Shu Shop

1820 3rd Ave N, Birmingham
(205) 291-6660

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Katrina G.

This is a pretty cool restaurant. Upon arrival we were immediately greeted & our I.D's were checked. 21+ only. Lighting is dim, music selection was a vibe and the staff was friendly. We ordered crab claws, brussel sprouts and the short rib & rice. Everything was really good and the food came out pretty fast. The dishes we ordered were small plates but the portion size was plentiful. They have the best crab claws in town! The short rib & rice was honestly so good. The short rib was very tender and the rice was great. The brussel sprouts have a sweet and sour sauce on them. I highly recommend this location. Street parking is available but also there is paid public parking right next to the restaurant. I love that this place stays open until 1am on certain days. I will definitely be back to try the ramen. Highly recommend

Russell G.

Came here for after thanksgiving dinner. If you are looking for something different, this is a place to go. Nice music, low lighting i with l booths. Bar setting is available too. We all had crab claws and we were pleased with our orders. I had kimchi with mine. My daughter had beef short ribs and the wife had Brussel Sprouts. Everyone was pleased with their sides as well. The menu and atmosphere is mainly Japanese. The food comes on what they call small plates but the servings are not truly that small. The kimchi was but it was filling. Never had kimchi and wanted to try it. Glad I did. Great environment. The service was really good. They stayed on top of everything and visited the table frequently. Very happy we went there.

Michael B.

Sat at the bar and service was friendly and attentive. Had a great non alcoholic cocktail. I had the Spicy Miso Ramen with burnt ends. Hot, flavorful and authentic. Super clean welcoming environment with reasonable prices. Be a fan of tattoos and Wu-Tang.... I'll be back

Crystal K.

I came into town for work and was at a conference of about 110 people. I wanted to have dinner with a colleague and needed something vegetarian friendly. We loved everything about this place. Good food, drinks, and staff. Our server was so helpful and made various recommendations for drinks and a few food suggestions. The vibe was super solid and we all agreed it was our favorite location during our trip. I also wanted to add, they had period products available in the bathroom at no cost and as a woman, really appreciated the thoughtfulness. Would definitely recommend!

Zacchary C.

This place has changed drastically. The quality of the food has taken a turn downwards. Their pickled vegetable appetizer included one small piece of cauliflower, a cherry tomato cut in have, three carrots, 1/8 of an onion and 1/8 of a cucumber. So maybe like $0.5 worth of food sold for $8. The same thing for the seasoned rice dish. Maybe a cup and 1/2 of rice for $6. The only the I would say was worth the price was the ramen for $15 but it is middle of the road at best. You can easily spend over $100 here and honestly you'd leave Chili's feeling more satisfied. Maybe this was just a horribly off night, but the quality is noticeably going down here.

Alex B.

Totally unique dining experience and one of my absolute favorite places in Birmingham. Amazing food with punchy flavors. Great starters and small plates--we always get Ike Kara Age and the crispy nori. The only issue I have is that the Spicy miso ramen is so good that it's hard for me to bring myself to branch out to other parts of the menu (which isn't actually a problem at all). Would recommend every time.

Tokyo Blues Man

Some of our friends told us that there is an Izakaya in Birmingham and that we should go and try it for several years now. So my wife and I finally went to this place with a friend.Born and raised in Tokyo, I am very familiar with the concept of Izakaya which is to provide dishes that are very similar to home cooked meals to local people at very reasonable prices along with decent beers and Sake. For that, this place semi fits the bill - my wife who lived in Japan for almost 8 years and I knew better than to expect an authentic Japanese Izakaya experience.We ordered several appetizers such as Ika fries (Japanese calamari), Shishi Toh (sweet green pepper that one in every 5 is super spicy), Age Nori (tempura seaweed) and buttered scallops which were all very good.Then since this place is known for ramen, we had to try one. So we ordered Shoyu Ramen.Noodles in the ramen were pretty good - thinner noodles with good body. However, ramen soup lacked flavor and richness that can create a harmony with noodles. Plus, Cha-Shu (simmered and seasoned pork belly) was tough and had a burnt (not smoked) taste that clashed with other ingredients.One of the most important aspects of Izakaya is to have good selections of beer, Sake and Shohchu. They have very good selections of original cocktails but I didn’t really see good selections of Sake, beers and Shohchu.I do like to go back and try more dishes at this restaurant/Izakaya. Hopefully they’ll have more selections of Sake in the future at least.

Jasmine S.

A friend and I stopped by here one Friday night and fell in love with the sultry, New York esc decor and ambiance. It's perfect for a sexy date night night or intimate catch up with friends. The staff was super friendly and helped us learn our way around the menu. The crab claws are so tasty! We ate them all before I could get a pic. I'm a tequila lover so the Kusuburu was perfect for me. The black salt made it super cute. My friend loved her spicy ramen but the seafood had me hooked! I've been back around happy hour time and sat at the bar for a fab experience as well!

Ashton Hiseley

Trendy ramen bar! Loved the vibe of this place. Super moody with great cocktails and ramen. The Brussel sprouts are a must. Def recommend and would visit here again if ever in the Birmingham area in the future.

Soumya K.

Although I loved the restaurant itself (music, lighting, decoration), the ramen was underwhelming. The chashu was extremely tough and under seasoned and the tonkotsu ramen broth wasn't amazing either. The only thing I'd go back for is the tako puppies which were honestly the best thing I had to eat at Shu Shop.

Lan W.

I think Shu Shop is one of my favorite place in town. Their drinks are AMAZINGGGG! I ordered yuzu daiquiri and the gin fizz. Their ramen is also pretty decent in Birmingham as well.

Jon Elmore

Great food and drinks, great staff.Vegetarian options: Ample


I met some of my friends at this restaurant 2 weeks ago. Servers were friendly and the food and drinks were nice. Until I found the strange notice at the restroom. I have never seen this kind of notice in Korea, Japan, China, and any other countries. I couldn't believe it was on the wall written in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. And it was a Japanese restaurant.Isn't it Asian hate and Discrimination?

Tarrika E.

This place was as expected. I'm not a fan of ramen really but went with a friend. The seafood ramen was my choice and the battered seafood in the ramen juice wasn't it for me. If you love ramen, I'm told you'll love this spot. But not for me. It was just ok. Not bad but not great. I do have to add this is the cutest little vibe and probably great for drinks and sashimi.

Giana Stall

Our waiter was amazing! So nice and he let us keep the cute Sake container.Bartender was mean. I wanted to leave because she scolded us about the oil lamp. We were apologetic.She could have been nicer. Her chronic discontent shows in the lines of her face. I think she’d be a great candidate for Botox.

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