Pizza Hut

8860 N 43rd Ave, Glendale
(623) 931-1421

Recent Reviews

Rachel Politte

horrible. not topped. more crust than toppings. not cut right.

Ronyell Smith

Hi my name is Ronyell my wife place a order her name was Kiara order number was 3200513231205001334026990 payed for online at 9:12 came to pick up and was ignored by to employees boy the name of Brandon and kristi or krissy who stood there at the counter laughing at me while I’m trying to pick up my food knowing there Doors Are locked instead of having great customers service skills the both looked down and act as if they didn’t seee me until I started knocking on the window I read the young lady lips and she laughs will be trying to reach owners if I don’t get a valid response and my food was cold going back in the am to speak with somebody didn’t like the service reasoning for one star

Monica Macias

Apparently they close at midnight on Sundays, and I didn’t realize (thought they close at 1). That’s perfectly fine, except I placed an order at 11:50pm and it was accepted and I was given a time that I would get the delivery. 30 MINUTES after I placed the order I was given a call saying that the store was closed and I wouldn’t be getting my order. How does that even happen? Wish I hadn’t waited around half an hour for no reason. On my birthday. Nice ??

Daniella Jackson

Pizza hut use to be my go to for pizza. This location changed my mind. I've had them cancel my order several times without calling or anything, the pizza just never shows up and I have to call and wait 30 minutes for them to even reorder then another hour to be ready. I've gotten the wrong food, cold food. I give up on pizza hut.

Dejah VUuu

Food was excellent and on time my review is based on that it has been twice in six months that I've ordered to go from this Pizza Hut and all of the outside lights meaning the signs of the store have been off it's kind of scary to walk in there? Six months ago when I first pulled in I didn't know if they were being held up or something only one small light seemed to be on in the store from the window?

Anthony Stern

Placed an order for pickup. Was given an estimated time of 15 minutes. I arrive at 15 minutes. I give my name and am then ignored for 15 minutes. Finally, a driver asks me if I've been helped. So I told her no, that I've given my name and that's the last I've seen anyone.

Katie H.

Less than zero. Had me waiting 4 hours only to tell me. We lost our driver 3 hours ago. Fucking sham operation.


I ordered the Garlic Knots pizza, the marinara dipping sauce was too sweet and there was hardly any cheese on the inside of the stuffed crust, I think the 43rd Avenue and Olive location portion controls too much, I spent $15 on that pizza and it was not worth it.

Monte Cook

Great service and great prices

Ron G

I think it's one of the best fast food chain pizza restaurants that I've been to


Mom loves her bread sticks. Pizza was good too.

Antonette Urueta

This Pizza Hut was the cleanest I have ever seen one be before. From the restrooms to the kitchen, everything was neat, organized and sparkling clean. Even behind the booths were normally in any restaurant would be slightly dirty, was freshly wiped down. This Pizza Hut should be an example of the standard of cleanliness for all others. Wow, I mean wow! I definitely will go out of my way to come back to this particular Pizza Hut for sure.

Cara Timmins

I usually order here all the time but after going into the store and ordered then going home to only find the wings had little to no sauce on them. Had to drive all the way back to show them. Manager said they forgot to shake the container. Told him I did that before I drove back up here. He went in the back put cold bbq sauce on my wings. Will never order here again

Nathan Tabora

I love getting lunch at this Pizza hut location; Every time I pull into the drive thru, the manager, who is usually there around opening, already knows my name and order and politely greets me. When their wings had gotten a bit smaller, for a brief period, he told me he put in a few extra to make up for the smaller size.

Cara Lynne

pizza dough was paper thin with a veggie supreme. got 16 bbq wings with very little sauce. went back and they only put cold sauce on my wings and sent me home

Jaime Roe

We got 3 hit n ready pepperoni pizzas today ave these were cooked the best I've ever had them here. The crust wasn't cardboard, it was perfect!

Bruce Boyle

Great job straightening out an accidental overpayment. Good food, too.

