Alabama Theatre

1817 3rd Ave N, Birmingham
(205) 252-2262

Recent Reviews

David Horton

Wow, what a place. Seeing "Swan Lake" on my first time there was a big plus. If you go it is worth seeing the art and the architecture

Ryan Herrin

Theater is gorgeous at around 100 years old. I was worried that I wouldn't have leg room, (I'm 6'5" and a mountain of a man) but I thought it was comfortable. Try to go to a performance with the Wurlitzer organ. It's unlike anything at your local multiplex.

Sbonga Bheme

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Musa Mamba

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Nicole Tyler

A Birmingham classic! Especially at Christmas time. Love coming here for the Christmas movies. The theatre is gorgeous and well maintained.

Sharist Eliibuye Lliphumule

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Emmanuel Ogejuma

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Cliff Anderson

Awesome theater... even the cheap seats have good acoustics and visibility.... provided the guy in front of you doesn't have a giant head.

Lisa Crymes

Highly recommend a visit to alabama theatre. Where else can you experience a Wurlitzer Opus 1783. It’s as if you are stepping back in time. The theatre often shows old movies - an amazing experience.

Gregory Young

I was harassed by a security guard and the director doesn’t think it’s worth apologizing to me for.

Greg Y.

I was harassed by the security while entering the building, and the director doesn't think it's important enough to apologize to me for. I'm absolutely disgusted by this correspondence and my last encounter with the Alabama.

Kirsten Peterson

Such a beautiful building. Everyone visiting Birmingham and all who live here must see it and take in all it's beauty. We saw Styx and it was a great concert. Acoustics are great no matter where you sit.

Dana Belcher Realtor 205.910.3358

One of #BirminghamAl best iconic landmarks. It’s perfect for events and going to see classic movies. It’s right in the sweet spot of downtown, next to McWane Science center and has some great condos within east walking distance.

Paula “The Traveling Unicorn” Moore

I saw my first movie here when I was 3 - "Bambi". I didn't see another one there again until I was in college - "Gone With the Wind". I'm 52 now, & this theater is just as beautiful today as it's ever been. A diamond in the middle of downtown Birmingham, Alabama! I tell everyone who is coming here to try to visit Her if they can.

Ñtæñdø Mæphœriisæ

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