Davenport's Pizza Palace - Mtn Brook

2837 Cahaba Rd, Birmingham
(205) 879-8603

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Brittany Nazario

Quaint Pizza place. Don't sleep on it. The pizza was great and the salad was fresh. The menu is small without much fuss but I'll definitely go back when in the area.Food: 5/5

Paul Hudson

Great pizza and arcade games! That's all I need to say! Add so with this time that I have your attention, I'm gonna show u a picture from inside a house looking outside. The house is down the street from the before mentioned pizza and arcade games.Food: 5/5

Tom Brown

Absolutely delicious pizza.Had the meat lovers Pizza which comes with pepperoni, ham, sausage Plus you can add additional toppings as you desire for a small charge.Very fast and friendly service, great staff to deal with although parking at times is very difficult especially around lunch.Highly recommend!Vegetarian options: green space pepper's, mushroom, and onions again you can make a selection.Parking: Difficult to find a parking location during the busier hours like lunch but if you don't mind walking you can find a parking place.

Becky Henson

They made a reservation and some of our people were early, of everyone in our party had to wait for everyone to get there and all walk in together. So some of our people were late and they canceled our reservations it’s my Grandson 16th Birthday Party!! I tried to order my Grandson a pizza, I was told it would be 20 minutes for one large pepperoni and sausage pizza after 25 minutes, I was told it would be 20 more minutes, we were all ready having to go find somewhere else to eat!!! I had to get my money back and wait on the manager to ok everything . So no food and 16th Birthday party ruined!!!

Tim Graff

Sat for 20 minutes after being seated and watched two tables get orders in. No waitstaff made contact.

Christine Cole

Davenport’s is a Mountain Brook Village staple! Everyone knows and LOVES Davenports.It’s consistently great pizza, in a fun, relaxing environment. Bring the kids and let them experience old school arcades and start a family tradition of fabulous pizza and fun.I hope this Mountain Brook landmark continues to cook irresistible pizza, provide service with a smile, and curate a wonderfully unique experience!!! Definitely check it out!????

Kthulwho Noises

I've been going to this place for almost 45 years. The decor is the same, the location is the same, the fact they have arcade machines is the same. It's my absolute favorite pizza of all time (and I've been halfway around the world). Do yourself a favor and add green olives to your pizza, it truly elevates it.Food: 5/5

Jane W.

this place is awesome! I have never gotten a carry out pizza from here but was greeted immediately, everyone was so friendly. I feel like I got a huge salad with a lot of toppings. I need to start coming back more and I will have to double my tip when I come back since I paid online and ended up with no cash My office ordered some pizzas and a large salad from here recently and everyone was so impressed! I'll be coming back!

Paul T.

The pizzas at Davenport's are unique. I am originally from Maryland and lived in the DC area, New Hampshire, and Georgia. I have never experienced a pizza like Davenport's any where else. I love the little squares. It makes eating the pizza so much easier, and you get so much yumminess in each of those little slices. It is indeed a pizza place...just salad and pizza on the menu, and that is definitely enough. We are pleased they are now open in their second location in Vestavia Hills. It is a little closer to our house so we will be going more often.

John F.

Vestavia is open and same great pizza. Service was good and nice new location. Better go early or you will be waiting

Ellen-Jeanette Jackson

There was nothing to take a pic of ???we ate it all except one slice. Amazing service and very inexpensive. Lora is the sweetest waitress. The owner allowed my little dog to be in here. I loved it. It’s a mountain Brook landmark for sure.

Cody Dowlen

I'd love to give a review of the food but we never got it. We put in an order around 5:30PM on a Saturday, and were given a 7:30PM wait time. Sure, no problem, I don't mind waiting for good food.Problem is, 7:20PM we get a call, the delivery person is just now getting there, says something about them putting the Pizza in and how it's going to be another 20m after that for the food to get here.Frustrating, but fine. Then we get a call just after 8:30PM that our order was canceled. No other information, just canceled.I mean we may try again some other weekend but this left a pretty sour taste in my mouth.I realize this is more on Waitr or ASAP, but yeah, can't comment on food I never got to TRYEDIT -We tried again and got the pizza! Easily some of the best Pizza in Birmingham, and the closest thing to a proper New York style I've had here.Meat lovers and cheese, and while really good, the toppings sort of slid around on top of the pizza, but that's fairly common in my experience from New York style. Fantastic.Though I will say the outside crust was ever so slightly burnt (bit of black) which hampered the taste slightly, but plan on getting it again.OH! Ask for normal slicing instead of the square cut! It works a lot better for folding :)

Jim R.

Been going here for 40 years and an honest review forthcoming. Biggest complaint is they never cut the darn pizza unless you order it in the restaurant. They slide it into the to go box and when they try and cut it they cannot press hard enough to slice thru the crust and the box edge stops them from cutting the crust. Its a nightmare at home. . The delivery apps for some reason deliver horrible pizza, it is always undercooked and looked like they carried it sideways. When we get it to go same problem, under cooked and never sliced thru. Outside of that lately it seems they have become a little stingy on their meat toppings. The pizza quality and taste is the same as it ever was. I will say they have the best salad in town because they keep it cold. Amazing how many places do not understand the difference of a dining experience when a cold salad on a cold plate arrives versus a warm one. I cannot scream this loud enough. People, seriously, chill your salads like Davenports does! Not much has changed in 40 years and still a permanent consistent meal for our family and you will enjoy it as well.

Dorian R.

Crust-10 Toppings-10 Salads-10 Frosty beer mug-10 Service- 7 I have to cut them some slack with the service, they regularly hire teen/summer help so that is always hit or miss. The food has been consistent since the beginning and the beer is always frosty, all in all that's a 10 in my book. Just go! It's a classic old school pizza place, which is extremely hard to find these days!

Michele R.

We were seated quickly but it took awhile for our order to be takem. Wr ordered a pepperoni pizza and when it came it only had 2-3 pepperoni slices on it and the cheese was barely melted. we had a hard time getting the pizza on our plate because they did not give us any serving utensils. After about 5 minutes of trying to get someone's attention, I went up to the front counter and asked if we could have one. She said they were all dirty and she handed us a small fork to serve our pizza with. This restaurant was recommended to us but we were highly disappointed.

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Davenport's Pizza Palace - Mtn Brook

2837 Cahaba Rd, Birmingham, AL 35223
(205) 879-8603