Nothing Bundt Cakes

5890 W Thunderbird Rd #101, Glendale
(602) 938-9866

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Deb D.

Let me begin by saying I have been a loyal customer since this place first opened. I have made large purchases for parties and at the holidays and I make smaller purchases on a consistent basis, year after year. The customer service was terrible today, and I left feeling upset and disappointed. This is the second time I waited in line only to have someone walk in and the employee helped them before me. This time, I spoke up. I was pressed for time and couldn't wait any longer. The employee seemed annoyed that I spoke up and was short with me as she got my order. I expected her to apologize that she had bypassed me. She did not. Then, as I walked out, she apologized to the person that tried to cut the line. This was such a disappointing experience and I am sad to say that you have lost a loyal customer.

Georgia B.

As I did not purchase these little cupcakes I cannot tell you anything about the establishment itself. However, there were four different flavors that were presented at a showing. I tried three of the flavors and they were absolutely delicious. They were so cute. One of them was some type of lemon, one was called strawberry shortcake, I believe & The 3rd one was chocolate chocolate chip. My favorite was the chocolate chocolate chip. However all of them were absolutely delicious I have no complaints at all. As this was not a special to do there was just a nice swirl icing on the top that was not overbearingly sweet. The cupcakes were not dry but very moist. I would advise anyone to get them but I really don't have any idea what they cost. However my grandson when I offered him more time because they were extras and she gave me an extra one, his immediate Statement was oh these are Bundt cakes. I ask him how he knew that and he said someone had served him at a party. My grandson at the time is 13 years old. For him to remember something like that is astounding. Therefore they must've made a great impression on him also.

Amy Vanderpool

AMAZING staff!! My dumb self did not submit my online order correctly, and these kind ladies knocked out my order in a matter of minutes. I was floored and beyond pleased by the patience and kindness they had. And if course, the cake and bundtinis were delicious ?

Precious B.

Had someone order me a cake from this place for a birthday present. Per the receipt it's a 3 hour block for delivery 9a-12p, it was also $15 for delivery. Waited. Called after 2 hr mark window for status and was told it'll arrive in 20 mins (I was also on hold for like 5 mins). Waited. 10 mins before the 3 hour window I called again. Again, I was on hold for another 5 mins - not sure if they were busy. A lady answered my call and corrected me that it's a 4 hour window & my delivery is on the way. I pushed back and said, that's not what the receipt said when we placed order. I also asked if we can pick up the cake instead. She said no. I then asked if there's a way I can be the last stop instead as we have been patiently waiting & have a birthday to celebrate. The lady said she will contact the delivery guy. So of course we left our home & we went and did errands having made the arrangement with them. And what happens? 10 mins after we left our home, I get a Ring notification that we have someone at the door. And it was the cake delivery from this place! I was flabbergasted... of course we had to come back and take the cake in so it doesn't spoil! I do not recommend this particular place. They've lost a customer.

Eddie R

The texture the richness is above and beyond the baker's put the time and effort every time I choose a variety. The baker's are #1 in my book! Know your hard work is never unseen even behind those walls!!???

April Ferguson

Amazing customer service!!

Chad T

One of my favorite baked goods to get in the valley. We also used them for our wedding cake and it turned out great!

Liliana R. Coker

Very delicious carrot cake and raspberry lemon cake. The employees at this location are very sweet.

Janelle J.

These cakes are ridiculously good. This has become our tradition with bdays for me and my friends. Just an excuse to buy one of their cakes if I'm being honest. We've had red velvet, chocolate, white, confetti, yellow, they're all moist and delish. Our friend even had their cupcakes for their wedding. Yum!

Stephen Willard

This is truly a dangerous shop for lovers of baked goods. The cake is fantastic and I'm upset we didn't get more

Leanne Stout

Ordered by phone for my moms 75th birthday.. was treated so nice and courteously. Real professionals. They did a fantastic job decorating and wrapping my moms cake! It was amazing! Thank you

Jake Gillis

Diamond, there is a reason when someone hears this word they think of perfection and glory. There's a wedding about to happen, and some cake loving freaks just had to have NBC at this joint. We went in, asked for help, and she helped us beyond what even she might have thought was possible. She even offered to file our taxes for 2022 when it rolls around. Our best friend Diamond shared laughs, tears, struggles, and sushi with us that very day we needed our cake. I commend this nice young woman, and for the rest of our lives, my fiance and I shall build statues in her name in every state in this beautiful country. We love you, Diamond, shine on you crazy soul. Oh also, this bakery could literally make the world stop turning. It's delicious. Impossibly delicious.

Tracie White-schwarz

Valerie, Dustin are amazing!!!. Thank you so much for the beautiful cake I love it I love your service.


This is a wonderful location. Customer service is always amazing. Diamond is so sweet and very pleasant! She provides great customer service! I go out of my way to visit this location, and I always will. Tysm!


1st time to this place. Great looking and extremely well cleaned. Well decorated and lots of space to walk. Parking is a nightmare with two small entrances. Park in the back for easy access. Easy menu and very helpful team members. Prices are meduim to high. Lots of knickknacks to buy and very fun stuff to look at. Good signage. Well recommended for kids. Nice place to check out.

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