Domino's Pizza

115 W Grand Ave, Rainbow City
(256) 442-1404

Recent Reviews

Will Witcher

Me and my family order 2 pizzas last night. And sadly one pizza wasn’t cut all the way. And the other pizza was horribly damaged. Sad pizza time noises ? ?

Temp Acct

This place is a joke. Every domino's I have ever ordered from and I'm a domino's fan will give change for a big bill. This place don't.

Lily C.

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. The app messed up my pizza order or something "along those lines" i was told they would not fix it or make a new pizza because it's my fault. The manager then proceeded to hang up on me while i was talking to him. will never order from this dominos ever again.

Nathaniel Rosser

Pizza is pretty good, especially with the $7.99 online coupon.



Austan Sexson

Always a hot, fresh pizza when we order and the staff is so so nice. Clean and good quality food always.

Heavenly One

One star that they don't even deserve. NEVER EVER consider working for this location. The way the people I know who worked there were treated is beyond unacceptable. I don't recommend ordering from them either. Their food standards are not even close to proper or safe, coming from THE EMPLOYEES. The only way to improve this particular store is to close it.

Kyle Hogg

I waited over an hour for my order before realizing the tracker stayed on prep the whole time. Thy just never made it and then closed without telling me. Screw these people

Jesse Norris

I waited over an hour for my order before realizing the tracker stayed on prep the whole time. Thy just never made it and then closed without telling me. Screw these people


Steven is always the one messing our order up. We called one time and he was very rude saying he makes the food as it should be made. Pasta has no sauce AT ALL. We have ordered before and he wasn’t the one preparing our order and it was amazing. He really doesn’t need to be preparing food.

Lance 19

I love Dominoes it’s almost like ?? but without the runs. Great quality tastes and pricing would definitely recommend the pan pizza if you gotta big mouth you need a thick pizza to fit it the pan pizza is it. Anime/movies nights dominoes is the way to go!!

Tomjr z28

If your not going to follow instructions don't ask me how I want my pizza they get it wrong every time

Megan H

To start, I love Dominos and have grown very accustomed to their ability to deliver a quality, lower cost pizza. However, I’ve tried several times to be satisfied with this location and their service, but this time they took the cake.The delivery took 30min from the beginning of the “quality check” which is just code for “waiting on other others to finish to be delivered on the same run”. Fine.. I understand wanting to be efficient, but then riddle me why my stop was the last instead of the first when the residential address is less than a mile away.The poor experience didn’t stop there. Once I received my order my two topping pizza was wrong and the stuffed cheesy bread was anything but stuffed. With the amount of burnt cheese atop and that fell onto the pan while cooking, coupled with the half baked dough, it was clear their oven was set too high. AND there was practically no cheese between the under cooked, folded over dough!Unless you have some magical way to ensure your order won’t be as epic of a fail as mine… AVOID THIS LOCATION!!

that newguy

After having issues with my order talked with Scott and he made things right before you jump the gun like I do look around at your own work place most of us are doing double if not triple the work with half the work force but still getting the job done

Jordan McDaniel

I get just 3 peices of cheese pizza every time i order half pepperoni half cheese. It would be a fine mistake if there was fewer pepperoni slices than cheese but this location can never control where they place ingredients.

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