Little Caesars Pizza

3506-A Rainbow Dr, Rainbow City
(256) 442-8882

Recent Reviews

Leann Russell

Always enjoy a pizza from here! Haven’t really had a bad experience! I do have to ask though, is there a new pizza out? Maybe a wheel of misfortune? Don’t get me wrong my pizza was delicious! Hot and not burnt! I ordered my usual, 1 large cheesy pizza, just for me! However, my crust had an esque of Krispy kreme… also, each slice had a different little surprise awaiting. A few bits of bacon, 1 lone jalapeño (that was fun), a sliver of what might of been mushroom? And some randomly sprinkled seasoned beef. Not the whole beef though, just the end bits. The ones where you have to smack your lips and taste the air with it a few times to get the taste of it.. Some pieces were just my ordered plain cheese though! Again, it was delicious! I’m just not emotionally stable enough for this pizza.

Ty benjamin

I called in 2 pizzas and went to pick them up and they should have been ready by the time I arrived but when I got there my pizzas had not even been made much less cooked, so I waited my 20 minutes only to watch the woman making the boxes put her dirty cell phone on the inside portion of my pizza box and play on it until my pizza was ready then toss my pizza in the box. I thought I would just never go back but they have a high turnover of employees so I've wait a couple of months and went to order 2 more pizzas today and I didn't even get them to pick up the phone. This place is nasty and lazy.

Susan Tona Powell

Charged me two different prices,very rude and disrespectful.called to speak with manager supposedly not there!went in there was a manager on duty!,called three times all three times this crew lied,were rude and disrespectful to me!

Amberley Rigsby

The girl at the register was super rude when I walked in and when I was paying she walked away and when she came back she didn’t say anything to me or offer me a receipt, she just asked the next customer what she could get for them. Super rude

Nicholas Smith

If being waited on after 2 other people come in is your enjoyment then this is the place for you! Zero stars if I could.

Laura Swindall

The pizza looked horrible and I will not begin to tell you what it looked like was on this pizza.

Karen O

This place is the worse at making pizza. They never put enough cheese and they always overcook and we have to tare pieces apart as the cuts never go through all the way. There are usually lots of bubbles in the dough too.I prefer to drive across town to the other one in Alabama city. They are extremely slow but MOST of the time the pizza is better quality.

Sabrina Hebert

Lil Caesars motto is hot and ready. I order online and sometimes it isn't ready for an hour. If I walk in, it can be a 15 min wait and thats just for a standard pepperoni pizza.

Richard Groover

Just left there with a bad experience. I’m not blaming the young man behind the counter but when I entered the business I watched a woman leaving. It turned out she was the shift manager and left the store with only three people inside. The person working the register was doing his best but there were many people waiting on there orders. Call ins were extremely behind The manager should not leave when they are short of staff and so far behind on orders.

Kristina Livingston

It used to be great and our favorite pizza spot. Now it's a last resort. They always get our order wrong the last few times we've been in. The lady working behind the counter has a attitude with everyone and you can clearly tell she does not want to be there. The sauce thing was empty and I know at least 5 asked about them. Lady stated she would check, left the front counter with a crowd of people in there to make pizzas and never came back. Never checked either. I get being short staffed but the attitude and lack of customer service isn't necessary.

Agent Axolotl

Not sure if i went to Little Caesars or Chucky Cheese ? lol what happened when y'all sliced it?

Michael Nessler

Good cheap food. Two words that often do not belong nor go together. This though causes an exception.

Twila Ogles

Your online ordering is complete BS!! Just kept finding reasons to not place my order!! If you don’t want my money, I’ll keep it

dward eagle

If I could I would give zero stars. Ordered on app waited almost 45 mins for 2 pizzas and cheese sticks. Then was told he wouldn't give our money back. There was no manager on site, nothing but teens on their phones playing vulgar music. Might as well been at a club.

Rob S.

Overall wasn't impressed. Front waiting area had 5 people waiting for approx 10 min before an employee came to front to see if he could help (he may have been working alone? - and if he was, they need to hire more people). He was friendly enough, but they really didn't have a great selection of ready made pizza like they advertise. Prices are inexpensive, not much more than buying a top of the line frozen pizza. At the end of the day I would have been better off calling in an order to another pizza place and going to pick it up. Would have been quicker. Also, parking is shared with several other businesses/restaurants. It you come between 5:00 and 7:00 you may be circling the parking area looking for a spot to park. Probably won't repeat coming here.

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