Copper Door Bar

13818 N 51st Ave, Glendale
(602) 439-3436

Recent Reviews

v hub

Very laid back place kimmy is a awesome bar tender

Phil anon

Good bloody Mary, cold beer and NO panic. 6 ft social distance and a request that no one that is sick should enter. Consistent service day or night! Great place to go for the older folks that like bars the way they were meant to be.

Jeff Harmon

Good neigherhood vibe, no chicks though, couples only

Eric Quick

Super cool local bar. Friendly staff!

Mike Gamblin

One of those places that the skeeziness is endearing.. fun hole in the wall where everyone is friendly and seems to know each other.

Jim K

First time here. Nice friendly crowd.

Kimberly Francis

Good people and great staff


A great place to drink

Scruffy Nff

Good people and cold Bud!!!

Levi Grahlman

I may be a bit biased as I go for an Iowa game each year is all. But the service has been great each of the 5 or 6 years. The owners are engaged in the day and the Maid-rites are fantastic.

Kaladin O.

Came during an Iowa vs. Wisconsin game and loved the atmosphere. The place is exactly as label a great lil' Dive Bar. No food served here but I understand you are welcome to bring some in. Bartender was very nice and they use ALL THE TV's for the Iowa game! Overall really good experience with a bunch of Hawkeye fans!

Cindy Iokepa

Great locals bar. Low key, friendly atmosphere, good prices. Was a little disappointed in the bartender’s knowledge of how to properly make a cocktail, but it’s overall a great place to hang out!

Andrew Farbstein

Something old, yet something new... Something borrowed, something RED? Oh, it's a CORNHUSKER BAR. Great place to slip into to watch a small or big game- Great staff. Attentive and jovial. Will always return.

Mary Ginster

A great neighborhood place to relax,have some drinks and enjoy the friendly people.

jared herbert

If you want to hunt down the bartenders and be served watered down vodka then this is the place for you! Also, no use of becoming a regular pool player there, they'll never open the table for you. Oh and I know it says they close at 2 but its really when the bartenders are feeling like leaving, and they'll make it known its time to leave.

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