but the GF here better than many places and not cauliflower so that was nice. The kimchi pizza was so unique and so good. The fusion of Korean and pizza. Wow! The Brussels sprout appetizer was tasty and crispy also. It was super busy so I wasn't too disappointed that it took over an hour to get our food. I blamed it on me ordering the GF crust but it was kind of interesting that every tale after us was almost done or done before our pizza arrived.

Adamo Stivala

Nice setting and tasty pizza options, crust is nice and better well done.

Mindy Miller

Morgan is one of the most enjoyable bartenders/servers I have ever met. She is a luminary. She was fun, great company, and entertained all of my particular requests with enthusiasm. Some waiters would have been annoyed with my requests, but she said each time “This is my job to help you, I need to know this anyways for next time, let me ask the kitchen” etc. the vino verde was also very easy drinking I could have drank a whole bottle, I’m glad I didn’t. I am at a restaurant now in Seattle and the server is borderline rude, and I have made maybe one request to understand what the vegan cheese is made of. She is not helpful in recommending dishes, just overall not pleasant and I miss Morgan! Haha Morgan is the best and I think she will go very far in life.

Chuck Zich

We are were in town for half a day after an Alaskan cruise and really wanted some pizza. This place didn't disappoint. Amazing wood fire pizza, great beer selection and fantastic friendly atmosphere. One of the best pizza places I've ever been to. Make sure to get the ice cream cookie sandwich for dessert. Sebastian took great care of us.

Ashley F

Good pizza. The topping selection is diverse…like they have a beet pizza option that was pretty good. When in Alaska - try something different.

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