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Cody Fritz

My family and I stopped for lunch. After ordering our food. My burger order was completely wrong. So being nice I politely informed the staff and they agreed to fix it. However, they got it wrong a second time. I decided to just live with it. However, a baked potato I ordered never showed up. I was told by staff it would be 10 minutes. 20 minutes later they totally forgot. My in laws behind me ordered food and never even received theirs until they went up and asked for it. Could have been a bad day or crew, but it you stop here be aware we were very displeased.

Shae Christianson

Chiiiilllleee I spent $29 in here because of how the order was put in. I only wanted 3 cookies, which two could have been added to the combos for99¢ each. That option wasn't given, but it's all good. I enjoyed my date with my daughter there.


Go here all the tike 5$ bag w q double stack, ketchup mayo and cheese only, dr p. Large size on the fries lol literally 2x a day unfortunately... (downfalls of a delivery driver)


Haven't been to Wendy's in many years, but had to check out their claim that their fries were preferred over McDonald's. The fries were, in fact, very tasty (not sure they were better than McD's). The Bacon Cheeseburger was good, but way smaller than I expected. The Crispy Chicken sandwich was much skimpier than the photo online & did not have any tomato on it as claimed it should in description. The prices were reasonable, but that is because portions are quite tiny. Jr. Frosties come in a 5 Oz Dixie Cup, but they were refreshing & enjoyed the new strawberry flavor. Staff was friendly. We won't wait so long to return next time.

Missy Powell

This visit was fast. Order was correct & hot. Associate at window was very nice, pleasant & said they appreciated my business! As with ALL other fast food places, the prices $$$ are continuing to become astronomical (just for a burger).


absolutely horrible service. the lady on the drive thru had an attitude with me the entire time and acted like she didn’t even want to be taking my order. then, when i got to the window they tossed me my food and didn’t even give me a receipt. when i checked my bag, i saw that i was missing an entire meal: a fry, a burger, and a drink. i was trying to properly communicate how i was missing food and she just went back and forth and denied that i was missing anything i claimed to be missing because “she knows what she put in that bag” yet refused to check my bags when i offered. then she proceeded to give me my drink and toss a fry into a bag and told us “to get out of her drive thru.” we never got a receipt or our burger and we had to pay for the drink that we asked for. workers are bitter, weird, and have terrible service and there are several reviews that say that, fix this, thanks

Margaret Townsend

Rude service!! Did not care for packing your food correctly. Lady at the window had bad attitude and customer service. Customer service means a lot in the food industry and they clearly wasn't trained in this area. We won't be returning here. On 7/31/22 @2:50pm.

D.R. Mikkelsen

Went to pick up dinner late and everything seemed fine, I pulled around to pay and the kid was hanging out of the window. I paid and he then asked me if he could borrow my debit card for the weekend ... I laughed and told him no but I had to post this because he told me he was just going to keep asking customers ... maybe he was joking, or maybe they don't pay their employees well, so he felt the need to ask. Either way, it was weird and I won't be back. Oh, and they forgot my fries...

Ed Eaton

Came back and everything was good. Last visit they messed up my drink. I wanted Dr. Pepper and got some bad tasting drinks.

Justin Dermody

Slow and got my order wrong, but still probably the best quality drive-thru burger around.

Ted Burns

Was pretty good but long lines.. my buddy Ron wanted corndogs And Wendy’s apparently doesn’t have those anymore really wish you wouldn’t change the menu so much .


We waited at drive thru for 20 minutes just to see if they would ever come back and take out order. I got out of the car and left my family, went inside and there were 4 employees moving as slow as possible with blank expressions. No one was taking orders for drive through. What a joke. Saving our money and time and going home ?

Wallace Floyd

Great location, very small but efficient. The food was barely warm, the staff was nice the place was clean. Just can't get past the food being so so.

mitchell foster

Cannot make orders correct!!! Lines backed up because cannot make multiple others orders correctly. Bad Management, if they don't want to work or do their job correctly why are they there. And manager and employees get mad when you try to get your order corrected!! No Receipt!! So have no idea what all I was charged for.. Bad Business!!!


The manager was so sweet,nice, and helpful to us all. Very clean and the food was hot

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