Martin's Restaurant

1796 Carter Hill Rd, Montgomery
(334) 265-1767

Recent Reviews

Rayna H.

I don't understand the hype. The restaurant itself was filthy. The carpets are disgusting and caked with dirt and food, and the table had clearly not been wiped down before we were seated. The server, while friendly, was clearly overworked and stressed. I found the fried chicken to be dry and bland, very disappointing. The mashed potatoes tasted like they were made out of a box rather than scratch. The one saving grace was the mac and cheese, which was delicious. The restaurant itself seemed very popular and had a line of customers, but I don't think I would visit again.

Ared 31

Mashed potatoes, green beans, corn pone, potato salad, turkey dressing, and sweet potato pie.$17.Mashed potatoes had an instant Mashed potato flavorPotato salad tasted store boughtGreen beans tasted cannedCorn pone, not to badTurkey dressing, decent flavor, but I wasn't expecting Turkey slices kind of like lunch meat, texture was a bit to wet.Sweet potato pie, not to badPortion size, definitely enough to feed 2 peopleThe staff was awesome, even when completely swamped they handled it graciously and kindly.I'll give it another try.

David VanOrstrand

We were just to passing through....They said best chicken in town....who knew......great food and service and best chicken!!!!

RubyDawn Manning

Great Meat and 3!!! Awesome food and people. I will definitely be back!

Wallace Coburn

Tasty fried chicken, the best one I have eaten. Delicious lemon cheesecake. The menu has a large selection and reasonable prices. Beautiful place:-))

Lisa Jones

We eat here pretty often. Last visit wasn't a good one. Not enuff help. We waited an hour and a half on our food. Prior to that we sat for about 20 mins before our drink order was taken. Food was good and hot. Just took so darn long.

Sonna S.

Good food !! Best chicken in Alabama ? It is good !! Good portions, for a great price !! If I'm ever in Alabama again ? Yeah !!! I'd definitely go back !!!

William Duckworth

Top notch chow. I had fried chicken, turnip greens, speckled butter beans, mashed potatoes, corn muffins and iced tea. The fried chicken, greens and corn bread were standouts compared to the best meat and three places. Price is quite reasonable for a city location in 2021. Highly recommended.

Andrew Bayhi

Super amazing food and very very good service. Anyone looking for a good lunch spot this is the place.

Douglas Rush

The chicken is delicious. The coconut pie and the cornbread is the best of any restaurant in Montgomery

Donna Steed

2 chicken breasts per order and 2 sides and tea for $10,cant beat it. Next time we will get 1 dinner and split it. Waitresses like to hug and get hugged. It's like an old time cafe, not a chain. Great!

Justin McKenzie

Friendly service, amazing and delicious food! Will definitely come back when in town.

Sherry J Turner

The best fried chicken I’ve eaten in a comfort food restaurant! It was hot, crunchy and delicious

Brian W. Kittrell

Have always enjoyed meals here. It’s a meat & 3 restaurant that is a bit elevated amongst others. They do an outstanding job frying chicken (which is uncommon in restaurants of this style). Desserts are average. Service is ok. Prices, especially considering the area, are reasonable though they may seem a bit high. Definitely worth going.

Breanna G

For a basic meat and three restaurant, this place can't be beat. Everything was hot and fresh, and the place clean.

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