Church's Texas Chicken

1108 US-231, Troy
(334) 770-0609

Recent Reviews

Lonnie League

The service was top of the line nice quite enjoyable place to eat a good hardy chicken dinner and they have liversFood: 5/5

Mandy Cooper

The girls at this location are super friendly and they never acted aggravated because they were busy so we did have about a 10 minute wait.Food: 5/5

Jason Fitch

Slow service. Waited for 20 minutes for food when we were one of two customers there. Chicken and fries were cold.Food: 1/5

Michael Rountree

Made me wait 30 minutes for my order. When handed the sack I asked if it was all there and was told yes it is all there. Drove home six miles found out biscuits was not in the box. Paid extra to get taken advantage of. They never said sorry for the wait, most of the chicken was old chicken.When I called the clerk copped an attitude and tried telling me it did not come with biscuits. Heard another clerk tell her she was wrong. Their offer come by later and get the biscuits.They Don't care. Save your money go elsewhere to eat.

Wesley Reynolds

Very pleasant employees, it was very clean and the food was remarkable.

Barbara Schultz

The WORST EVER.We were traveling hundreds of miles to get back to Tampa area. Wanted to get about a dozen pieces of chicken (mixed) to get back home. Posters that advertised wonderful products were FALSE ADVERTISING!!!!! When we got inside there was no white meat AT ALL. They weren't getting any for at least the next 2-3 days. So, we just ordered 2 piece combo..extra charge for quarter sized (spoonful) of Mac and cheese.And when we went to get out soda from the fountain, EVERYTHING WAS OUT! NO REFUNDS! I Called the Customer Complaint line over a DOZEN TIMES..NO ANSWER!!!!I called the manager at this store, she told to bring it all back.Over 400 miles!!!!!She knew about the lack of products, and the CO2 cylinders ran out, but they couldn't get any more! So why advertise what they don't have????? No refunds, no gift cards, absolutely NO COMPENSATION FOR THEIR LIES!!!!!! WE WASTED $17 for greasy cold/not crispy chicken and mushy mac/cheese water. Don't be fooled like we were!DISGRACEFUL!!!!!!!!

Jeffery Robinson

The Churches Chicken in Troy Al was good all the way. The food was good, the service was outstanding and the atmosphere was so laid back and cleanFood: 5/5

Tarina Robinson

Went through drive thru for food had to wait almost 30 min just sitting there finally a hit the window and ask what's taking so long..she replied waiting on biscuits first of all that should have been said instead of just letting me sit there then I get hot biscuits and old chicken the skin on it was hard and it was dry paid 10. Change won't happen again worst ever

Michael John Ken

Food came out moist and grease was cleaning that the food was cooked at us recommend going there

Michael John Kenyon

Food came out moist and grease was cleaning that the food was cooked at us recommend going there

J Vann

Chicken fingers were tough. The chicken fingers in one box looked different from the other box. Appeared to be not fresh that were cooked earlier in the day

Ms. Tish

Church's chicken is always delicious. I have to cut back on it due to it being so greasy. I do thoroughly enjoy it. Due to health reasons I need to make better choices for myself and my family.

Clark Harris

Fast friendly service with a smile and great, fresh food!

kevin latham

Stopped by tonight for simply 3 fried chicken wings. Right after I paid the lady at the window said it would be 10 minutes cause they had to cook more. Was ready to be home but ok. After 15 minutes my wife went in to check. Seems they had a new cook learning and hadn't kept up with what needed cooking. For my wait she gave me 2 boxes with 2 wings and and a biscuit each plus 2 Apple pies! Can't beat that!

Victoria Knight

The best service around young lady was very polite and the chicken was Hot ? Thank you for great food and service ?

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