810 St Vincents Dr, Birmingham
(205) 939-7010

Recent Reviews

Kenda W.

Seriously does Starbucks ever disappoint? I'm not a complicated coffee drinker. Dark roast, liquid sweetener and a splash of cream. You can't go wrong with that. And I love that I can preorder and pick up with interacting with humans because some humans are exhausting!

Torrence DeyAmpert

Great coffee great staff.

Karrawinds Salters

Used my gold Starbucks card, great service, fast.

Katari Carter

Good experience overall

Allie N

Nice and attentive staff, quick service. Great spot to escape from the hospital feel for a moment.

Joyce Wells

Wonderful staff was very friendly

D Smith

Try the coffee, it's really good

Mike Wooley

My wife and I have been in this location before and never had any problems whatsoever until this visit. We both ordered a Venti Caramel Macchiato. Around 15 to 20 minutes after drinking them, we were both extremely sick. My wife was vomiting the rest of the afternoon. I did once and was very nauseous for the rest of the day. I will never be back in this place again.

Christal Davis

Who doesn't love a Starbucks coffee or cappuccino or something else there.

Trela Grimes-Holmes

Minimal wait, excellent service.

Jacob Sims

I'm appalled at the level of skill it takes to be a barista these days maybe I should get my 1 year old an application she'd Definitely do a better job

Hali Thomas

I came here at about 5:20 PM yesterday, and they close at 6 PM. I asked for a mocha frappe and they said they were out, so I left. I came back the next morning and asked if they were still out of frappuccinos. They said they had not been out and laughed when I told them the staff yesterday told me they were out. They then apologized to me because the staff the day before lied because they did not want to make my drink probably because they already cleaned the machine over 30 minutes before close. Terrible experience!

Pam Driskell

I had the WORST mocha Frappuccino I have ever had this past week at this location. Mocha should not be dark chocolate. It is supposed to be a light colored coffee with some chocolate but not the color of cocoa. I threw away a $6 cup of coffee. While the service was magnificent, someone needs to follow a recipe to get the right flavor for mocha.

J. Terry McCombs

My go to place when I need a macchiato or frappuccino fix.

Stephanie Ramsey

Refreshing! The ladies behind the counter were wonderful. When you're at a hospital, especially in my case my father is having surgery, it is nice to have a friendly conversation and distraction. The café mocha was perfect, the service was fast, they stay very busy yet never rolled their eyes nor huffed and puffed sarcastically these ladies stayed upbeat with smiles and wonderful attitudes one lady running the register even had a hurt arm so kudos to her! Topnotch service. Thank you ladies!

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