2217 2nd Ave N, Birmingham
(205) 470-9263

Recent Reviews

Krystal Pino

Great workout, friendly staff!

Mallory Edmondson

Challenging and fun! One of my favorite places in Birmingham. The instructors do a great job of providing a fun and positive environment, and it’s a full body workout!

April L. Butler

I went to a 1hr 15 min class this past Saturday morning and was pleasantly surprised by the intensity of it, considering it was a combination of spin and barre. With some of the newer fitness combinations, I can never tell whether or not it'll be enough of a challenge and they didn't disappoint! It was a mixture that started off with spin based on the beat of music that could get anyone hyped up, then we had a solid 20-30 min of barre strength training, followed by more spin, and finish up with abs and stretching. Really enjoyed the instructor and how she pushed you in class and am looking forward to doing this again!

Claudia W.

So I've taken probably three or four classes at the downtown location since attending a Yelp event here and let me just say...These workouts are not for the weak! I've done the 45 minute ride class and the Three15 classes They both kick my butt every time, but i think i like the Three15 more because it gives you more of a work out than just an intense 45 minute ride. The great thing about the workout though, is that the instructors do a great job of keeping you energized, pumped up and motivated! I've had different instructors every time and I have enjoyed them all! If you're new, you'll want to ask someone about the hand positions you'll need to know, because the instructors do tend to jump right in as if you're supposed to know what's next! Also, you'll want to arrive and book early because bikes and classes fill up super fast!

Jake M.

We went to a help elite event here, and to keep it simple... Amazing people and amazing exercise. we were fortunate enough to have the owner running exercise class, and there was no question that she was a professional. I only wish I could keep up with her. The whole exercise was motivating and inspiring, and I would definitely recommend getting this place to try if not getting a membership.

Matthew M.

Three15 cycle + barre is amazing. It was one of the most challenging and fun workout classes. I have ever been to. Mandy is the perfect instructor to get you moving and inspired. I did the cycle and barre workout. I will most definitely be back! Keep up the good work y'all!

Jamie M.

Three15!!! Idk where to even start?!? This place was hands down gave me the best workout for my mind body and soul! They energy that was great created was bomb! I found myself smiling through the hardest parts! I would recommend this place to anyone! And the icing on the cake is the also have some a awesome active wear.. I wanted every sports bra they had! I can't express how great the experience was at Three15 you have to try it for yourself!!

Cassidy A.

Three15 is the BEST form of workout you can get! I've never noticed a change in my body in such a short amount of time. Everyone is so kind and welcoming when you walk in. They make it a priority to not only increase your strength every class, but also your self-esteem. Truly the best place to get healthy in every way, shape, and form!

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