Oishi Hibachi Express

3506 Rainbow Dr, Rainbow City
(256) 413-8866

Recent Reviews

Brandon Underwood

Food tasted great and very affordable. BUT… service was terrible. The waiter was super rude and never checked on us. Also, we have found a hair in our food multiple times eating here.

Tracie Wooten

I cannot express enough on just how wonderful Oishi is! My husband and I eat here at least twice a month and it is easily our favorite restaurant in the Gadsden/Rainbow City area. The portions are wonderful for the amount you pay and the service is great! We 100% recommend!

dark batz

We use to love eating here but it’s totally went down hill over the years. They use to use the big shrimp in the shrimp fried rice and with the sweet and sour shrimp now they use tiny shrimp and you don’t get a lot. Food was not fresh the egg roll was burnt and something was off about the smell with the pork steamed dumplings. This is the second time I’ve thrown up after eating their food. I don’t know what’s up but it ain’t right. The rice was mushy and gross. Not only are we getting old food it’s also downsized now. So yay I paid $36 to throw up all night. Wife is also nauseous bet she gonna be throwing up too soon. Couldn’t finish the food had to throw out.


I've eaten at Hibachi once. I had pepper steak and hot/sour soup and they were very good. The service was excellent and I plan to eat regularly here. I do wish there were pictures of the different dishes, though. I recommend Oishi Hibachi restaurant.

Andrea Ray

The restaurant was busy. I lot of take out. There were several adults and one child preparing food. The child sneezed into the open food prep area twice without covering his mouth. He quickly realized what he had done and tried to cover his mistake by wiping the counter with a rag. He was embarrassed. None of the other adults (5) noticed or reacted to the issue. That concerns me. The child should not have been working in the food area - adult mistake. No concern for food contamination- bad adult behavior. I do not trust the adult employees to maintain a clean restaurant and I can only imagine what else was unclean.Lettuce that was sneezed on was added to a meal while I was waiting on my order. I did not eat my meal.

Bob H Roland

Ordered Mongolian Delight and Shrimp, both had very little protein and almost all onion! The two shrimp fried rice had white rice, not fried! All in all a rip-off!!

Mike Stephens

The worst customer service .went in to pick up an over 100 dollar order the woman at the counter completely ignored us.after 10 minutes of being face to face with her waiting on a response finally spoke to her and she made a face and left counter and went to sweeping floor.spoke to woman making sushi who overheard everything she shrugged her shoulders said nothing.25 minutes by this time we just walked out.called spoke to manager and no apology


Best Asian dishes I have ever had. The Shrimp was fresh and the chicken was cooked perfectly. The wasabi rocked. And the sauces on the Asian Sesame Chicken and the Kung Pao Shrimp were awesome.

anymoose reviews

Ordered food here and they didn't take down my complete order. Manager made it right and staff was very polite and friendly.Food was delicious =)

Valerie W.

Be sure to eat in person and no Uber eats or delivery service. They do not pay one bit of attention to the special instructions box. I have complained about this and it does no good. ‍

Jessica Raye

Tried this place for the first time and it was really good. All I had was sushi but everything was amazing!

Fat But funny

One of the best restaurants in rainbow city. The sushi is on point and the fried sushi rolls are amazing!

Danielle Jones

Great food, fair prices, awesome service.

Julie Kay Nelson

Everything is cooked to order at Oishi Express. It's fast, so there is a lot of take out there. Dine in is an option too. The interior design is straightforward and it's a little dim but it adds to the "hope in the wall" vibe, you know the kind of place where the food is good but it's in an unassuming place. The rolls are fresh and tasty; their ginger dressing salad is always satisfying. You can go with steamed or fried dumplings with a light, umami sauce (yum!), or try a hibachi meal or one of several types of fried rice.The waitress pays attention to your likes over time. It's lovely she remembers what I like to drink without having to remind her.The added plus to this place is its location at the corner of Highways 77 and 411. Parking is ample and this is a handicap accessible restaurant.

Joseph Evers

Best Chinese and Japanese food in the area. Everyone is very polite, quick, and respectful. The only place I ever go for "Teriyaki chicken and rice."

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