Pizza Hut

8860 N 43rd Ave, Glendale
(623) 931-1421

Recent Reviews

Jaime Roe

We got 3 hit n ready pepperoni pizzas today ave these were cooked the best I've ever had them here. The crust wasn't cardboard, it was perfect!

Bruce Boyle

Great job straightening out an accidental overpayment. Good food, too.

Cynthia Fileto

When My pizza delivery got here the driver left without giving me our drink, called the store back and they said it will be here in 30 to 40 min, I said so are you expecting me to eat my pizza cold or what’s the deal? I had people over , I spent over $55 on this order to not have everything delivered also no ranch ‍♀️ So I requested my money back went to the store to give all the untouched food back.. rude manager didn’t even apologize, I haven’t had Pizza Hut in months and never will specially from 43rd and Dunlap.

Edwin B Miller

Friendly atmosphere. Dining Room has 2/ 32' Wall mounted Flat screen TVs.

Carol Tisci

Multiple times pizza is raw in the middle. Actually had an empty pizza box delivered to us about a year ago. Figured we'd give it another try after a while. 1 out of 4 orders was actually correct. Call to have it fixed, got attitude as if I just wanted my money back. No, I just want an edible pizza!

Annointed One

Nick takes good phone orders and is helpful. I gave five stars for the drive thru pick up very convenient. Nick keeps me coming back to this location.

Nick Fil

Ordered a pizza at 1130. He said he had 20 orders at 1130..... ok you can't handle that?? Because now its 230 I called them and they tell me they have to cancel my order. I had to call them not them calling me. I could've found something else to eat and now everything else is closed. That's BS.

Kenny Nielson

Best $6 thin crust peperoni pizza I've ever had

Nia Carter

My pizza was way spicy. I was confused why.

Jen Tate

The service is bad and slow when you dine in. The kids are just that! Kids! They don't want you there why are you bothering me? Manager seems to be the only person with any customer service skills. Prices are high for what you are getting. Getting cheese and peppers is like pulling teeth. The upside is you can pick up at the a carry out window. And the order is usually correct. They seem to be nice but confused when you call in.

Mike Healy

I like Pizza hut the food is good and the people were fine

Gloria Alvarez

Good service. Good pizza.

Arlene Cleet

Great tasting pizza, great price

Barton West

Ordered a thin and crispy chicken/bacon plus $20 in other food. The thin crust pizza was undercooked with a soggy crust and cold chicken, the garlic knots, wings and regular crust pepperoni, mushroom were solid but honestly, the texture of that thin crust pizza was so bad I won't order from here again. Food was also delivered about 10 minutes past the estimated time. I literally live 3 blocks away so not sure what happened there, disappointing.

Christian Dorado

Food is good, but prices are INSANE if you don’t get a deal. 36 traditional wings for 51 dollars?!!?!? Might as well go somewhere else for wings

Dez A Rae O

Love Pizza Hut and I order from here all the time delivery and pick up. Pizza is always exactly what I order and delicious. How ever... When it comes to pick up I usually go in the drive thru here and that's where the problem is. There is always someone standing there but they act like they dont see you. 3 people pass the window before they acknowledged me this recent time. If busy maybe just open the window and say some thing along the lines of "I'll be right with you", that's better then completely ignoring people. Every single time and it's not just happening to me. My husband said the same happens to him.

Marie Chapa

The manager Brock is great! He cares about making sure you are happy with your service! There team is very professional.

Darron Miniefield

Have issues with workers and don't trust them with preparing my food

Lynda Martin

It was one of the best pizzas we've ever bought. Excellent.

RedVelvet Gamer

Its good for when you want something quick

oneman 1775

Staff needs re-training badly when it comes to customer service. First dude walks up like he's going to take my order, then walks away into the kitchen again. The second worker was a younger girl who took the order, but she seemed to be mumbling to herself while I'm standing right there....totally rude and unprofessional. Dominoes has a better handle on their employees and seem to know how to train their associates right. Take notes Pizza Hut.


Fantastic service and food. I'm very pleased with my entire experience here👍😁👏 this is a rare Pizza Hut, it's a dine in which makes me very happy. Kudos all round

Ray NA

Friendly nice Pizza , attentive

Ray OMalley

Friendly nice Pizza , attentive

Layla Trucking LLC

Ordered pizza online and went to the store to pick it up. They said it was ready. Ended up waiting another 20 minutes because they’re not capable of making a simple order. They were not even busy, I don’t even think they made it until i came and complained where my order was. The TV screen sure said my order was ready!! What a joke of a store!! Nobody knows what to do in this store. Worst place ever!Would not recommend to anyone. Will never return to this location again.

Shayna Marie Force

We got our pizza cold after it took over a 20 minute trip to travel literally 2 miles from the store to us...what the actual...done with pizza hut. The last time I ordered from them they "didn't prep enough dough". So we got a pizza with dough that had not risen. I wish I was joking. This place is a bad joke.

Art D.

Ok! LUIS and the folks that work here are the Bomb! I misinterpreted the special and my price was jacked up - so the cashier, blond girl - sorry I didn't get your name - went and got Luis and Luis was able to get my order on point! Thank you PIZZA HUT for my BOMB pizza and also the bomb service! You guys rock!!

