Chicken Wings in Jacksonville

Wingsontharun Chicken Wings • $$
505 S James St, Jacksonville

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Hot Lemon Pepper
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Pineapple Wings
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Naked Wings
Ranch Fries
Wing Combos

“The wings are good. A little small. I ordered several sauces. I could tell a difference but wasn’t sure which one I really liked. The okra was good. The onion rings were good. The rolls were almost stale but ok. I’d give them another try.“

4.3 Superb24 Reviews
Chicken Country Chicken • $
1922 W Main St, Jacksonville

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“Saw Chicken Country on line and decided to try it. We were traveling and hungry for chicken. The place is small, old fashioned and rustic. We were a little hesitant to try it but glad we did. The chicken was delicious and moist. The two potato salads were very good as was the cole slaw. We would definitely go back. The lady serving the food was nice and very helpful!“

3.6 Good60 Reviews
Papa Johns Pizza Pizza • $
911 W Main St, Jacksonville

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Pepperoni Pizza

“June 1, 2023 THURSDAY Papa John's Cool Ranch Doritos Papadia in Jacksonville, ARKANSAS Papa John's came through. I absolutely LOVE Papa John's Cool Ranch Doritos Papadia. I customized mines by adding my favorite toppings beef, jalapeno peppers, 3 cheese blend and Honey Chipotle wings with ranch dressing“

3.1 Average128 Reviews
Slim Chickens Chicken • $$
1870 John Harden Dr, Jacksonville

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“I went pretty basic with this order and order the tenders and fries, I have not eaten there before, so I thought I would play it safe. The tenders are pretty good, it tastes like a standard tender. They are not dry at all, and not too wet either, I ordered it with Ranch and the ranch thing is was basically the same as many other retailer ranches like they use in red Robin, so pretty good Ranch choice. The fries were OK nice and crispy, not too salty, seasoned very well. It also came with a slice of Texas toast cut in half down the middle, I’m not sure why chicken places have the chicken tenders come with a slice of Texas toast, I’m not familiar with this, but no complaints here it was very nicely toasted and you can taste the butter. So is it any good? Yes it is good for what it is, although the flavors are basically basic. I’d write this a four out of five stars. I’ll definitely be going back to try some other items.“

3.1 Average81 Reviews
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Fast Food • $
1502 W Main St, Jacksonville

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Red Beans and Rice
Signature Chicken
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Chicken Dinner
Chicken Meal

“Very good customer service!In an age where employees talk amongst themselves and only acknowledge the customer when they damn well please, this Popeye's greets customers as they enter the restaurant.I walked to the counter, and the young lady stopped what she was already doing to attend to me.Thank you to the crew and management!“

3.1 Average52 Reviews
Domino's Pizza Pizza Delivery • $
1815 N 1st St A, Jacksonville

Customers` Favorites

Pepperoni Pizza

“The pizza was pretty good. The online ordering was fairly easy but the location does need to be updated. The interior is very unique and so far clean. Staff was pretty friendly and helped to the best of their ability. Only slight complaint was parking felt kinda sketch, but honestly it may just be me.“

3.1 Average37 Reviews
It's Just Wings Chicken Wings •
1800 W Main St, Jacksonville
2.9 Average14 Reviews
Pizza Hut Pizza Delivery • $
2126 N 1st St P, Jacksonville

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“I got a pizza from the Jacksonville AR location. I called it in and picked it up and it was ready quickly. The best thing I can say about them is I always ask for my thick pan pizza to be cooked well done and this place ACTUALLY DID IT. I can't even remember the last time I received a thick pan pizza from a DIFFERENT pizza hut location and it was cooked well done, I think they either do not add that instruction to my order or the person cooking it ignores the special instructions, but Jacksonville got it right! My pizza was fantastic.“

2.8 Average34 Reviews
Little Caesars Pizza Pizza • $
1317 T P White Dr, Jacksonville

Customers` Favorites

Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza

“I've gotten several orders from this restaurant both as a customer and as a DoorDash driver and this is definitely one of the better Little Caesars in central Arkansas. I want to commend the people working tonight (12-28-2023). They were swamped and running a little behind but still working hard. While I was waiting for my order, another customer stormed into the store completely belligerent because apparently there had been some issues with her order. She was beyond disrespectful to the workers. I never do this, but I actually pulled out my phone and started recording because I was concerned what this customer might do. This was a situation that it didn't matter what the workers did. This customer was not going to be satisfied. She even tried to get the other customers involved by sarcastically telling us to check our orders. These workers, however, stayed very professional in the face of someone showing them absolute hatred. The manager and owner of this store should be very proud of their employees tonight. If for some reason you need video of this incident, let me know and I'll be glad to provide as long as you promise it won't be used against the workers.“

2.7 Average30 Reviews
Wingstop Chicken Wings • $
2050 John Harden Dr, Jacksonville

Customers` Favorites

Buffalo Wings

“The hot wings ordered today was original hot, Korean spicy and plain. The sides consisted of seasoned french fries with blue cheese dressing.The hot wings were absolutely wonderful. They completely drenched is sauce. The fries were seasoned just right. The service was very friendly and efficient.“

2.5 Average35 Reviews
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