Shu Shop

1820 3rd Ave N, Birmingham
(205) 291-6660

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Giana Stall

Our waiter was amazing! So nice and he let us keep the cute Sake container.Bartender was mean. I wanted to leave because she scolded us about the oil lamp. We were apologetic.She could have been nicer. Her chronic discontent shows in the lines of her face. I think she’d be a great candidate for Botox.

Griffin Chapple

Great place! Highly recommend it. Give Dallas (or everyone, actually) a big tip when you stop by.

jena elize

I used to love this place when i was in highschool as a 16-17 year old. Only got to go a few times until they changed it to 21+ and now im having to wait almost 4 years to go back. I don’t understand why its 21+ even during the day!!?? Cant we enjoy great food underage?…anyways thats my only complaint

Jeremy B.

Best ramen I've ever had! I've been to Japan and the ramen I had at Shu Shop was better than what I had there IMO. Get the pork ramen. You won't regret it.

Brett Samuel G.

This place has a very cool atmosphere to vibe out to. When I first went to this low key ramen shop my expectations were low. I thought the ramen would be just okay. I was so wrong l. My wife and I got the shouyu ramen and absolutely loved it. There small bites are also great especially the Brussel sprouts.

Haley P.

I consider myself a connoisseur of pho; most of my family is gluten and dairy free so pho is a safe option for everyone. I think we have eaten pho every time we have had family outing for the last 5 months. So I had high hopes for this spot when my friend suggested it. When you are approaching the shop it is unassuming; a plain looking building across from the Alabama Theater. But upon entry, you quickly realize what the basic outside hides. The inside is the essence of dark academia; soft glowing lamps, dark booths, red glowing lights under the bar shelves. Dark wood floors and bannisters. It's beautiful! The hostess asked about seating preference; we chose the bar since it would get us seated the fastest. Soon we were perched on barstools having our orders taken by a woman in a beautiful red dress. The staff was knowledgeable and recommended some drinks and appetizers. I ordered the Sidecar and my friend ordered the Lavender Fizz. The Sidecar was good, but I probably wouldn't order it again because I liked the lavender drink better; my friend didn't like it so she gave it to me. She then ordered the Yuzu Daquiri and it was fabulous. We ordered gyozas and crab claws as apps. The gyozas were delicious; the crab claws were just ok, nothing of note. Then our ramen arrived. I ordered the tonkotsu ramen, with extra noodles and burnt ends. I was shocked at the amount of noodles already in the ramen, and I kind of regretted ordering the extra. The burnt ends were amazing. The broth was rich and delicious. My friend ordered the spice bomb but I didn't include any in my broth because I liked it as it was. Overall I would definitely come back here. I've been thinking about the ramen since my visit.

Blake G.

Very tasty Ramen. Spicy Miso was my favorite. Tako puppies were good but I'll try another app next time. Recommendations: I would like a couple more additions to the Ramen bowl: other half of the half boiled egg, green onion shoots, etc. load it up! Also would like a Japanese-American fusion Ramen bowl that is sweet and spicy Solid Ramen right in Birmingham. Have I eaten better? Yes, but not in Alabama

Eric H.

Food and service here are excellent!! We've been here twice and will definitely return. It is very dark inside so old folks, bring your glasses or your kids.

Kushal Pradhan

This place was a surprise. It didn’t looked much from outside but the vibe inside was completely different. Good vibe, good place.Loved everything we tried. Special shout out to shishito peppers and sweet & sour Brussels. They were surprisingly good. Shoyu Ramen was also good, though the broth was transparent, it was rich in flavor. They also have good bar.

Andrea Thoenes

Excellent food, fast service, over 21, have ID ready at door, no exceptions. After a soccer game we needed good food late at night(9:30 pm), and Shu Shop delivered! Healthy, large portions for athletes and fans alike. We tried the Hot & Sour Brussels Sprouts and Shoyu Raman. Both were delicious and beautifully presented. Elegant, but not pretentious, low lit, music just right for conversation. Hostess and server friendly and prompt.We will be back!


Not going to even lie this was the best dining experience I've had in a while! Everything was topnotch. Food, servers, drinks, atmosphere/lighting. Everything was A++ Get the Vegetarian Ramen and Brussel Sprouts ?

Steven McIntyre

One of my favorite hidden gems in Birmingham! I love going here after a long day of work. Nothing is more comforting than a nice hot bowl of ramen and a nice drink. If you are able, get here and get the crab claws. They go quick so get here early!

Tyler Nix

"Hip" is an accurate description of Shu Shop. When you first walk in, it's dark but you can see the outline of a bar to your left and booth seating on the right, which stretches to the back. There with also a second level with table/chair seating. The ramen is okay, but if you want to see your food, bring a headlamp. If you want to converse with the friends sitting a foot away from you, bring your phone so you can text. It's an incredibly loud and dark environment. The last server I ended up with was just full of nasty glares and very few words. The few words that did come out were rude. However, each host/hostess I've encountered there has been friendly.

Dan S

Real ramen, great selection drinks, great service. I wholly recommend this place!

Kris L.

Dead on a Saturday night. Employees are rude and lack town spirit. Food is adequate at best.

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