Monarch Espresso Bar

714 22nd Ave, Tuscaloosa
(205) 210-8751

Recent Reviews

Kyrsten Larson

I have no complaints. I had the avocado toast and a decaf slow drip coffee with lavender in it. I was thankful they had nondairy options for my husband. It was a very popular place so we shared a table with some people we didn’t know. Our food and drink came out in a timely manner. It looked so good I forgot take a picture until I had already started eating.

Dana T.

Such a quaint little coffee shop. Love this place and their scones are fire!! Definitely give this place a try if you are in the neighborhood

Carley B.

I've heard great things about this coffee shop, so when I came to town I was very excited! Unfortunately 2 of the three times I have gone, the staff messed up the order, forgot the order, or were out of some ingredients/didn't have anything prepped. Really soooo much potential to be an awesome coffee shop.

Steve S.

Nice place for the most part, however, the guy making the fruit and yogurt parfait opened a new pack of blueberries and didn't wash them! Definitely a turn off, especially with blueberries that tend to have a lot of pesticides. The final product was good, just wish they washed their fruit!

Michael Sulkowski

I love this place!! Whether you want to meet up with friends or get work done, this is the perfect spot. The staff are super friendly and the menu has everything that you would expect.

Adam Abawi

Great environment to get tasks done. Coffee is worth the wait even if they happen to be busy, which is hardly the case during the weekdays. I usually get the iced americanos with vanilla and it's made within 3-5 mins after I order it. The workers are super friendly and I would try to come back as often I can. Thank you for your service Monarch.

Sara Line Frisk

Amazing coffee! Had a latte and cappuccino as well as Lemon Blueberry Scone (freshly baked and so good) and Jalapeño Cheddar bagel with bacon, egg and cheese! Friendly service, nice location and great for working or sitting with a friend!

Strange Law

Great interior. Spacious and well ventilated. Pricing appropriate for the location, though portion may be smaller than optimal. Busy at popular times but otherwise quite peaceful and quiet. Orders are quick. Friendly staff.

Edward Griffin

Really the only good espresso in town. Got just a single shot of espresso and it was delightful - not too hot, nice creme that added a subtle sweetness and nuttiness to balance the bitterness of the rest. You'd otherwise have to drive to Birmingham to Red Cat for a good cup. Can't speak to the other options here, but if their espresso alone is this good, I would have confidence in the rest.Edit: we got a lavender vanilla scone and it was stellar. Flavor balance was just right and it wasn't dry - a most, supple scone. Would recommend.

Joye Hehn

Great coffee, breakfast and baristas! If you're in Tuscaloosa check them out!!

Nikola Zistakis

The coffee and food was awesome!! Great atmosphere and a ton of room inside!


One of the best hipster vibe coffee shops i’ve been. Coffee is very good, staff is friendly, seats are comfortable.

Reed Schick

Was driving through and stopped by here on a friends recommendation and can say I will for sure be back. Coffee was excellent, food was great, and service was super friendly. Honestly wasn’t sure what to expect and every thing about Monarch exceeded expectations. Prices were reasonable also:) Be sure to check it out!


I had an interesting first experience with Monarch Espresso. Overall, the coffee is really good quality but the experience was kind of 3 stars. Firstly, our cappuccinos and toast came out quickly and everything tasted very well. No complaints there..Secondly, a piece of plastic (which is pictured) was in my cold brew. Luckily I saw it and fetched it out. Maybe warn guests about that? Could be dangerous.Lastly, the barista who took my order was very pretentious and I've worked in coffee for 7 years. It's just coffee at the end of the day- no mansplaining necessary, my dude!It wasn't my favorite coffee stop but it wasn't the worst! Honestly, the beverages and food were really good ? ☕ give it a try, just beware of the plastic tabs and coffee snobbery.

Maslin B.

I love going here to study or to just sit down and have a chat with a friend. The atmosphere is great and the coffee/tea is even better.

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