Organic Oasis | Restaurant & Juice Bar

2610 Spenard Rd, Anchorage
(907) 277-7882

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Tammy Michaels-Jimenez

The split pea soup was delicious. I ordered the Beet & carrot pressed juice. But the server took FOREVER to make it. I had to go up to the counter a couple times. So not too happy with service.Food: 3/5

Carey S.

This is a staple place for me to go. Love their foods, smoothies, juices & otc products!! Great location too.

Juliet van Otteren

We chose this restaurant for dinner because we wanted some very healthy organic food and freshly made juices. We were not disappointed! Everything was incredibly delicious! We had organic vegan Rubens on gluten-free bread and they were the tastiest we have ever had, very thick and juicy?

Lorelei S.

My dad fondly remembers his mom making "English pancakes," basically crepes with powdered sugar and lemon. We had seen that Organic Oasis had recently added crepes to their menu, both sweet and savory. He requested a special order of "English pancakes" which they were very kind to make. We also enjoyed their delicious split pea soup, tabbouleh, and the veggie crepe. The food was delicious and the wait staff were attentive.

Todd J.

Needed a healthy meal and this place provided. Great salad, organic and vegan options. Salad dressing was on point and I'm not even vegan. It was just yummy.

Rahul Khinvasara

Great food, Multiple options for Gluten Free Vegan food. Super service!!Dietary restrictions: Gluten free, No Eggs Vegetarian options are available and the staff is very friendly and helpful.

Kaylee Dreier

So good, nice portion size, couldn't finish it all.

Nils Hünerfürst

Decent good healthy food. I will definitely come back asap to try a pizza.

El- P.

A little expensive but I love the food and the atmosphere. Their homemade salad dressings are the best

David F.

You can't eat vegan in Anchorage, my friends told me. Wrong. Had a great vegan Moroccan Hummus wrap with vegan coleslaw from this place and loved it. My non-vegan wife really enjoyed her Thai chicken wrap. Also loved that they were environmentally conscious with the to-go packaging.

Lily LP

Loved this restaurant. Very nice decor, clean, and menue has everything you want, especially if you're like healthy foods. Large variety of vegetarian and vegan options. Strongly recommended.

Billy Ready

If it wasnt for the amazing live music, i wouldve left. Waited a long time to get our food order in, took forever to get it made, and good god it took longer to get our check. They are low on servers, but we literally watched her fiddle aroujd doing nothing at times and some where she was on her phone. Either do the job, or go. My Bison steak was super bland, oh yeah i got meat at a vegan place buwahhahaha. And my wifs vegan pizza was sour.

Alexander K

The vegan supreme was delicious healthy portion packed in and the ingredients were crisp! Salad wasn’t saturated in the dressing either which is always refreshing. Greek platter is a must the feta and olives are highlights. The bison chili was something I took a chance on and was happy I did.

Denita G

Ordered via food delivery service, packaged very well. Got the Veggie Reuben and couldn't have been more pleased! It was so satisfying, not to mention filling, with crunchy cabbage and house-made dressing. I would like to visit in-person next time, but am 100% positive I'll be ordering from here again ...and again!

Paul S.

Food is ok, but overpriced for sure. The service is absolutely abysmal. It has nothing to do with food prep or being overwhelmed with patrons, their servers legit ignore you. I read some reviews on Google that complained of the same issues, the owner had some pretty snarky responses, so there's definitely no help there.

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Organic Oasis | Restaurant & Juice Bar

2610 Spenard Rd, Anchorage, AK 99503
(907) 277-7882