Guthrie's Chicken

3333 Rainbow Dr, Rainbow City
(256) 442-9070

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Rylie Holmes

Waited almost 15 mins for my food as I watched kids play around with eachother licking tongues out and flicking hats all around my food when I decided to just get my money back . Won't be coming back .

Seth McConnell

Me and my parents went to Guthries the other day and let me say the food was great, it was fast and hot , everyone was extremely nice especially the girl with blonde and purple hair and one of the other girls.

keith graham

One month ago.Been eating here for 5 years.This was the Worst meal every.The chicken was way over cooked.Went back today. Food was excellent this time. Just like it’s suppose to be. 08/14/22

Savannah Loggins

Honestly the food was great, service and cleanliness are not a priority though which is concerning because what do we not see from a customer POV? For reference I came at 4 on a Sunday afternoon with like 2 or 3 other guests coming through during my time there and at least 5 people were working and nobody was worried about cleaning the dining area.

Jennifer Stovall

Very good food except for they need to put more sauce on the chicken minis . If you want to taste it you better ask for a cup of it. And Then they will probably charge you for the cup, just saying.

Joyce Shelley

I ordered the chicken sandwich combo. I don't particularly like Guthrie's sauce so I ordered my sandwich without sauce and and add ranch on the side. The girl working the window repeated twice did I want sauce on it. I repeated no sauce I just want the ranch and I'll put it on myself. Got my order, looked in the bag and the ranch was there so I proceeded on to my destination. Upon opening my sandwich I saw the Guthrie's sauce on it! I was too far away to just go back. The 3 chicken fingers were so small that it made the bun look extra large. I haven't eaten there in probably a year because of the value for the price. And now, I won't be going back for all the reasons I just mentioned. $9.80 is way too much for what you get and obviously you can't even tell them to leave off the sauce!

Steven Fulghum

I loved it it was very good I would recommend All Families to come and enjoy it's finger lickin delicious and it always has been

Sheila Anne

Small portions. The food was okay. I had the chicken finger sandwich combo. I took the large top bun off and three chicken fingers fit within the buns. They did not extend past the two buns. The sandwich included 2 buns, 3 pieces of chicken, ample bed of lettuce & secret sauce. The crinkle fries were amply sized & hot & meaty, too. The drink was a medium size drink.

Brooke Sexton

My daughter and I ordered the box. It comes with chicken fingers, fries, BBQ bread, slaw, and dipping sauce. We ordered extra fries instead of the slaw. The dipping sauce is delicious and the breading on the chicken is light and crunchy. The service through through the drive thru is quick and very efficient. Our food was served hot and fresh. Love this place!

Douglas A Benefield

I have always felt like Guthries is the most overrated chicken finger joint in the land. Even though they started before Zaxby's there are inferior in many ways. However today I was willing to give them another chance I went to this location Rainbow City in order to Chicken Box with a sweet tea my food. My food was ready in about 5 minutes and the girl brought it out in a box even though the food was to be eating there which is what Guthrie's does. There was no drink present but there was a stack of stack of Styrofoam cups beside my meal so I got one of these looking for a drink machine thinking I had to prepare it myself. At that time some Gruff bearded fellow from the kitchen said hey bud you can't just take a cup like that... I responded that I ordered a sweet tea and there was no drinks finally the girl brought my drink to me and my mail was fine after that this dude reaction was ridiculous but other than that my trip was pleasant and the food was good

Robert Rester

Chicken sandwich is good but be careful it's made with 3 chicken fingers and if you don't watch out you will pull whole finger out in one bite

Butterfly Queen

Great chicken, much better than chick-fil-a!!!

Steve Casey (The Caseman)

Fresh n Hot fingers n fries.. And the best Texas Toast always!!

Jason Allen Morris

Nasty breading for the fried chicken and almost no chicken and salty french fries with extra garlic for the toast

Saye Braucht

Can't find better chicken. Hold me to that. Absolutely excellent service with a smile.

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