Walton's Chicken

915 Patriot Pw, Tuscaloosa
(205) 752-1693

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Jennifer Lacey

All of the employees were extremely nice & helpful!! They went out of their way to make our dining experience one that we will not forget!! The restaurant was not like a normal chain chicken place, it was more of a down home kind of place! You can tell it is locally owned & that I appreciate! Not to mention the food was fantastic!!

Jennifer R.

Love their chicken tenders be sure to ask for extra sauce. I hear their other stuff is good too.

Ricky Spain

This was my fav spot like fr fr my fav spend at least 40 bucks evet trip... But this last visit was the worst experience I've had here ever. I asked for well done wings an they said (we don't do well done anymore) but as a regular customer who spends good you would think it wasn't a hard request. When I got my food the wings were not cooked well enough. Such a disappointment.

Morgan Chemiere

*ZERO STARS*So I came through the drive through about 2 minutes ago 7:53 to be exact ,an attempted to order a 5 for 5 asked for my wings ex crispy the worker at the dt said “there’s no Guarantee they will be crispy because of the health policy “ I politely asked what was the policy,” she started with umm then a giggle an said it’s a health violation “ I just don’t even understand never heard of this before, now if I would have said fried soft I would definitely understand however, that’s just beyond me, especially coming from the fast food background !This definitely should be posted and explained some where so there’s no confusion because honesty she didn’t seem to know&& the giggle felt like she was just telling a bold face lie .

Alan W.

Place has taken a serious nose dive in the past 2-3 years... Takes way too long to get your food now and they seem to prioritize drive thru orders over inside and call in orders. 5 years ago the place was great.

Victoria Lockettt

My home is not far from this location but over time this restaurant is going downhill. I understand most restaurant raised their price on food but this is just to much. Never do I get the correct sauce even after I paid for.. always have to pull up and wait . Order a milkshake at 5.00 if it ever comes out takes about 6mins after they bring the food out to you when you was already waiting on it. The children tender meal is twice the cost of a kids meal at chick fli for the same out of food. I do not understand why the chicken is so dry. ? restaurant is very close to my home and being a mother of 5 kiddos this restaurant is truly a let down on Mondays and weds ... twice lately this food has gone to the trash after spending over 60.00 on chicken tenders or wings in fries


The prices keep going up and the quality keeps going down. I will never visit there again. I ordered 12 wings and got 8 French fries. I literally counted them. I’ve been going there since I moved down 69 south over 10 years ago. The ownership has changed, but the quality remained the same. That’s not the case anymore and I’m done with them.

Roxie Ann

I tel you what, they raised the prices and lowered the quality. The grilled chicken has no taste and are smaller, fried tenders fried too hard. They always leave our your sauce on something, orders are never complete. Has gone down, I loved them at one point hope they get it back together.

Brandon L.

Horrible service. After 20 years of eating at this restaurant I am done. They messed up one of my orders and we told them about it. After 25 minutes we had to remind them to remake our food. After everyone was done eating we finally got or 3 tender plate. The manager on duty said there was nothing she could do we would have to call the owner the next day. After talking the owner he told me there was nothing he could do. He was unbelievably rude and told me if I had a problem I could come up there and apply for a job and try to do better myself. Unacceptable behavior from the owner of the restaurant. Will NEVER spend a dime here again. This place has quickly gone downhill and now I know why.

Tiffanie Steele

Not sure if it's because of the location the reason the price for tenders compared to many local restaurants that serve the same identical item was $16+ for a 12pc that doesn't include a drink or fries. But that goes back to why the prices is what it is. No competition so if you want it your going to pay for it. Yes they were good lol or my son was just hungry. The rest of us had wings and they were good as well no complaints. I like the smaller size wings so they were perfect.

Kathy Anders

Love to eat here. I sincerely enjoy it because the staff are always happy with each other. That in turn passes on to those they are serving. Friendly folks. Great food.

Joseph Westbrook

Not sure why anyone wants to use grubhub to place your order. The people who work at waltons are not going to read the details you write and the grubhub people wont make sure your order is correct. I will not order from or eat here again. Waste of my time and money.

Tim Webster

Use to look forward to the 10 mile drive order wrong, prices & quality very poor!

Ricky S.

Doesn't look like much when you are driving by, but if you are ever in the mood for some chicken tenders, this is the place. Their chicken tenders are juicy, and moist. Their toast is not too hard but soft and buttery. I LOVE THEIR SWEET TEA. Their fries are also good!!! Would be a 5 star if they offer more on the menu.

Dedria S.

This evening I ordered the six piece medium wings as a quick snack before I pick my child up from dance practice. So n my way back as I'm snacking and counting ( with a double check) they only gave me five wings. Unacceptable for the price of food. It's the whole principle. I paid the $10.50 for six wings... give me my six wings!!!!

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