Nikki Mcintyre

Not sure why there are so many bad reviews about this location... but I ordered online and picked my pizza and wings up after work and they were nice and hot. Not dry, not burnt... customer service was great as well.

Carol L.

I ordered the pizza from here tonight a large pizza and 2 liter soda which I ordered Diet Pepsi. The delivery came and the guy said that he grabbed the wrong stuff you brought regular Pepsi and not Diet Pepsi so he was going to have to go back and get Diet Pepsi for me so I took the piece and I went inside I opened up the pizza and it was horrible the whole center of the pizza had no cheese on it even it was literally just a cross with a little bit of brushed light sauce on it there was a little bit of cheese like a ring around the crust, no wonder when you order it asked you if you want extra cheese for $2 more little had I known they were going to give me no cheese I'll be posting a picture of the pizza here it was really bad and I'm very disappointed I'll probably never ever order from Pizza Hut again and I don't know why they make me do the deliveries from there when there's a Pizza Hut much closer to my house

David Daugherty

If you want dry pizza then , try this place My daughter waited in drive-through line, for 15 minutes, after ordered ahead 20 minutes before, pizza, was dry, and not good, So many other better places to order real pizza this place is a joke, caesars is better than this place Domino's is better than this place any place, also the window person over charged her, then told her about it, and she said, O sorry, was a mistake, you know and imagine the people that don't catch those mistakes, we did.

Jeffrey Culpepper

Great pizza! Friendly employees. Nice and clean.

Aaron Poyer

Slow service. Got order wrong. Food is good though.

Chris Wood

I’m not usually one to complain about poor service as a general rule. I understand that people generally “want” to work hard and minor issues can be overlooked with ease… but WOW!!! This was a little above and beyond in my opinion. I just ordered $60 worth of wings from Pizza Hut on 43rd Ave in Glendale. The delivery driver was quick to arrive to my home and was very pleasant… So I gave him a $20 tip… Felling a little generous I guess. As I unloaded the wings I noticed that

Chris Wood

I’m not usually one to complain about poor service as a general rule. I understand that people generally “want” to work hard and minor issues can be overlooked with ease… but WOW!!! This was a little above and beyond in my opinion. I just ordered $60 worth of wings from Pizza Hut on 43rd Ave in Glendale. The delivery driver was quick to arrive to my home and was very pleasant… So I gave him a $20 tip… Felling a little generous I guess. As I unloaded the wings I noticed that there were no ranch dressings in the bag (even though I specified I wanted ranch during the ordering). I assumed this was an innocent error and that a final bag from the order just didn’t make it out of the delivery car, so I called back to see if they could give a call to the driver before he got too far away. Curiously I was immediately handed to the manager on staff. He proceeded to explain that I had only ordered 1 ranch dressing… that there is a charge for ranch and that celery and carrots are extra as well… For $60 in wings??? Yes… I was told that an additional ranch was $1.58 per. He told me that he would send the driver back with 4 extra ranch dressings, but that he was going to take the cost out of the driver’s tip. Wait Wait Wait… You’re going to make the driver pay for the ranch dressings for my wings? He quickly responded “yup”. No thanks!!! After ‘ever so graciously’ offering me $5 off of my next order, I told him not to bother as I won’t be ordering again. I was going to go ahead and overlook the fact that the wings were cold and just throw them in the microwave… I wouldn’t add a poor review for cold wings… but a manager taking it out of the driver’s tip is next level absurdity.

Sherry D.

Perfect Order!! Ordered 2 medium pizzas for $6.99 each anyway you want it. Both were thin crust - 1 was extra pepperoni and the other was MY way. I start with a supreme but remove items I don't like and add what I do. This pizza was perfect! Ordered Honey BBQ chicken wings ~ they were delicious!! Dessert is upcoming ~ chocolate chip cookie EVERYTHING WAS GREAT!

Rachel R.

Ordered pizza for delivery last night. Order was wrong (wrong crust and no crust flavor). Pizza wasn't cooked through all the way and was cold. Vegies tasted like they were added after. Poor experience.

Ashley K.

Always kind. The female at the counter around 3:31 pm was very kind and accommodating. I look forward to coming again because of the service.

Amanda R.

I would honestly give a 0. We order our pizza at 4:10 and at 4:27 they sent me a message saying my pizza was on the way. It took them 45 MINUTES for them to get me my pizza. I couldn't even enjoy it because it was so over cooked and the stuffed crust was not even that, just a thin tiny layer on the inside and some flavoring. I'm honestly SO disappointed in this because Pizza Hut is our Go-to and we weren't able to enjoy this. It was just one pizza as well so it baffles me it tool them over an hour to get it to us. I even called them after waiting 30 minutes asking if they were okay or if our pizza did leave, she reassured us it would be there any minute now. Waited 15 minutes more then they finally showed. The driver told us about the survey and getting 10-20 dollars off but they didn't even apologize for the long wait or mention anything. I won't be ordering from this location any longer. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else.

Lisa Rabadi

The food was lousy. The was not cooked threw. The whole got sick.this is the last i will at pizza hut.please pay attention to this place.

June Pause Yazzie

I walked in ordered my pizza to go. Ready to leave after I got my pizza. They did not provide me with hot peppers or Parmesan cheese. Does a customer have to request that. I was very upset. The lady was rude when I asked for more because I ordered two medium pizzas. I grew up eating pizza hut... Love the pizzas .. need better customer service...