Badd Newz Bbq & Catering

1217 Grace St NW, Huntsville
(256) 653-6893

Recent Reviews

Joseph Keller

Ribs were very tastey ,

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Sanusi Bk

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Alexa D.

They came to my apartment and I was completely impressed. Got shredded chicken and polish sausage platter with Mac and cheese and potato salad. The Mac and cheese was incredible. Chicken was delicious and not dry at all. 10/10 recommend. Will be going back.

Kate D.

Taste great and the customer service was amazing :) thanks for coming out to support 305 8th Street!

David Griffin

Incredible pulled pork sandwich!! Thanks for coming to our workplace!!

RobnRica Colannino

Just had some Badd Newz BBQ at the AACA car show in Madison. Friendly staff and great food! Fair priced too...

James Lane

This is the best BBQ I've had since I've been visiting here in Huntsville. This is definitely the BBQ in the South. Its that Midwest Flavor?.James(Indiana)

Julie H.

BNBBQ is my FAVORITE food truck!!! Their pork sandwich is amazing!! The employees genuinely care about their customers!!

Bailey B.

*3.5/5*Wandering around Big Spring Park this weekend, we saw this truck and decided we'd grab a bite. I so wish we could give half stars, because this truck is better than a 3. Painted all in red with an impressive porcine mascot, it's hard to miss this handsome food truck. Offerings include typical BBQ -- pulled pork and ribs, potato salad, coleslaw, and beans, plus the added and somewhat unique sausage options. I would say prices are quite fair, especially for a food truck, which I find is often more expensive than I feel it should be. Here, we got a pulled pork sandwich plate, which came with a sandwich and my choice of two sides, as well as a regular pulled pork sandwich with just a bag of chips, and two canned drinks for about $17. I find it's not unusual to pay $12 for one person alone at many other trucks, so this was a good deal.The two young adults running the truck were very pleasant and our food came out promptly. I opted for macaroni and cheese and plain Lays as my side items. Not much to say about the Lays other than they were tasty as always! The macaroni and cheese was definitely the best part of the meal. Noodles weren't too soft and it was flavorful and well seasoned; I feel like I detected hints of some kind of Cajun-ish spice, but regardless it was very solid mac!The buns for the sandwiches were store bought but were soft and slightly sweet. I would've enjoyed them more if the bottom bun wasn't totally disintegrated by the time I started eating. Can't help but wonder if maybe the sandwich was pre-plated for a while, because it was probably less than 5 minutes between the time I ordered and sat down with my food. There's no way a bun would've gotten that soft that quickly with the relatively meager amount of bbq sauce, so I can't help but wonder. I wound up eating my sandwich with a fork and knife to avoid the sticky, soggy mess. I kind of missed having a sandwich to eat with my hands, but it was okay. I liked the bbq sauce pretty well; it struck a nice balance of sweet and vinegary. The pork was middle grade, which is not a bad thing!! My family is very picky about their bbq and I've had *much* worse bbq than this. My main critique is I thought it was a little watery/mushy and I like my pork pulled a little chunkier. Overall, though, it had a nice smoke flavor and wasn't too fatty.This truck wouldn't be my first choice but I could definitely see myself returning. BBQ preferences are super personal so I recommend trying it out to see if you like it!

Ella Mayes Latham

Awesome food once again. They came and catered to my work place today and the food was simply amazing. Turkey and dressing at its finest

Marsha Johnson

The smoked chicken leg quarters is delicious!!!!

Mike Latham

Some of the best pulled pork I have ever eaten !! Sides were the best Mac and cheese is so delicious! Potato salad was awesome! Great food!!!!

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