8024 N 51st Ave, Glendale
(623) 900-9464

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Andrew B.

Quality has drop point blank Cooked wings not made to order anymore. This is the quality of the sauce lost his taste and flavor.

James Clay

Really good wings, first time trying and definitely going to be my go to, it not far from my house at all.

Kate Wallace

I'm a little obsessed with wings and get really annoyed when restaurants can't make wings right so I only order them from places known for their wings. ATL knows their stuff! They're not undercooked or gelatinous like most wings at most restaurants, they're fully cooked and crispy and their sauces are freaking awesome. They even separated all of the wings by flavor, like what? So thoughtful! Thank you ATL! <3

Thalia K

Food is prepared after you order, always nice and hot and fresh. Employees are super nice here. Love this location!

Shanece D.

Why you you guys closed so early yesterday evening? I was coming by to get some ice and buy something to drink.


The interaction i had was mediocre. I was ignored for a couple minutes while the person up front & the group in the back argued about who ate what food. Finally someone came up front who was very sweet & helped me out. The problem is the way my food was wrapped. No other ATL has ever done this to my food. My fries are exposed because the used foil as a container for them & left the top completely uncovered. My wings are split flavor that were separated by a foil layer instead of 2 containers. I dont understand. If you actually read these & would like to see, i have a photo.

Let Cerv

Food is good. Service is bad. Cashiers were not friendly. Currently they make you wait outside in the AZ heat if your order isn’t ready. I ordered my food online and arrived at the time it said to pick up but still had to wait 15 minutes.

Adam V.

If you like rude people, over priced wings and 5 people pointing the finger at one another when they mess up an order. Then this is the place for you. Waited a total of 55 minutes for 6 wings, was told twice to leave when I went to check on the order and that they would text me when it was done. After 50min I went to cancel my order and found out they never placed it. No apology for the wait, No offer for a free drink or anything, just oops. Then took them another 5min to refund me 7 dollars. Extremely poor wait and cook staff

Howard S.

So I heard all the rage about this place. So decided to grab some wings. Gave order lady very nice beautiful eyes. Sat outside to pick up order got text they were done. Pretty fast. Got home and ate these wings. There's nothing to rave about I don't see what the hype is about. The garlic Parmesan was week on garlic. Honey bbq was okay same as any other place. Oh well

Mayra A.

I love this place but when I walked in they had a sign that everyone is required to wear a mask and NONE of the workers were wearing any. The place looked like they haven't been cleaning in months smh !

Russell K.

SO GOOD. We were in from out of town and we're craving wings. ATL was the first to pop up and we were very impressed. Wish we had one back home!

Faith L.

Really good wings!! We got boneless honey BBQ as well as the bone-in Cajun BBQ. The wings came out hot, crispy and saucy - soooo goood!! Cajun BBQ has a kick while the honey BBQ was savory. Got the ATL fries and they didn't disappoint!

Eric Upton

Holy Cow (or Holy Chicken...if you will) this place is everything a Wings spot should be! Amazing flavors, quick with the order, and cool people behind the counter! This may become a weekly tradition for me and the fam!

Traci Tucker

Best wings i have had in along time! You get the option to have extra crispy wings and they are perfect. My fiance and I had the ATL spicy and the honey habinero. Atmosphere is very upbeat and the staff are excellent. Thank you again will be back!

Mari L.

Food is really great but the service is not as great as the food. First time we came we waited quite a long time for our food to be made but we overlooked it because they were quite busy and we really enjoyed the food. This time I decided to place an order ahead of time to pick up by 5:10pm. We arrive at 5:15 and was told to give them another 10-15 mins by the young lady at the front and didn't receive our food until 5:45. Keep in mind I placed this order way in advance (hours) and the food still was not ready. I'm not sure if they forgot about the order but the girl at the front (this is a different girl - really sweet girl btw and apologetic which is why I even gave the additional star) said they were backed up on online orders but not many people were waiting on orders. It's a shame because I really enjoyed this place the first time. Will not be coming back though. I'll try a different location next time.

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