Barro's Pizza

16750 N 51st Ave #1, Glendale
(602) 843-1470

Recent Reviews

Kenneth Ford

Great dining experience with my family great food atmosphere and service A-1 great staff very friendly

Donald Thompson

Loved the service and the food was delicious! Thank you guys very much!

Darryl Mangum

Great place to grab pizza!! One of my favorites!! Definitely must try it, if it's your first time

Cassie Marie Embree

good pizza wings pasta and great atmosphere

Silvana Mahan

Over an hour wait for delivery! Called for a status and the delivery guy is “down the road” lies! Est. Delivery was 65 min out... but add another 25 min to it... next time I won’t tip before I get my food.

Dori Thomas

It just doesn't get no better than this on a Saturday ???☺️☺️

Coyote Eiffel

As a person who eats at barros locations way too much (150-200 times per year) I have come to notice that this particular location (bell&51st) has much drier than usual pizzas. Either less sauce is used or it is cooked out longer. Salads and wings are on point But I will say the staff is positive and friendly. I ate at this particular location over 20 times before finally commenting on it.

Eric Angel Gallegos

Fast and friendly. Good location


Staff was pleasant. Clean establishment. Wings were good.

Paul Graham

Good pizza, but way too many problems trying to order. I showed up 10 minutes late for pick up and my order wasn't even in the oven yet so I still had to wait 20 minutes.


I'm a pizza finatic... I literally call myself a ninja turtle! This is my absolute FAVORITE pizza place! Second would be Spinatos... but for a chain? The quality is amazing AND consistent... and they have the BEST Ranch dressing! ?

Angela Thompson

I got the eggs Benedict with crab and shared a French toast with my table. The eggs Benedict was really good and the crab meat complimented the dish very well. I liked the Hollandaise sauce they used; it was very light and creamy. The potatoes were pretty decent too. The salad provided did not taste good; it looked like the lettuce was old and yellowing and it did not pair well with the vinegar.

Jasmine Long

Clean place & nice atmosphere. The service was attentive but not pushy. And there was plenty of space between customers to sit and enjoy a good dinner without crowding into one another.

Craig Shuman

Great Service, fast delivery and a great dining room. What more could you ask from a tasty pizza place

isa g

I had a pizza THAT I order and it was dry and it was not handmade.. it came thin..we all make mistakes.. So I order again and it came just right.. I DON'T KNOW who made it that day it was terrible we GAVE the rest to our dogs no lie we really did. I love this place!!!!( not the person who made my pizza that day). They have great pizza people!!

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