Blendz Boba Tea Lounge

Next to AMC, 9390 W Hanna Ln Suite B101, Glendale
(623) 231-5393

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tiffany smith

This Boba shop is where fractured prune used to be. Conveniently located next to amc theaters. Great drink and food selection to choose from. They have elote, mochi, churro donuts. Not overly priced friendly staff. Definitely recommend coming and taking a look see if you find something you like.Food: 5/5

Abril Agustin

The customer service was not good. Got boba after a movie and they didn’t even offer the straws for boba. Instead they gave us the regular straws that don’t fit. Compared to other places even with a regular size, it is overpriced. Lastly, the milk tea isn’t good. Would not recommend!

Daysi P.

My fiancé and I went to this Boba tea place just a couple of weeks ago on a really hot day to get a refreshing drink. There were quite a few people there waiting for their drinks already when we arrived. We ordered our drinks and waited quite some time. After we waited to get our drinks, this completely rude young lady with an attitude who had light skin complexion and dark black hair who gave us our drinks. My fiancé ordered a Mangoneada drink that contains big chunks of mangoes while I ordered a bubble tea. Not to mention the drink were over priced, we paid almost $20 for two drinks. $18 and some change to be exact, they also wanted to charge us extra for the candy that is always included in my fiancés type of drink which shouldn't come with an additional charge. We declined to get the candy because of it. The young lady who actually prepared the drinks was extremely rude. She gave me a bubble tea straw, that was not individually wrapped in plastic or paper and she held onto it on one side with a napkin handing it to me which is not sanitary at all, and my fiancé politely asked for a bubble tea straw for his drink as well. Since it would be easier to drink his drink with it because of the chunks of mango. The young lady who made our drinks was extremely rude and gave my fiancé an annoyed and had an attitude like if we were being pests to her after he asked for a bubble tea straw and flat out told him "No, you can use a regular straw". We were in disbelief someone could be that rude. What happened to customer service? She was completely rude about it. I'm sure had she said it in a friendlier tone or explained why he couldn't have one (which there is no reason he couldn't) as we paid $18 for our drinks. We would have understood, but the tone in her voice and the look she gave us. Made us feel so uncomfortable. I will NEVER return to this place again. Overly priced the drinks that were absolutely mediocre and horrible customer service.

Lulu P.

I was hoping a subzero temp drink after a short walk in 102 degrees desert heat. Instead I got a warm Taro boba tea. I'm still waiting for the ice to cool and water down my super sweet drink. Should have asked for 1/2 sweet and something blended. Friendly staff, cute place to hang out.

Sean H.

the drink is mid. and the menu is written in an incredibly small font so i had to be closer to the cashier to properly be able to read it. ive had much better boba at other places. the cashier lady was nice tho

Diana Anghelus

It happened to be at the WestGate for a client and I needed something to keep me energized till I returned to Chandler, as it was quite a long drive. I randomly came across this place and decided to give it a try, as boba sounded good to me. I ordered a Dirty Banana in regular size. I was surprised that I had to pay extra for the boba. Anyway , the drink was good , I could taste the banana which I loved . Now , I don’t know if that was a syrup or the fruit itself. It was not very very sweet which I loved. The place is cute with a nice decor that can make it great shot for Instagram. This was my first experience and I would probably try it again if I am in the area.

gabby arredondo

Customer service was bad and we were first time customers didn’t feel welcomed at all. For a boba place you would think it comes with boba but you have to pay to add boba to your drink. I got the classic milk tea boba and didn’t like it at all was very disappointed. Wish I got my money back

Yvette O.

First sip... and in the trash it went. Worst Boba drink I've ever had. Won't be going back.

Grace R.

Not worth buying boba drinks in this place. I ordered the Matcha Matcha signature drink and the ice inside my drink was not blended well. I had to crushed it with my teeth. My boba drink looked sad with a glob of ice cream as a topping :( :( (double sad face).

Karlie Creal

Horrible customer service when it was my turn to order I said hello to the girl working with the red hair and she didn’t even say hello just said “ what can I get I” then when I ordered my drink her facial expression was like she had an attitude and hated her job then she asked me if I wanted to add bbba and when I said yeah she stated that they were out of it. So why would you ask me then when my drink was up she just placed it on the counter and didn’t even tell me it was mine or that it was ready and walked into the back. & the drink taste like it was made in a hurry and there was no one else in the store. So just all around horrible customer service. I was so excited to try this place and it was just a horrible experience. If I could give it a half star I would.

Hailey R.

I came here on Saturday and this place disappointed me horrible customer service,my drink wasn't even iced even tho I asked for ice. They were super stingy about the boba the prices are horrible! J would rather Prefer sunrise donuts!!!

Ivette R.

I called the store to see if I could place a curbside pickup order. The girl on the phone had major attitude stating that they don't do curbside. I then asked if I could place a pickup order instead. Again, with attitude, she said I could place an order online. mind you, I had looked at their online site before calling and on there it stated they could do curbside and store pickup... Anyway, the online menu didn't have the drink I wanted (blended taro with boba). They only listed iced taro tea. I told the girl that, and she said, "well try door-dashing your order if you want to customize something." I was like, "you really can't just take a phone order?" And she said, "nope. I can't" and hung up. WHY DO THEY HAVE SO MUCH FALSE INFORMATION ONLINE TRYING TO ATTRACT CUSTOMERS ONLY TO BE IN CONTACT WITH RUDE A** PEOPLE?!?!?

Ivettee G.

I rate this place a one star I'm very upset on how they treated us. The girls name was Cecilia g she was extremely rude made my friends drink nasty asked why she said she knew but I'm very upset to why she didn't let me know before purchasing after asking for another drink she said " you have to get a drink in the same price range " after picking a drink with an attitude she said " that's not the same price range " like we couldn't pay 1.11cents more.

Lisa B.

Worst boba place ever! I ordered my blended taro boba and waited more than 10 minutes for my order. What's worst, they even got my order wrong so I had to wait another 15 min so they can blend my taro drink since they just gave it to me with ice. Also, the customer behind me got their order wrong too! They give her Thai tea instead of milk tea. they're not even busy and the 3 employees are in the back talking and laughing. Employees need to work instead of wasting company's time. Also, for a regular blended taro boba tea with almond is $8.00 is high compared to other boba place I've been to and the Cookie Monster is $7.00 for a regular with 10% tax....price is higher than other boba place I've been to. Great location but not worth the money!!!

angie dhiman

Cecilia heard chai tea instead of Thai tea and put more ice then tea and refused to give me another one when she got the order wrong. This place is horrible then she has the audacity of arguing with me. Horrible service ever

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