The Louis at The Pizitz Food Hall

1821 2nd Ave N Suite 194, Birmingham
(205) 730-9002

Recent Reviews

Nicole F.

Super cool! Lots of places to choose from, inside-outdoor sitting. New way to do fast food, it's like a mall food court taken 10 notches up.

Ashley R.

The Pizitz has really gone downhill- or just never lived up to what it seemed to aspire to be. The bathrooms are atrocious! Filthy, no toilet paper OR soap OR paper towels. I tried the family bathroom and then the ladies', and both were in the same condition. It's hard to get excited about eating in a place where no one who's entered the bathroom has been able to wash their hands...

Nikitres Washington

A wonderful place to go and relax with a nice drink. The bartenders are the sweetest and makes you feel welcome

Joiya A.

I love a good food hall! This one located on the first floor of The PIZITZ is great. A variety of food and beverage choices. Spacious and clean!


We were so happy to find this Food Court, which looks like it was once a big Department Store in it's past and then converted into a set of mini Food Counters and a big Grand Bar to buy Alcoholic Beverages and Drinks and socialize in the middle of the room. They get a lot of people in there to eat and drink and enjoy the place. The food is good, but the prices are kind of high for what you get. They also have Restrooms, and an Eyeglass Shop is in the Food Hall. They have plenty of seating in this Food Hall, and many Counters for you to choose on, and so you can find certainly something to suit your appetite. The Cinema is downstairs, and the Imax & Science Museum is right across the Street from this Food Hall. Again we were happy to find this place for Food.

Chris C.

Fun spot to hang with the family and everyone can get something different. We ate inside and then had dessert outside for some fresh hair. I've been there twice with our family and had fun both times. Great cheeseburgers and good beer selection, with some awesome cotton candy for a treat.

B C.

Overcrowded, too loud, mediocre, over-priced food. Unclean bathrooms and empty hand sanitizer dispensers always.

Gabe P.

I haven't been to this food hall in a really long time. Recently I walked through to get to an event I was attending. I love the courtyard seating space. It's bright and lively! Great for hanging out and enjoying your meal or cocktail. Of course lots of restaurants have left since my last time coming here. There still seems to be a nice variety of food choices and the Louis bar is still in place ; which is a nice bar. Free parking up to two hours is awesome and came in handy. I plan to check out some of the restaurants soon.

Samira S.

i like this place it just need more dining options for it to be located downtown. i thought coming here i was going to be overwhelmed with different dining choices but they had very few places that i actually wanted to eat at but it's very nice on the inside with some tasty options & a great bar inside i went to unos tacos & j wings it was okay but pricey for the food.

Elizabeth Talley

Great staff and fun cocktails to choose from. Music is always on point. I’ll be back!

Harrison Irons

Best drinks and bar in Birmingham! Great spot before events downtown!


Hate that I’m having to leave a bad review because the atmosphere is great, and the drinks are actually good. But the service here needs some work. I sat for almost 20 minutes before having to literally flag down a bartender to even be acknowledged. Not even a “hello, I’ll be right with you”, as I know they can be busy. But to ignore new customers completely, there is no excuse. After finally receiving my drink and asking to close out right away. I pulled out my card as he handed me the receipt but the bartender still sat the receipt down and disappeared for another 30 minutes. My card on the receipt with the cash tip underneath sat on the bar for 30 minutes. Lol I’m sorry as a bartender myself, you’re literally asking for a walk out. I was generous to still leave a tip but this service was sub-par, and that’s being nice ? The quality of service should match customer expectations when they walk into what is portrayed visually to be a mid-to-upscale dining and bar experience. So I hope you all work on that. These bartenders need to pay better attention and talk to their customers. Have some personality. That’s half the job.

Kathleen C.

Well I do love a food hall ..... and here is why- the picky whiny teenager can find things she wil eat or drink. So we are here today on a Saturday with a lot of action happening around us. We started at broad street peaux boys and then went to pho pho and ono poke. The shrimp and fried green tomatoe po boy was excellently cooked and hot and fresh. They know what they are doing. Then we went to ono poke and made a tuna bowl with brown rice and other great things. It was also fresh and tasty. Then to pho pho for a beef pho.... Hot and spicy. Last but not least to the thirstea cafe for a boba tea. Yes the teenager had to have one. This place was packed. I love all the restaurants but they need more help wiping down tables and keeping eating surfaces clean. Other than that I give it a "awesome" place to be.

Jeffrey Cowgill

I love this bar! We used to live at the Pizitz and there was a lot of comfort in knowing that if we wanted an adult beverage all we had to do was take a elevator down and pull up to the Louis! Run by Chuy who is great but the heart of the bar is within the Bartenders. Lindsey and Robin were always keeping our glasses full and stopping by for a chat when not busy. Always a good place to hang out and people watch or just have a snack. Right in the middle of a dozen small restaurants you cannot go wrong. As you can see the place is hopping on Halloween and on other occasions as well. Chuy always has a special running. Happy hour specials, Sunday brunch drink specials. He is all over it. Can’t wait to get back and catch up.UrbanCowgillOct 2021.

Janis Taylor

First time in the food court and The Louis did not disappoint. Only one bartender on duty but he did an excellent job keeping up with an almost full bar. The cocktail selections are great so I need to return and sample some more. Several customers grabbed food from the surrounding stalls to enjoy at the bar.

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