Marco's Pizza

1147 US-231 Suite 12, Troy
(334) 231-8080

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richard goble

Ordered online, drove to drive up window and sat there for 10 minutes before anyone came to the window even though I had multiple eye contact with the person taking pizza from the oven. Guy walks by and apologies for not being helped. Asked my name told him Rich....gone for 5 more minutes and said could the order be under Richard? I said yes, he then said good I was confused. He then went over to where the oven person was at and took another 2 minutes to get the pizza. The pizza looked like it got folded over on itself and then opened back up. The curst had no Roma Flavor I wanted either. Shame on the service tonight.

Sue Halvorson

We were pleasantly surprised & used reviews to choose Marco's pizza. We took it to-go as seating is very limited! It was very tasty, we had some left-overs & they were tasty the 2nd time...heated in a fry pan, covered on low heat! highly recommended!!Food: 5/5

T. Smith

In 2019, I order some wings and pizza from this particular location. Both me and my husband got sick with food poison. This year we decided to give them another chance. Things were going good until I ordered again last week and by the end of the weekend I was dealing with food poison again. I’m not sure if they are improperly handling food or just don’t care, but this time is my LAST TIME eating from this location in Troy, Al

Yakesha Fuller

Great service and great food. Best pizza ever.

Jorie Scott

Poor food handling… Upon my picking up my order through the pick up window I observed one of the food preparers take his hat off brush his hair with his hand and proceeded to place his hat back on his head he did not wash his hands. I told the person taking my money that I wanted a refund due to my observing this breach in food code. I would never recommend a restaurant that clearly does not train their food preparers to have on a hair net and or never to touch their hair while preparing food. They need education on hygiene practices when handling food. That’s how foodborne illnesses occur

KarlaTerry Smith

Ordered 2 subs on the app for carryout tonight. The bread was so hard you could barely cut through it much less chew it. The Italiano had 2 slices of meat and 18 banana peppers. The grilled chicken sub had very little meat and it was on just on side of the sandwich. So disappointed, especially for how much they cost.

Kenneth Smith

Fast friendly takeout service. Food was good. Love their pizza and wings


It was super easy to order within app plus it was super fast with the service in pickup!! Lookin super delicious!!!Just super!!!Staff keep it up!!??

Usagi Hellsing

Food was delicious a steak and cheese subBut 30$ for 2 sandwiches with very little meat in it wasn’t really worth the price for what you got

Mary Jo Middleton Williams

Love Marco's pizza especially their fresh vegetables and the meat lovers pizzas too.

Cox and Son Machine

Great pizza and even better people. I really enjoyed my pizza thanks.

Regina Ham

We love Marco's Pizza they deliver but today we had to go pick it up because there's only one young lady her name is Amber was doing everything by herself that is one strong young lady about her

jennifer jones

I love the pizza, the crust is the absolute best

Toni Ridge

They were super busy and understaffed so it took forever to get my order. Other than that. The food was good

C Price

Ugh, it was SO GOOD.

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