The Standard

1821 2nd Ave N #188, Birmingham
(205) 502-7581

Recent Reviews

Guy Dewees

Black bean burger was fantastic! Very generous with the fries and tots.

Pamela W.

We were in the mood for a good burger & didn't want to drive out to our normal spot so I found this great spot! When I tell you the burgers were So fresh & flavorful OMG!!!!! PERFECTION!!! The hubs tried the Philly & it was bomb too! This place is in the Pizitz building my only complaint is they close way too early so get in before 7 and you won't be disappointed! We ate everything before I got a chance to take pics we will be back!

Drew Nunya

Absolutely the slowest place in the food mall. Arrived at lunch time, not much of a line. Took well over 40 minutes to get food. Try something else in the mall, they were slinging food at people easily 4 times quicker (or faster) than this place.

Steve Sebastian

Slow service but great food. I loved tater tots growing up and got to enjoy some today. Will go there again.

Amelia Wallace

One of the better simple burgers I’ve had in a long time. I would go back simply for the fries. They were crisp and not soggy or too soft.

Sarah DiPretoro

Really delicious burger and fries!

Bill Tiemann

This is a great burger stand in The Pizitz Food Hall. The burgers are cooked on a flat iron grill when you order them. Nice bun dressed to your liking.

Angie M.

ILL STOP THE WORLD AND MELT WITH YOU! I have been to the Pizitz food Hall so many times over the past couple of months. It is insane. Each time I go there is something new and exciting to eat, see, watch or enjoy. Today I came here with a friend of mine on her lunch break. I have heard so many people talk about how much they love the Standard. But honestly, it wasn't anything special. The food isn't out of this world. It is just okay. The prices are high for the type f food they are selling and it wasn't anything THAT special. I got the patty melt. I have had some good and some bad patty melts in my days. This one didn't speak to me. I would honestly much rather prefer getting a patty melt from steak and shake. Then having one from the Standard. There seemed to be no sense of consistency here either. Which annoyed me very much. I watched as multiple meals were packed into the 6oz paper bags and then put into larger paper bags with handles. When my order came up, she put the order into the 6oz bag and passed it to me. I asked if I could have another bag with a handle and she made it seem like it was a chore. I am not sure if I will be returning to the Standard. But at least I know for next time I come into the Pizitz Food hall, what to avoid.

Angelia Bowdre

Sooooo...The standard is a burger joint inside the Pizitz Food Hall. I've read reviews about how GREAT the burgers are! Sooo... I am a die hard "yippee ki‑yay" Culver's burger fan! ? After trying this double bacon cheese burger, man I got to say they are running ?‍♂️?‍♀️?‍♀️neck to neck. ?? The reviews are true! I didn't add cole slaw to my burger, but will for sure try it on my next visit! The picture doesn't do the taste any justice! ? Dip into The Standard and try the double bacon cheese burger. It's a hidden gem. Seriously, ???!


Burgers are great but fix the hours, not open until 8PM ever.

Chris Robinson

Great food, great people!

Lacey Tompkins

They have awesome burgers!

Jessica S.

The Standard has by far the best grilled cheese in town. The bread is toasted to perfection, complemented by just the right amount of cheese. The staff is very friendly, and I would definitely recommend this establishment!!

G D.

Grilled Cheese is off the hook; perfectly grilled, not too done, just perfect. Basket of tots for the win!!

A J.

Yaap this of the place for the best burgers in the Greater Birmingham metro area. Stop by the Pizitz Food Hall and you'll have lots of choices to eat, but the Standard can't be beat! The patty melt is awesome! Picked red onions and pimento cheese, get a side of tots, they go great with it!

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