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Michael Lina

i ordered happy meal here earlier today for my daughter and 2 hrs later she is throwing up and i had to take her to phx childrens urgent care. they said its probably bacteria from food. now she has diarrhea and a light fever.Food: 1/5

Randi Bustamante

Don't do curbside pickup, the 2 times I did I was waiting 20+ mins, one time I ended up just going inside. The drive thru is slow. They always forget something. But they are friendly, and as inconvenient as it is to park and go in, hence choosing the drive thru, if you do they make up for it with a free item like fries or an apple pie.

Rylee Kane

Me and my best friend were getting lunch for us and her sibling, we knew they would be busy so we gave them time and patience. We got there at 11:58 and did not receive our food until 12:30. If I wanted to wait that long I would have gone to a restaurant. We also did not get much one burger (nothing else), two happy meals, and two drinks, and still got the order wrong. Everyone around us was dealing with the same exact thing, the employees were mainly focused on getting the drive through their orders. Which should have been the least of their worries.

karl sartor

McDonald's expects customers to order there own food but there touch screens were dirty as heck. The manager was not helping anyone just standing around and in the way of the employees working.Food: 3/5

David Thompson

Great food. My complaint is all the tables were dirty and there was a homeless person sleeping inside at one of the tables. Kinda gave me a bad vibe along with all the dirty tables. There was lots of staff, but no one whipping down the tables, or sweeping the dirty floors. Nor did anyone ask the homeless man to leave or order, or at least sit up.

David S. Miller D.O.

Big huge line at the drive thru And it's ridiculous at 9:10 at night You cannot opt to jump out of your car and walk in and order what you want promptly. Instead you're forced to wait in line with your car running wasting gas At over $4 a gallon! Why isn't the lobby open it makes no sense to a consumer

John Balzanelli

Very rude!!! My bag was thrown on the counter had to wait for them to turn around and ask for my drink and when I asked for dipping sauce he said it's in front you and get it yourself sauces where covered in other sauce. I will never go back there again.

Adrianne O.

This is the absolute worst McDonald's. The service is terrible, the orders are never correct, and they always make you pull to the side to wait for your orders.

Stephen Fait

If I could give negative stars I would. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for the way I was treated, & if I was treated that way I guarantee there are more customers treated this way. I don't normally use food apps, but I was told sometimes they have good deals so while in the restaurant I downloaded the McDonald's app... & I won a free large French fry, which I never got. It was scanned at the counter with the rest of my order, but wasn't in the bag. i told the... female behind the counter.... she wasn't a lady... she was in a blue shirt. The only one back there dressed like that. She looked at my receipt, grabbed my bag opened up one of the wrappers of one of my burgers & shoved the bag aside under a lamp. Proceeded to help a dozen other customers & i saw her make fries for other people so there was absokutely ZERO EXCUSE for what she did! You guys need to get it together! Im so beside myself with anger, & if i was a female id have walked out in cuffs because she needs to have some respect, decency & just common courtesy beat into her! It's not my fault she's fat ugly & gross! I will never step foot into any McDonald's Ever again! Not that anyone cares... but I won't! Good luck lady!

lizzie “BrokenHeartz” dorsey

Not 24 hours like it says. Came at 12:30am ish and was greeted with how many I take your order just to have them then not come back and come out and say they are closed. At least update it on the map my guy so people don't waste their time

Belinda “Gail” Stevens

Great food and wonderful service

Chanda Dockery

I Didn't Get Anything...The Lady Took Someone's Old Fries and Put Them Back In The Fryer. Once I Saw That I Told The Manager And Left. Please Be Careful Eating There, They Are Very Nasty And Disgusting. Fair Warning, If I Could Give It A Zero That Would Still Be Too Generous.

Kirstin Hampton

DONE WITH THIS PLACE (A MUST READ)I ordered a meal through the drive thru. The woman who took my money was awesome, thank you. Get to the window to pick up my order and I was told to move forward because they were waiting on "fries". I said perfect, no problem since we are waiting can I order a vanilla cone. No one and I mean NO ONE had a name tag on, so I will need to be descriptive here. I was told by a boy in the drive thru with short in the back but wavy black hair on top of his head w/braces in a blue shirt "no, you have to go back around". I said "I could understand that if we currently weren't waiting for fries and does the next order have fries". Same boy says "I don't have a drawer up here to take money" (All of us have been to McDonalds, all of us know they have drawrers up front. 3 other employees were literally standing there listening to this conversation anyone of them could have simply took the $1 and gave me the cone before the fries were up). The other 3 employees were 2 girls both with greyish shirts on, probably shift leaders, hoping not managers, one shorter with black hair not pulled back with extra long eyelashes the other girl was tall browninsh long hair in a ponytail and the 3rd employee standing around was a boy in a blue shirt. One of those employees had a drawer up front. The shorter girl with the eyelashes said "fine, I'll get you the cone, you don't have to come at me like that". First of all, come at you like what? I never raised my voice. The boy with the braces handed me my food, I said "are you going to take my money for the cone"? Once again, he said "you have to go back around'. I thought we solved this...I said "I would like the number to your boss". The girl with short hair from inside the building not at the window, says "it's on your receipt". I said "no, that's the number to this restuarant".Now these employees are delivering food to custmers behind me. The girl with short hair came to the window and said "the phone number is on the receipt", I said again "the phone on this receipt is to this restuarant'. She asked to see the receipt. She then took more time to look the receipt up and down scanning for a seperate number, She took my receipt and left. She returned said nothing while her head was turned and handed me my receipt with a phone number on it. I pulled away as I called the number she wrote on the receipt. A girl answered "McDonalds". I found this odd and it made me question if this McDonalds is corporately owned or privately owned. It is privately owned. The girl that answered the phone was rude. Those of you in a professional world, the first rule whether the customer is right or wrong is to simply listen. Shut up and let the person get out the complaint. I do not believe the customer is always right. Not in this day and age, no way!I too would like to stand up for my employees in situations. However, she wasn't there, so I would think she would want to look into this before being defense towards me. Seriously, am I looking for a free hamburger? Absolutely not - give me a break. Let me be clear here, I am not out for free food. Any good business owner should ask themselves, who goes to this extent of waiting for a phone number, calling it, giving my name and number for the next person to contact me back and putting my story on google review. Someone who will not continue taking bad service from rude people and someone who will not continue to spend money at businesses of owners that condon their employees treating people rudely and lacking customer service skills.People YOU DO NOT HAVE TO EXCEPT TREATMENT LIKE THIS! STOP SHOPPING THERE!! STAND UP FOR YOURSELF.I get, you're saying "this lady is crazy, it's over a cone". NO NO NO, it's the lack of customer service skills people have and they continually want more money for bad service! PUT A STOP TO IT!My quest will continue...on

Sharon Dominguez

This McDonald's used to be a great location I will go all the time get hot coffee for the last 2 months the coffee they've been selling is old from doing the morning to doing the evening the staff is very lazy very rude!If they sale me cold old coffee again it's going to be and issue PERIODT you make a complain to the manager the person is rude and the careless.

Trent Caley

It’s been like a year since I’ve gotten any kind of sauce with nuggets so the manager can probably pinch some penny’s for the franchise owner?It’s probably a petty thing but the irony that they ask what kind each time and print it on the receipt just to exclude it is irritating - I’m not going to chase down sauce.I’ll eat at Salad and Go that just opened up the street instead for cheaper and healthier.

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