Blue Sage Vegan Bistro

420 President Clinton Ave, Little Rock
(501) 554-3388

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Robert Smith

From the moment we walked in the door the service was great, the right balance of being attentive and timely without being overbearing or intrusive. The food was lovely and sadly we didn't have room for dessert as the menu looked mouth watering. I had the chicken pot pie and am personally proud that I managed to finish it, it was immense and very reasonably priced in my opinion. The place is just a few minutes walk from LITTLE ROCK and I would recommend it to anyone visiting Blue Sage Vegan Bistro

Troy Brazile

As I transition to a plant-based diet, I was thrilled to find Blue Sage right next door to my office. I had passed by there many times, but now I was motivated to check it out. The cashier recommended the cauliflower wings and they were EXTREMELY tasty. I had to try the Mac & Cheese since I have found most vegan cheese substitutes to be terrible. Not there's - it was VERY tasting and satisfying. I am glad I found Blue Sage and recommend it to EVERYONE. Great food and friendly folks!

Cassidy Byrd

The food here is calorie rich and decadent and worth every bite. This is a gem of a vegan spot, with probably some of the best food in the state. The fries were a little on the salty side, but otherwise still good. Prices are reasonable for the quantity. Be aware though that they make it fresh, and are usually busy, so this is not a good option for a quick lunch spot unless you call ahead. Street parking is also mostly a nightmare as this is on the main street full of businesses. But do it anyway and get yourself an amazing sandwich!

Becky and Robert Veitch

An employee of this restaurant answered my request about gluten free food, bu assuring me that everything on the menu is gluten free (I have Celiac disease, so this is not a preference, but a medical need). When I got sick later in the afternoon, I called and found out that my cauliflower wings had been breaded with wheat flour. It was a terrible disappointment to get so sick during a conference I was attending and have to miss important events. I hope that this restaurant will train their employees better.

John Dickey

This is the real deal vegan food no cross-contamination great service great taste I couldn’t say anything better about the place

ljndeed l

The food is amazing, and not "just for vegan food", it's amazing food, period. Flavourful and satisfying every time I have eaten there.

Wes Miller

Just had the burger...I'm not Vegan...but my lord...Phoebe the chef and owner has perfected the worlds oldest sandwich! BEST burger I've ever had...period!

Terri Fleming

You know how we say you never get a second chance to make a first impression....I visited here for lunch and had called in my order but when i get there the customer service was horrible. I stood at the counter for a few minutes before the worker, who had looked at me and knew I was there acknowledged me. I had to wait another ten minutes before I received my food. The worker handed me my food. I asked for a to go bag. The worker sat the bag on the counter as if I was to sack my own food! Once the worker saw that I wasn't sacking anything he handed me my sacked food as if I had the worst illness ever and he didn't want anything to do with touching me. Once I got into the car I checked my food and it was cold, not warm, not hot, not lukewarm but cold. My bun and fries were really cold. The taste of the food wasn't bad at all but the food should have been fresh and customer service could be better!


This place is truly a gem since you won't find a menu quite like it ANYWHERE else down here. I've eaten here a handful of times and each time never disappointed. Me & hubby were a bit bummed that our top choice items were missing today; the sloppy joe and the Philly cheesesteak but all of that didn't matter after we feasted on some bomb cauliflower wings & the mock chicken fried steak sandwich. Both were a hit that didn't miss. Now I'll add a fair warning that when you are blessed to be able to be served food with so much love in it as what we had, don't I repeat DO NOT think that you are going to receive some type of fast-food experience where someone is rushing to be at your beck and call. For food like this you had better expect to wait and wait patiently. I saw many customers rudley stand and huff because their order was not taken right of the bat or they had to wait. The people that work behind the counter do an amazing job of getting orders in and out as best they can so if your expecting quick service then you'd be better off going to your nearest drive-thru restaurant. Otherwise ,wait, and be prepared to be delighted because this kind of food is totally worth the wait and all of the hype. Hands down the best plant-based joint in town.


Awesome, fun Vegan food.Blue Sage is located in a very busy indoor food court. The food was great. We stayed overnight in a campground nearby during a cross country road trip just to be able to get food from there in the morning. They get very busy so call in advance. Totally worth the wait!

Amie Parker

This place is AMAZING. Will definitely be stopping here every time I'm in Little Rock. The buffalo mac beyond burger with jalapenos was phenomenal. Hands down the best mac and cheese I've had since going vegan a year and a half ago. The staff was lovely and made sure our containers got recycled which I really appreciated! The only downside is that they don't have a location in Northwest Arkansas. Would love to see them get a second location up there!

angela mann

Great food and the nicest people! They were really above and beyond. Go see them!

Dave Ferreira

Awesome, fun Vegan food.

Chelsea K.

I was in town for a work event, and found Blue Sage on Yelp. I'm vegetarian, but I love checking out unique vegan places. The couple who runs this spot are incredibly kind and passionate about what they do. I was itching for cauliflower wings, so that is what I got. They gave me the option to get extra wings with no fries, which is what I opted for, and I got the Buffalo and BBQ ones. I have had a LOT of caulIflower wings in my day and spent a lot of time in LA eating my way through them (and LA is obviously vegan heaven). These are right up there with the best I've ever had (probably tied for my favorite with Sage in LA). These have the perfect crisp and flavor. Everything is made to order and cooked to perfection. I'm actually glad I tried the 2 flavors because I may have like the BBQ better than the Buffalo, which was unexpected. I can't think of any constructive criticism even..everything about this place was perfect, from the owners to the portion/price to the quality. I was shocked to find this spot in Little Rock! Blue Sage is also inside a little food hall, so if you go with friend who are not open to vegan, there are plenty of options (but they would be convinced with just one bite ). I wish the food hall had longer hours. I was back in Little Rock for a day a few months later and was unable to get here due to my work schedule

Briana H.

Walking into the food court area was a nice surprise, what is even better is seeing such a dope vegan spot in the middle of it! The set up looks very nice and their map with where their customers are from is a cool idea. It is always cool to see how people from all over gravitate towards good food. We had the Philly Cheesesteak and the Don't be a Chik'n sandwich. Both were phenomenal, the chicken was fried so crunchy it was amazing. The Philly came with all the goodies on top and a great sauce it came together so nicely. Anytime you are in or going through Little rock this is a must stop for sure. SO nice to see awesome vegan places popping up and spreading the love!

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