Dutch Bros Coffee

6965 N 95th Ave, Glendale
(541) 955-4700

Recent Reviews

Paris Morrison Carnell

Friendly, fast and great coffee ?

Soul Snake

Lines are long however they go fast but im glad there building a fast lane for those that get there drink sooner. Great staff always friendly.

araceli estrada

I ordered 4 palm tree teas with light ice and they had no flavor, tasted all watered down and too much ice. Just the day before, I had ordered one palm tree tea that was the same and had much more flavor. There is too much inconsistency in the flavor.

Gabriela Cabrera

it's a really good service ?

Rob Raynor

This is my go-to place for coffee I love this place if I ever leave Arizona I will always miss duchess. The girls and the guys that work there are just awesome super customer service super friendly great smiles and always glad to see you come back I cannot say enough about Dutch's coffee I've probably visited every single branch in Arizona they're all awesome and I will tell you what it's not like Starbucks Starbucks you walk in they look at you and say what are you doing here these people are always glad to see you come back awesome servers I can't say enough.

Sotelo Yazzie

I really do recommend Dutch bros I really love the people thier and I love the workers and I love the vibe Dutch always have the vibe I really recommend white chocolate chai y’all should try it ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ and for little kids I recommend strawberry ? smoothie it’s bomb for little kids ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Samuel Serrano

The best! Thank you so much, Dutch Bros, for the delicious coffee and friendly staff! Your employees were killin it on the busiest Friday night! Great job!For those who are watching their calories and sugar intake, try the Keto Americano with whipped cream. It’s the best and now my favorite. I’ll be back soon!Edit: still a great place! I recommend the Kicker! By the way, I left this sticker. I hope it’s still up!

Maura Resendiz

Pretty good coffee and the sizing is way better than starbucks you get way more bang for your buck

Meghan Beaston

Banana Split Frozen Cold Brew was amazing. Wish they had one in San Diego

Devon Cozart

First time using them, pretty tasty.

Mariah Duncan

WHITE MOCHA DOES NOT HAVE COCOA IN IT!!!! If you go to the store and buy a bar of white chocolate, does it have any cocoa in it? No!! It's white chocolate!! I don't know why some locations (not all!) seem to think a white mocha is made with chocolate milk!! Cocoa gives me horrid stomach cramps and diarrhea! I don't appreciate the attitude when I asked for my drink to be remade so it doesn't make me sick. And I definitely don't appreciate it remade the exaxt same way. The homeless guy on my way home enjoyed your nasty coffee, I'm sure!

Isarai Hernandez

Visiting from out of state and tried Dutch Bros for the first time! Did not disappoint. The drinks were really good and the drive thru was fast.

Zack Bertram

Recommended to me by a coworker and I must say they surpassed all my expectations. They're customer service was exceptional, their drink choices were plentiful, their drinks were perfectly portioned, and the drinks themselves were exquisite. My wife loves coffee and I love tea and this place had equal amount of choices for both of us. 10/10 will come by again.

Elizabeth Andrews

We ordered the breakfast menu early evening. I had the French toast sandwich which I loved, it was hot the egg was great. Hubby had the burrito which was cold in about half of it. Would definitely order the French toast sandwich again.

Amanda Sue Joyner

First timers here all the way from San Diego

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