OPA Life Greek Cafe

Westgate Entertainment District, 9404 W Westgate Blvd c103, Glendale
(623) 242-8338

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We ;have only been there one time for lunch and it was terrific. The Gyro Wrap was almost more than I could consume and the Greek Potatoes were delicious. We will most definitely return!!

Someone Different

The food is reasonably priced and for the most part tastes excellent. The desserts we had were good, but the Greek food is obviously the star of the show. The pita gyro had a generous portion and the taste was fantastic. The setting was also very classy and the surroundings were amazing. Overall this is a place I would certainly recommend people visit.

K Sexton

Loved the food and service was price less

BJ Tan

Been here a couple times, for me I've never had a super strong positive experience with the staff, ranging from lackluster emotion to maybe slightly rude (I do remember some being super nice though, they're not all like that!). One time i was ordering, I asked for 2 water cups and was charged for 2 regular fountain drinks. Another time I went up to order wings and forgot they were out, but the guy at the register kind of snapped back so that was not exactly a happy memory either. Lastly, on more than one occasion me and my friend have often received different parts of our order at disproportionately long times. I can understand some delay if you choose to bring out the food as it's done while a little busy, but at least twice we've had the other half of our order come as late as 30 mins; sometimes they forget we're missing an item and they have to fire it back up.THAT being said, when they do get your order right - the food is very good as you'll see among other reviews. I had the salmon sandwich (burger), and the nice grilled salmon combined with the lemon Dijon sauce and greek fries was very good, I would definitely come back just to eat it again.Another good item of theirs is the wings and fries. While they're not something like one of the best things you'll ever try, they're way better than what you'd expect.So all in all, the customer service is what brings my review of them down to 3 stars. However the food is good enough to keep me coming back whenever I find the occasion. Recommend others try this place out.


Definitely Our #TOP 5 #Fav w/ #HotNJuicy & a few others + #GR8 Ambiance

Barry Schweig

Excellent food, indoor and outdoor dining, reasonable prices and very friendly and helpful servers.

Darious L Curry

Its A Great Place To Eat.

Clayton Karas

The food is great!!!I had the steak Kebab nicely presented on the plate.Great patio seating.Only problem:The menu signs are extremely hard to read. You have to look straight up at tv screens from where you’re standing and even me being 6’4 had difficult time reading it. It’s a angle issue.No pricing at all on any of the items on the screen menu.

Lori Taylor

Fantastic meals and drinks for all ages! Dessert ? are amazing ? ? out door fire ? is so nice to hang by. They even have rewards for going and I got 20% off the family order! We will definitely be back again!

Noah Curry

Amazing experience here that started from the front door all the way until we left! Service is outstanding and food matches it. We can't wait to get back.


My son & his girlfriend took me here because they love the food. The restaurant is nicely set up with a patio & lots of indoor seating. It was very clean & there was a young man bussing tables constantly who did a great job. There were beautiful cases as you walk in but not much in them. It could be because we came in close to end of day. I ordered souvlaki, greek salad & fries. The young man that took our order set them up as to go but that's not how we ordered. The busser brought the food out in a bag - we had to ask for utensils. All the food was crammed into a styrofoam container. It was hard to distinguish where one dish began & another stopped. The meat for the dish was in big chunks and not very seasoned at all. There was pita bread included so I made my own "sandwich". The meat was kind of tough & just not tasty at all. It wasn't very warm either. Arby's has gyros that are way better. The young man that took our order didn't seem to be enjoying himself or seem to be there to serve. My son & his girlfriend made comments that he's never pleasant. They think he's related to the owner & if that's the case it does seem that he's there just for a job. It's unfortunate because from the outside it looks great. They just need to work on friendliness & flavor.

The only One

I took my husband to this place since he loves Greek food, however, I am not a big fan. Found this place due to Groupon. Went on a Tuesday, quiet, good ambiance good space to enjoy a date with my husband. Service was good, the menu was tasteful w/ good portions. Ordered 2 drinks, 2 entrees and a desert with the Groupon price. Thank you OPA!

creamy boi

Amazing service great food we got the stuffed grape leaves for an appetizer and it was the best appetizer we've ever had must recommend this place 5 stars.

Gwen Yee Condap

First time in a long time that I’ve had a lamb souvlaki that wasn’t overcooked. And the Greek fires were to die for! Also loved sitting in their patio with live music in the plaza on a gorgeous December afternoon.

On Stage Now Entertainment

AFun atmosphere, with live music on the patio and great food!

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