Dutch Bros Coffee

6965 N 95th Ave, Glendale
(541) 955-4700

Recent Reviews

Todd Bennett

The caramelizer blended is so good! I only like sweet coffee or coffee in beer! The staff is always very nice! ??

Dan Petschow

My family and I were at the Glendale location at 4 pm. I know this location is busy, but the girl that help us was extremely rude. I ordered three drinks, ice tea, rebel, and peach smoothie. It took 30 minutes to get my drink and when my drinks were ready I told the girl I ask for lite ice on the rebel and tea drink. Then she took the lid that was on the drink and used it to fling ice out of the drink right in front of me. I ask for a new drink and said I can take more ice out, which was already lite ice. The glass was filled with ice. By that time I just wanted to leave. So I left and she had a lot of attitude when saying bye.Sticking your dirty hand and flinging ice out of a drink like that in front of a customer is uncalled for. My wife and I go to Dutch Bros at least twice a week. We will never go to this location again. The kids at this location need to learn some manners and learn to make what the customer orders.WORST LOCATION TO GO TOO!

evelyn gallardo

It’s a great place but some workers stop to talk and that can be time consuming. There’s also been times where the worker taking my order would be rude and give attitude.

Toni H.

Not much ice in my large iced latte today. Ugggggg. Friendly service and quick drive through. Constructions makes it hard to get to.

Pullen on the Road

Busy busy busy, but always worth the wait!If you've never had Dutch Bros before and you're considering it, just go and experience it for yourself. Once you find what you like to order, I think you'll find they're better than Starbucks or the like.

Darq Blaq

This was my 1st time here. In Phoenix, it's too hot for hot coffee so iced coffee was the next best thing. I was scared the drink might be too sweet but the cold brew was just right.

Jill Dianne

Very warm welcome each time. Avoid peak hours, though, if you're in a hurry. Ever try a coffee slush? Ask for blended. So delicious.

Kendall K

Compared to other Dutch Bros, this one is lacking (customer service). The girl who took my order didn't bother to look up from their tablet but was audacious enough to ask for a tip twice. Coffee was standard Dutch.

DeDee Brock Morrison

Slow service (post-covid) but we absolutely love Dutch Bros. We appreciate the visits, but it's imperative to get the orders made 100% too.

k m

Fast friendly service, always willing to make excellent recommendations to new customers as well as return patrons that want to try something new, I have had excellent service ordering and receiving everything here from multiple members of staff over the years. I highly recommend for any fun drink.

Jhon Perea

I had a great time here with exemplary staff and the coffee was awesome. The golden eagle was phenomenal and a chocolate chip muffin top had me on cloud 9. Thank you Dutch Bros!! And to the person who replied to my review; you are awesome, have a great day!!!!

Gina Diaz

Delicious! Love the freezes and if u order them with a different milk they have to hand make them and it comes out way better. The only thing is they are pretty expensive. Almost 10 dollars for a large and that can be expensive if u go there often.

Star Cher

Dutch brothers is always great coffee but this night the line was delayed for whatever reason but took over 20 min. Once your in line you can't get out so definitely can make you late

Ginger Clayton

Love this Dutch Bros! They are super fast, sweet and fun!! They get my order right every time! My pups love it too!

Melanie A.

was literally waiting an hour for a drink for them to tell me it wasn't in the system & then letting it melt when i could see it sitting on the counter. asked them again and they told me the same thing and i told them my drink was on the counter, no apology for an hour wait or anything and they did this to multiple people while we waited.

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