Martin's Restaurant

1796 Carter Hill Rd, Montgomery
(334) 265-1767

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Rick McDowell

After reading the good reviews I was looking forward to trying Martin's. We seated ourselves and our server took the order and brought our drinks. The food came out right away, almost too fast. The potatoes tasted odd and were cold, my wife didn't like them at all. The butter beans were great, the turnip greens just average. The biggest disappointment was the fried chicken that everyone reviewed. It was stone cold. The breading was no longer crunchy from sitting so long. I was more than disappointed with the meal.

Warren Soriano

Stopped by here 6 years ago and had the best experience but forgot to write a review. This time I came in a few weeks ago and had to be sure to write a review this time. Best Meat and 3 place in the South!! Fried chicken is spectacular!! I describe the service as being treated like a family member they haven't seen for a while. Southern hospitality is great but Alabama hospitality is exceptional.

Parker M.

I felt like i was eating at grandmas house again. Delicious fried chicken and sides. Friendly atmosphere. I got full and continued eating because it was actually that good. Then I almost passed out from a food coma. Looking for something healthy? Don't come here.

Ashley Tipton

Delicious! Best fried chicken and cream corn. Very friendly staff and food is served up quick!

Diane Auer

The food was edible and the mashed potatoes instant canned greens and store bought potato salad. Yes it is country food but not homemade. I live in the area and this was my first and last visit. I left most of the food on the plate and even told them it wasn’t good. They still charged me.

Jennifer K.

Save yourself and go to KFC! It is a favorite with the locals but I am not sure why. The carpet is so disgusting I have no words. The fried chicken was over cooked and dry, the cornbread is okay, and the dressing very bland. Probably the best item was the green beans. I was really disappointed.

Virginia A.

This place is average to say the least. It is pre breaded plant fried chicken sold as famous chicken. Well I guess Pilgrims's is famous because they sell it at every gas station you go to. The potato salad is store bought not homemade and the turnip greens came out in f a can. So if you like this type food go to Publix and eat out of the deli. The food is the same. Maybe better at Publix. Also the mashed potatoes are instant.


This place was EXACTLY what I wanted!! The fried chicken was delicious!! I got there minutes before closing and they still welcomed me to dine in. It felt like southern home cooking!!

Geri S.

Very southern menu and absolutely delicious! The fried chicken is superb and the wait staff is very friendly.


The friend chicken was great. Super fresh and not very oily. Their mashed potato and macaroni and cheese were on spot. Nice place to eat when visiting Montgomery.

Pat B.

We arrived around 1:15 and the place was packed with locals. This is down home southern cooking establishment. Their specialty is fried chicken although they offer other dishes as well. We ordered a fried chicken plate with coleslaw and Blackeyed peas. We also had a fried catfish fillet plate with sides of cabbage, green beans and Blackeyed peas. The meals come with some really delicious cornbread muffins. Overall the chicken was hot and crispy but nothing special. The coleslaw was ok and the beans were very under seasoned. The fish was crispy but the breading fell right off the fillet. The green beans were canned and well......tasted liked canned green beans. There is a high salt content in every dish but not many other seasonings. The service was good. The only issue we had was the chicken plate was to come with two thighs. We only received one but we're told the other would be right out. We had finished our meals before the second piece of chicken arrived. Again, this was a very popular place with the locals but was not our favorite. Since we are from the south we expected something a little different.

Cynthia Bacheller

My friend and I came here for an early supper while traveling through. The service was fantastic and our food was just perfect in every way! Our server was extremely pleasant and made us feel right at home. We would eat here again and again and again!

Brent Johnson

I feel like this place has fallen off a bit from what I remember years ago. A group of us went there for lunch today, and it was just subpar. I had the country fried steak, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and string beans.With the exception of the mac and cheese, everything tasted like it came out of a box or can. I was pretty disappointed. The waitress was attentive, and the prices were fine, but I won't be going back until they figure out how to cook again.


I don’t get the fuss over this meat and three restaurant…the sides taste like they came out of a tin can. The fried chicken was bland. I wanted to LOVE this place- looks like it has the soul of a fine southern food establishment. Until you take a bite.


Got a very typical dinner, Martin’s fried chicken and roast beef with wonderful smashed potatoes, sweet smashed potato with cinamon and sugar and typical cornbread! Fresh and tasty. While we were waiting the owner gave us a warm welcome and friendly chat about her place, Alabama food, and where to go in Montgomery. Finally we came out with a wonderful book with a personal greetings and two pieces of homemade pie! So we had a wonderful warm and friendly experience, very southern food, in an authentic and unforgettable restaurant.

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