The Pizitz Food Hall

1821 2nd Ave N #3112, Birmingham
(205) 214-9999

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Ashley R.

The Pizitz has really gone downhill- or just never lived up to what it seemed to aspire to be. The bathrooms are atrocious! Filthy, no toilet paper OR soap OR paper towels. I tried the family bathroom and then the ladies', and both were in the same condition. It's hard to get excited about eating in a place where no one who's entered the bathroom has been able to wash their hands...

Joiya A.

I love a good food hall! This one located on the first floor of The PIZITZ is great. A variety of food and beverage choices. Spacious and clean!

LC Gill

Service was good and the atmosphere was great but the food needed a little more seasoned

Chris C.

Fun spot to hang with the family and everyone can get something different. We ate inside and then had dessert outside for some fresh hair. I've been there twice with our family and had fun both times. Great cheeseburgers and good beer selection, with some awesome cotton candy for a treat.

B C.

Overcrowded, too loud, mediocre, over-priced food. Unclean bathrooms and empty hand sanitizer dispensers always.

Gabe P.

I haven't been to this food hall in a really long time. Recently I walked through to get to an event I was attending. I love the courtyard seating space. It's bright and lively! Great for hanging out and enjoying your meal or cocktail. Of course lots of restaurants have left since my last time coming here. There still seems to be a nice variety of food choices and the Louis bar is still in place ; which is a nice bar. Free parking up to two hours is awesome and came in handy. I plan to check out some of the restaurants soon.

Samira S.

i like this place it just need more dining options for it to be located downtown. i thought coming here i was going to be overwhelmed with different dining choices but they had very few places that i actually wanted to eat at but it's very nice on the inside with some tasty options & a great bar inside i went to unos tacos & j wings it was okay but pricey for the food.

Autumn May

I ♥️ Tina & Gina’s AMAZING! I also tried Nola Ice po’ boys FIRE. And I think The Spun Cow cinnamon roll ice cream was the best I’ve ever had!!! Thank you for the birthday food!!!!

Kimberly Harmon Miss Kim as Aretha

Great food experience. Several choices for lunch and dinner for each member of your family or group. Food stalls. Drink stalls and dessert stalls. Very nice!

Tan Alexander

Tried new restaurant Socu. The service was extremely slow BUT they brought a salad to my husband and apologized. Once we received the food it WAS DELICIOUS!! My only disappointment was that I could not take it home because they did not have to go boxes I really wanted to take it with me.. Hoping to visit soon

Kathleen C.

Well I do love a food hall ..... and here is why- the picky whiny teenager can find things she wil eat or drink. So we are here today on a Saturday with a lot of action happening around us. We started at broad street peaux boys and then went to pho pho and ono poke. The shrimp and fried green tomatoe po boy was excellently cooked and hot and fresh. They know what they are doing. Then we went to ono poke and made a tuna bowl with brown rice and other great things. It was also fresh and tasty. Then to pho pho for a beef pho.... Hot and spicy. Last but not least to the thirstea cafe for a boba tea. Yes the teenager had to have one. This place was packed. I love all the restaurants but they need more help wiping down tables and keeping eating surfaces clean. Other than that I give it a "awesome" place to be.


I enjoyed it so much we went two days in a row! There's something for everyone and it's a nice place to go with family or friends. The food is fresh and made to order no matter what you choose to eat. You either get a buzzer or they bring the food to you. They even had a live DJ who was playing hit after hit (old and new music)....oh and the center piece is the bar!

Bill Tiemann

I was in downtown Birmingham for business and needed lunch. The Pizitz Food Hall provided a great variety of restaurants. We had a great hamburger at the Standard. This restaurant prepares a wonderful flat iron burger ? made for you when you order it. Many other restaurants are located here as well.3/19/22 returned for lunch today. Still a great place to eat downtown.

Bee Brewer

This is probably the most depressing food hall I've been in. it's very small scale and is NOT a nightlife spot. I feel like this would work much better with later times for being open (ESPECIALLY on a Saturday -which is when I'm making this review) and it needs more seating. The food we were able to get (half the places were closed by 7pm) was pretty decent but honestly... nothing to write home about.Birmingham really needs a place like this... but this place is not it at it's current state.

Riley Cox

Honestly disappointing. Food is alright, but not typically worth the price. Most places were closed or closing by the time we arrived, which for downtown early evening on a Saturday felt incredibly odd. It’s consistently packed so what options you do have you will be waiting some time for. Seating was a hunt.It’s nice enough for a one time experience, but I wouldn’t exactly recommend it.

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