Abhi ( Summit )

300 Summit Blvd suite #104, Birmingham
(205) 969-6858

Recent Reviews

Kristy H.

This was a great experience!! The food and drinks were amazing!! The service was awesome as well! I will be back!

Kevin Bowers

The manager Nikki was extremely accommodating and went out of her way to make sure we had a wonderful dining experience..

play arteche

My wife and I were visiting Birmingham for three days and were glad we came to eat here. This is by far in the top three ramen restaurants we have been to. The broth was cooked to perfection with the right balance of salt. Service was amazing and the ambience was great. If you’re looking for a solid ramen stop, come check this place out.

Kristy Harris

Great experience! The food was great and light. The famous warrior drink was spectacular!

Sophia Osborne

Not a typical and authentic Japanese ramen restaurant. Normally, when you order ramen in more authentic Japanese ramen restaurants, it comes with pork belly, eggs, and some other veggies without paying extra price. At Abhi, I had to pay extra $5 for only 4 slices of pork belly and $3 tofu for our ramen ( tofu was sour ). It’s overpriced for that kind of quality food. Ramen was not even fresh made. I don’t recommend this place for Japanese ramen experiences, maybe other Asian fusion type of food.

Marissa W.

We went here for date night and the food was great. It was a rainy day and it felt a little crowded. The food was great. I had the ramen and a pot of jasmine tea. It was a nice atmosphere to relax but I wish the place was a bit bigger. They had plexiglass up to divide tables which is appreciated.

Sareena A.

Abhi is such an awesome restaurant. The sushi is amazing, there is a beer battered roll that is unbeatable and all of the sushi has amazing flavors. I will say sometimes the entrees lack a little bit of salt/seasoning but besides that it really is a great restaurant with awesome service!

Tiara Hembree

The sushi was so good! We got the wham bam Birmingham and Sexy Lady rolls, I forget the 3rd. But they were great! And my drink was the Jolene I think? It has pumpkin syrup in it and I'm a PUMPKIN LOVER, so to see pumpkin in a drink in May, I was ecstatic lol. It was sooooo good too, definitely would go back just for the drink alone.

Sabina Barton

Friendly & prompt service. We arrived right at 5 and were seated immediately. Food had good flavor BUT there were gnats near the window where we sat - two of which got into my sweetheart's beer. I ordered one of the ramen bowls, and my noodles were overcooked. Boyfriend got the Korean BBQ. Again, taste was great but the meat was chewy. Neither of us had the heart to send it back after complaining about gnats and getting a fresh beer. Bamboo was a completely different experience for me, and I'll most likely go back there instead.

Jim Hooker

Always setting the bar! Start with Momos and Magic City roll - and then something new! Finished with Coconut Ice Cream! Happy Birthday to me!

Katie C.

Abhi has some of the best sushi in Birmingham! Any time my friends and I can't agree on somewhere to eat, we almost always end up choosing Abhi. The menu has options for everyone-- but some of my favorite menu items are the lemongrass chicken skewers, the Magic City Roll, and the Godzilla roll. They use high quality ingredients and the service is always amazing. Highly recommend after a day of shopping at the summit.

Constance Burke

Great sushi, sashimi and other Japanese dishes. Our waitress was excellent, responding to our questions easily, explaining menu items and offering suggestions for options to try. The atmosphere was relaxed with an open floor plan, and indoor and outdoor seating options. I will definitely go back!

Nick Lacy

Great menu selection, food, atmosphere, and staff. Also has very appropriate COVID-19 accommodations and precautionary measures! Had a wonderful time and honestly some of the best sushi in the Birmingham area, and as someone who eats sushi minimum once a week, that’s pretty big! Very pleased, will be coming back!


The best food!!! First, get a glass of Sancerre and order Wham Bam Bham roll, Dynamite, or a clean Everest roll. We also love coconut soup (what do they put in this!!!?) and the Buddha Bowl (ask for panang curry sauce). Then repeat as often as possible.

Melissa Crawl

Delicious food, excellent service, lovely ambiance! My husband had sushi and it was fresh and delectable. I had a type of chicken sizzling plate that was very tasty. This will definitely be our go to sushi place.

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