ATL Wings

8024 N 51st Ave, Glendale
(623) 900-9464

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Amanda Bassett

Such a nice energy in here, and the sauces ????

Wealth Builder

After a long flight (and not eating anything)and being Ubered to another airport to get our rental car, we were starving. We needed to eat immediately. Since we were staying in the Glendale area, we decided to find a local spot close to where we were staying. We also wanted to support a black owned business for our first taste of the Phoenix Metro area. We looked on Google Maps and found Sauced and Loaded Chicken Wings. Actually, Sauced and Loaded was formerly known as ATL Wings, so originally, we were looking for ATL Wings. Be aware of that. After realizing the restaurants name has been changed, we pulled up and proceeded to go in. We could immediately tell that the restaurant was undergoing some major changes, but the owner of the restaurant was extremely welcoming and pleasant as she was training one of her cashiers. Being very hungry and not having wings for a loooong time, we ordered a 12 pc and we were able to split the order into 2 flavors. We ordered Honey Hot and Lemon Pepper. I don’t know why I didn’t realize Honey Hot was a BBQ Flavor because it clearly says it on the menu, but I thought it literally was going to just be Honey and some type of Hot Sauce. So, I was a little disappointed when we got our order, but after realizing it was my fault, I quickly got over it and enjoyed my wings. The wings are a great size. They were nice and hot and the dry rub Lemon Pepper Wings were nice and crispy, like they were supposed to be. I hope that they end up offering more sauce flavors that are not Buffalo or BBQ. We also ordered the small Mozzarella sticks which comes with 3 and Fries. I love fries that have skin on them and their fries did. Last but not least, even though all of it was a treat for us, the added bonus treat was Kool Aid. They sell Kool Aid. I honestly felt like a kid again. We ordered a large Kool Aid. Honestly, they also have this fried biscuit served with honey or syrup, powdered sugar and cinnamon that sounds out of this world but that would have just been too sinful, so we passed. All in all, we were definitely happy with our first meal in the Phoenix area. Be sure to check it out if you are ever in Glendale.

Eri 67814

Now called Sauced & Loaded, better customer service than before the name change. Will return

Brad Pitte

I love this places wings but PLEASE wear a mask when your making my food. The kitchen isn't that hard to see into. Also I'm used to the Flagstaff location and I know for a fact that what they handed me was not a large fry.

Tanya S.

Always the best wings!  No matter what flavor or location they are fresh and made exactly to order. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Nicole B.

The service was sub par, while she said "thank you", the Cashier had a rushed and agitated attitude over the phone when placing my order and I person when I arrived to pick it up. I ordered six hot wings and medium Cajun fries. The fries were old, and I could tell they mix old and newer order of fries. About half the fries were cold, stale, dark, and snapped apart crunchy and the other half were warm, semi soft and golden brown. Won't visit this location again. There are too many other options for sub par service and old, stale food.

Marvin N.

The plastic cover on my takeout plate meted onto my wing . also the employees forgot to call out my friends order and had it sitting for 15 mins we had to remind them to get his order but food was ehh

Daniel D

Great wings, it's a shame the terrible service and a forced online ordering system that doesn't work detract. Consistently late, I've never picked up food at the scheduled time. The Flagstaff location rocks, I'd avoid this one and head to another location in the valley though.

Matt Maurer

Amazing wings. I've gone there now a few times, and every time is awesome ?


Great wings horrible customer service! Get new staff that knows how to do there jobs professionally!!! Plz! Customer service will be the fall of this business.

Chef Nana Crawford

My chicken was just right! I always have some amazing food!

Jessica O.

Omg Amazing wings-- We moved from AZ right before the Pandemic back to the Midwest and we are missing this place BAD!!!!! We've lived all over this Country from the Northeast, the South, the Midwest to the West Coast and THESE WINGS By far are THE BEST we've ever had anywhere!!! Mouths watering now!!!

Quinten P.

Was excited to try ATL wings after a few years of not going. Placed an order on the website, pretty excited? Order doesn't go through. Nothing new, technology isn't perfect. However, they took my money and said my order didn't go through on their end. My only option is to order again, and pay twice, or wait a few business days to get my funds back? Interesting.

Lucy G

Good food, tasty fries and yummy kool aid soda fountain ^_^ make sure to wear you mask and order your food ahead of time is possible.

Milan Z.

Fire food, horrible customer service. Don't online order it's not worth your time You will spend more time waiting for your order because they procrastinated rather than just walking in and ordering

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