Unos Tacos

The Pizitz Food Hall, 1821 2nd Ave N, Birmingham
(205) 593-4625

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Niki Bentley

I’ve been here twice, asked both times that they not put onions on my tacos. Both times my order has been overflowing with onions. I guess only eat here if you dont customize anything.\\n\\nUPDATE: I have updated my review and added more stars. I appreciate that the owner made it right

Jennifer H

Queso was not worth the price you pay for the amount you receive. With that being said, ya’ll dat meat tho!! So juicy, tender, and flavorful. I didn’t order the chicken tho but the chorizo, asada, and carnitas were amazing! The meat alone is worth a 5 star review. Extremely pleased with the tacos I ordered!!


I’ve been eating birria tacos from different Birmingham locations this past week and I just did not like the ones from here? it looks good when you open the box but what threw it off was that it’s made with tomato sauce or something. I hope that they update their recipe!


This is a Food Court Counter located in "The Pizitz Food Hall". The don't give you much to eat and charge you a lot for it, and the taste was just okay, nothing special at all about it.

Ally Evans

Some of the best tacos in Birmingham! Born \u0026 raised in TX, I’ve found the search for good tacos in AL a difficult one. I popped into Pizitz for a quick lunch and settled on Unos Tacos. I ordered the steak street tacos - authentic tacos should only be served on corn tortillas in my opinion. They came out DELICIOUS. I went with the cashiers recommendation of guacamole and was not disappointed. It was fresh and flavorful. I didn’t love the chips. It also was pricey for tacos, guac/chips and a drink, BUT it was so much food and easily could’ve fed 2 people. I will be back!

Samira S.

i've been waiting to try this place and it's's located within pizitz food hall down town they have good birria tacos but the dipping sauce have more of a bowl of chilli taste to it which kind of threw me off but it was prepared well i have to go back and try some other tacos but they are pricey for the tacos i paid 20 bucks just for 3 birria tacos & didn't even have a drink..SHEESH!!

Chandler B.

Thrilled to finally try this place and man it was outstanding. Definitely the best of the Pizitz offerings. I had to go for the Birria Tacos after seeing them all over the socials, and they were everything I hoped they would be. I have had the dish at other places but the flavor Uno's brings the dish is really unique. The consommé is sweet, the beef is tender as can be, and they provide you with this green sauce that is just... wow. This meal did come in at $15 (before tax) which is pretty freaking steep for 3 tacos and some broth. I don't know if this is just Pizitz tax, inflation, or their pricing but I can't say I'd bite that bullet often. I usually don't go into pricing, as it is variable, but I did want to make everyone aware. No complaints about customer service, and the food came out quicker than I expected. Im definitely pleased with the experience.

Elizabeth Talley

Cashier was quick and helpful. Food came out quick too. Loved the chorizo burrito!

Spencer W

The people were very friendly and the service was great. The chorizo was dry and tasted off, and the salsa was basically tomato water. Overall, it is very expensive for food that is not that good.

Ashleigh C.

Omg , so so good! It's located in the pizitz hall. They were quick and i paid $15 for my order but this was without a soda and queso. Not sure if I'd consider it pricey or not. I would definitely recommend though

Taylor Ray

Not authentic birria at all. Consume tasted weird. Over priced maybe I should’ve tried something else.

Jathan a

Authentic tasting, fast, fresh, and full of flavor; great job. What grabbed our attention was Unos Tacos had the longest line in Piztiz Food Hall. Now I see why.

Summer F.

So delicious! Honestly, everything on their menu seemed to be a hit, down to the cheese dip and chips. I would happily visit here again.

Cedric J Burden

Great tacos. You will be pleased.

Arooba Chaudhry

My husband and I recently moved down to Alabama and are staying at the Pizitz, and Unos Tacos is one of the restaurants in the food hall. Let me tell you, this is the only restaurant in the food hall that we keep going back to! We love the steak tacos, quesadillas are bomb, and always good service! And so convenient for us! Pictured are steak quesi-tacos with rice and beans. I would definitely recommend this restaurant, we love it!

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