Pizza Hut

3 Independent Dr, Rainbow City
(256) 442-2300

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Definately Not Pro

They told me their driver couldn't find my house, it's easy to find. They also said they couldn't call me even though my number was on the order and correct. I had to call them and they made me come get it even though I already paid a delivery fee and a tip. By the time I got there and got home the food was cold.

Dimika Bozeman

Food was great nice and fresh, the service was quick definitely love Mt neighborhood pizza hut

Tony G

Ordered pick up multiple times. Gentleman who answers the phone and takes payment is obviously not happy about being there. Rude and slinging things in the store including the phone. Health rating 71?!!! Love Pizza Hut but not good experience.

Sheryl Brothers

First time we've tried the pizza melts. I have the chicken bacon and this was sooooo good. My mother n law and I split one that was the only mistake. Lol

Connie Clements

I called to place an order and was hung up on. I didn’t realize that the hang up was intentional. I called back and placed an order for delivery. After being put on hold she came back and said we don’t deliver to that area ( 6 minutes away) oh and they delivered here about two weeks ago!!! She hang up the phone Again!!! I called back to just confirm the order for a pick up since they don’t deliver to this area and never got the chance and was hung up on again. I waited a few minutes called back and asked for the manager and was laughed at and hung up on again. I did call the on line Pizza Hut number and was told that since the rainbow city Pizza Hut was independently owned that there is no number for complaints or anything that could be done

Connie Kay Rowan

Rude people. Will hang up if they don’t want to take your order

The Lucy Family

This half the same size than what it should be for 4 people - less and $3more than what they used to have for the family meal. I told them was much smaller and verbalized it. Manager said just the way it is. The driver would not check me out because he thought the manager would make it right. He went past the manager and stood in the back and said nothing to the manager so the manager had no clue and said I thought he had taken care of and I paid and left and will not be back! I was already miffed because when I first called the answered phone and immediately put me on hold for 5-10 minutes. I called back 20 minutes later and they answered. I wish I had not called back. I will not be back.

Freda Allen

I tried to order the 2 med pizzas special that was on a coupon page that expired in 9/30/2022 and was told the special above was already expired. They have lousy customer service. I will NOT be ordering from this location again!!!!

Sandra Mackey

The pizza is great it's better than Mater's here in Gaston Denise knows how to make a pizza Pizza Hut order be proud to have her as an employee

Robin Bowden

Order not ready when not even started 11/2 hrs after online order.ticket was voided so unknown if I will get my 43 dollar refund!

Queen ..

I just left Pizza Hut, i had to put in my order twice both times the pizza delivery man didn't come, i called they said he left 88 minutes ago with my pizza, so i told them i still wanted it delivered and about 40 minutes went by again i went up there and they had no idea what i was talking about i even provided my number and their number to confirm it and the staff was rude

Brittany Simzak

Never had an issue out of this location. Food is always fresh and hot. Customer service is usually good, friendly people. I am a returning customer here.

Joseph Baswell

Waited an hour after placing my order just for them to call and tell me they were out of what I ordered. This happens everytime. Person on the other side of the phone had a terrible attitude.

John Fortner

What kind of restaurant turns down cash to pay a bill ? Granted it was a $100.00 bill to cover a $33.00 bill but still. Since this is apparently their “policy” it will become my family’s to boycott Pizza Hut.

Antiform Roxas

Ordered from here about 4 or 5 times and it's always either "they have no drivers, or they don't have anything but thin and crispy pizza" I've only been able to get what I ordered one time successfully

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