Cynthia Fileto

When My pizza delivery got here the driver left without giving me our drink, called the store back and they said it will be here in 30 to 40 min, I said so are you expecting me to eat my pizza cold or what’s the deal? I had people over , I spent over $55 on this order to not have everything delivered also no ranch ‍♀️ So I requested my money back went to the store to give all the untouched food back.. rude manager didn’t even apologize, I haven’t had Pizza Hut in months and never will specially from 43rd and Dunlap.

Edwin B Miller

Friendly atmosphere. Dining Room has 2/ 32' Wall mounted Flat screen TVs.

Carol Tisci

Multiple times pizza is raw in the middle. Actually had an empty pizza box delivered to us about a year ago. Figured we'd give it another try after a while. 1 out of 4 orders was actually correct. Call to have it fixed, got attitude as if I just wanted my money back. No, I just want an edible pizza!

Annointed One

Nick takes good phone orders and is helpful. I gave five stars for the drive thru pick up very convenient. Nick keeps me coming back to this location.

Nick Fil

Ordered a pizza at 1130. He said he had 20 orders at 1130..... ok you can't handle that?? Because now its 230 I called them and they tell me they have to cancel my order. I had to call them not them calling me. I could've found something else to eat and now everything else is closed. That's BS.

Kenny Nielson

Best $6 thin crust peperoni pizza I've ever had

Nia Carter

My pizza was way spicy. I was confused why.

Jen Tate

The service is bad and slow when you dine in. The kids are just that! Kids! They don't want you there why are you bothering me? Manager seems to be the only person with any customer service skills. Prices are high for what you are getting. Getting cheese and peppers is like pulling teeth. The upside is you can pick up at the a carry out window. And the order is usually correct. They seem to be nice but confused when you call in.

Mike Healy

I like Pizza hut the food is good and the people were fine

Gloria Alvarez

Good service. Good pizza.

Arlene Cleet

Great tasting pizza, great price

Barton West

Ordered a thin and crispy chicken/bacon plus $20 in other food. The thin crust pizza was undercooked with a soggy crust and cold chicken, the garlic knots, wings and regular crust pepperoni, mushroom were solid but honestly, the texture of that thin crust pizza was so bad I won't order from here again. Food was also delivered about 10 minutes past the estimated time. I literally live 3 blocks away so not sure what happened there, disappointing.

Christian Dorado

Food is good, but prices are INSANE if you don’t get a deal. 36 traditional wings for 51 dollars?!!?!? Might as well go somewhere else for wings

Dez A Rae O

Love Pizza Hut and I order from here all the time delivery and pick up. Pizza is always exactly what I order and delicious. How ever... When it comes to pick up I usually go in the drive thru here and that's where the problem is. There is always someone standing there but they act like they dont see you. 3 people pass the window before they acknowledged me this recent time. If busy maybe just open the window and say some thing along the lines of "I'll be right with you", that's better then completely ignoring people. Every single time and it's not just happening to me. My husband said the same happens to him.

Marie Chapa

The manager Brock is great! He cares about making sure you are happy with your service! There team is very professional.

Darron Miniefield

Have issues with workers and don't trust them with preparing my food

Natasha Brown

So very disappointed. Disabled do not drive. Pizza hut located two blocks away. It took them over 30 minutes to bring me two hot under cooked limp pizzas. What is the point of paying for fast food if you have to recook. Too much sauce not enough cheese. Taste horrible. Will not return will get my money back.

Lynda Martin

It was one of the best pizzas we've ever bought. Excellent.

RedVelvet Gamer

Its good for when you want something quick

oneman 1775

Staff needs re-training badly when it comes to customer service. First dude walks up like he's going to take my order, then walks away into the kitchen again. The second worker was a younger girl who took the order, but she seemed to be mumbling to herself while I'm standing right there....totally rude and unprofessional. Dominoes has a better handle on their employees and seem to know how to train their associates right. Take notes Pizza Hut.


Fantastic service and food. I'm very pleased with my entire experience here👍😁👏 this is a rare Pizza Hut, it's a dine in which makes me very happy. Kudos all round

Ray OMalley

Friendly nice Pizza , attentive

Ray NA

Friendly nice Pizza , attentive