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Lana Nichole

Our church used Catering Unlimited to help feed a large family after a funeral. We were so impressed! The food was delicious, I was amazed that it was so well seasoned that not one person out of 60 even asked for salt! The prices were very reasonable and I was also so happy that they put warmers under the food. This ensured our party had a warm meal even after they arrived later than expected. We had the grilled chicken, brisket, green beans, mashed potatoes, and rolls. All we're so good and we had many compliments!

David Messersmith

Sorry, they did a meal at my work and I was not impressed. Turkey was nasty and ham was very cold. The only part that I ate was the instant potatoes and gravy and the green beans.

Ashley Zulpo

Catering Unlimited worked with me on food journey in Cajun/Creole cuisine. After I, the bride, created the menu they took it and ran in creativity. I appreciate their willingness to be inspired by a new menu. They treated the food the way a chef would, without flaw. The food made a statement!

ellen lanear

Catered our daughter’s wedding in April at Osage house. Absolutely wonderful service! The food was delicious especially the smoked chicken and the servers were top notch. Communication was perfect. We got exactly what we wanted!!

Tara P

My family and I visited after landing at the airport nearby. The parking lot looked busy, but we decided to try. When we walked in, they had a lot of tables that had not been cleaned off yet. They are short staffed and it showed from the moment we arrived. It took a few minutes for someone to come over and take care of us. After ordering the drinks, the server informed us that it would be 45-60 mins for the food. We should have left, but decided to stay. Our food was brought out over an hour later. The kitchen was very behind and a lot of tables got up and left. They are struggling because they are really short-staffed. The food was good, but the service was terrible. I wish it would have been better, and unfortunately I think we just caught them on a bad day. When we were paying, they did charge a fee to use a cred-card. I feel like they should not have been charging guests that for having such a long wait time. I am sure that maybe pre-COVID things were probably better, but definitely go early to avoid the lunch rush, or just avoid in general and go somewhere else.


It's a wonder to me how this place is still in business. We had just landed at the nearby XNA airport. We were on our way to southern MO and thought we'd stop here for lunch. It was busy when we arrived. We should have known something was wrong when we had to sit at a table that hadn't been cleaned yet. Then it took a while before someone took our drink order. After our drinks were delivered we were informed that it could be 45-60 mins for our food to arrive. That would have been nice to tell us beforehand. Anyway we went ahead and ordered and hoped they kitchen would get caught up. Unfortunately they did not. We looked around and no one had food and at least 2 tables got up and left after ordering drinks. I have a feeling they waited to tell people they were backed up until after ordering drinks to get a least something. Anyway finally after about an hour or so our food did indeed arrive. It was good. Then when we went to pay they charged us .50 to pay with a credit card. Really? After waiting all that time and then you charge customers more. It looked like a family-run business. My suggestion is if you can't handle running a restaurant, either close, or limited the amount of tables you have. I would never suggest this place to someone I like.

Bethany Patrick

Excellent food + staff! As a wedding planner, I cannot recommend them enough!


We stopped while on our way to the airport as it looked like a popular local eatery. It was very busy around noon and took the only remaining table. The waitress was very friendly and attentive, and even brought us out a pie after my wife commented on the pie at the next table. Food was good.

Mollie Claire Laws

Catering Unlimited is absolutely the best. I’ve used them for a handful of events and Amber/Hayley do such a great job! The food is always hot and delicious. I recommend them to everyone!

Trista Casey

The food was fantastic and the staff was top notch. 10/10 recommend. Cant wait to use for more events!

Matt Scirto

Their food and customer service is outstanding!!!

Bret McCormick

Incredible community supporter in donating time and service at the Ride for Hope. Well done.

Sarah Stephens

There are not enough words to describe how incredibly happy and satisfied I have been with Catering Unlimited's customer service and their delicious food! I have had Catering Unlimited's food many times in the past at other events but then I chose them to cater my own wedding reception...10/10 recommend! The food is always awesome but the service received by Mark and Hayley was truly the icing on the cake! I can't imagine having to deal with stressed out brides day in and day out but Hayley quickly and gracefully responded to my last minute updates and add ons. I received so many compliments on the food and the service of the staff from family and guests! Definitely kept everyone happy with fully bellies and cold drinks! Can't thank you guys enough for making my wedding reception the most!

Max and Rachel Fleming

The food is delicious and we got so many compliments from our wedding guests. However, the staff the was provided by Catering Unlimited started to clear plates (including our as the bride and groom) while we were still there. The plates were full of food and cake. I had always been told that I wouldn't be able to eat my food or cake at my own wedding, and they weren't wrong! So, when our plates were cleared from the table I assumed they were being boxed up for us to be able to eat later. But they weren't - instead it was thrown away. My cake had three different tiers with three different flavors, and I only got to have one of them.I also received feedback from guests saying that their plates were cleared as they were still trying to eat from them. I'm not sure where the staff was being rushed, but those guests told me that it made them feel a little uncomfortable.All in all, the food was absolutely amazing! Provided this feedback is taken to heart I would certainly consider recommending them to others in the future!

Brandyn Thomas

10/10 would recommend.

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